6 Simple Ways every woman should follow to keep their back in...

6 Simple Ways every woman should follow to keep their back in perfect shape

featureThe perfect curve of a women’s back is a subject of great admiration. Even though it’s not visible most of the time, a perfectly curved back can bring about emotions of a sensuous nature amongst the opposite sex.  A perfect back is also healthy for the body. After headaches, back pains are the most common amongst adults. Obesity can have a big impact on general structure of the human back and can also lead to back pain. One has to first try and get their body weight under control and then focus on back muscles. However a woman trying to maintain her back by starving is unnatural and unhealthy.

Eat Healthy:-

eat-healthyFood is directly responsible on how your body looks. Eating the right quantity and quality is essential. On an average woman need around 2000 calories per day for regular body functions. One needs to be conscious on the amount of calories a particular food type contains. As a thumb rule one should not keep any restrictions on the type of food one can consume. What matters is the quantity and quality.  For example 100 grams of butter contains 717 calories whereas 100 grams of celery contains only 16 calories.

We need not avoid butter altogether as long as we know the calorie content and also the source to ensure the quality. One cannot guarantee perfect diet day on day but if we make it a habit, in the long run we will be able to manage it more efficiently. You should include protein and vitamin rich foods in your diet to get the most out of your meals. Make sure to consume fruits and vegetables that help to strengthen the muscles and bones for a better back.

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Regular Exercise Regime:-

regular-exerciseAnother important aspect for maintaining a perfect back would be indulging in regular exercise. Even if our body contains excess calories, a well balanced and consistent exercise regime can do wonders and burn those extra calories. Exercise burns calories and also helps in toning muscles.  There are hundreds of exercise routines available off the internet. Selecting the best routine is critical. And one must always seek advice from a physical trainer as an incorrect body posture or technique can lead to serious injuries. Some regular exercises for toning back muscles are as follows: – 1) Bent-Over Dead lift using barbell 2) Pull-ups using a fixed rod 3) Back pull downs using the pull down machine.


swimmingHowever the best way for toning back muscles is swimming. It can burn the most amounts of calories in comparison to any other exercise regime. Almost the entire body is engaged while swimming; it helps in stretching shoulders, lower back and upper back. Swimming for at least ½ hour every day helps in increasing your stamina and also keeps all back related problems at bay. Regular swimming can do wonders to the cardio vascular system and in burning excess fat.

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Yoga and Tai Chi

yogaThese exercises are not very exhaustive, but it does require unvarying patience. Over a period of time one can greatly benefit from it. One must seek advice from a practitioner as these are advanced techniques and have been developed over a period of thousands of years. Incorrect technique can lead to injuries or may have no impact on the body. Following are some yoga postures that can be helpful for the back.

  • Sphinx pose: – Lie flat on the ground and bring your body up from the belly region.
  • Dhanurasana: – lie flat on the floor and pick yourself up by holding the ankles so only the abdomen touches the floor.
  • Side Pose: – Stand flat on the floor and then get it in to seated position and then look from both sides while being seated.
  • Suryanamaskar:- This is an age old yoga position which comprises of 12 different poses which help to keep the body and back in shape.
  • Veerabhadrasana:- In this yoga pose you stretch one leg behind and the other leg to go in the lunge position with the knee being in a 90 degree angle. The hands should be straight up stretched above your head pointing to the roof.

Maintaining one’s back Post pregnancy:-

Post pregnancy the human body goes through lots of changes. Women gain weight during pregnancy and it takes time to get back to normalcy. And hence the back looks out of shape due to the overall weight that the body has gained. Dieting is not a good option since the body requires additional calories for generating milk. Breast feeding mothers need around 500 calories per day on top of the 2000 calories it requires daily. Hence they need to be very careful and not go below the required calorie content. While best feeding it would be best to exercise regularly, and also eat nutrient rich food and not go over 2500 calories. They can go back to their regular healthy diet regime once the baby doesn’t need to be breast feed.  Again swimming would be best to get back in shape, however they can also indulge in general exercise regimes as well.

Right Postures for a healthy back

right-postureA woman or for that matter every individual should keep a good posture while sitting to get a healthy back. You need to hold your body in an upright direction against the gravity while sitting or standing or even when you lie down. The best position for a person is to give the least pressure to the supporting muscles and ligaments when you move, sit, stand or lie down. It is very easy to do so but we need to be vigilant so that we get a habit to get these postures added in our daily routine.

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You should always keep your bones and muscles in the right alignment for all the muscles to be used rightly. This would also help in less wearing of tissues and joints to be safe from arthritis. You should make sure to decrease the stress on the ligaments by apt use of joints together. A good posture always makes sure that your back is in perfect shape and the muscles are tight. It helps to get less or no pain in the back.

Our back is one of the most important parts of the body as it helps us to sit upright and move along without any issues. If we do not follow the right postures then our back muscles get the maximum effect and get stressed out. These if not corrected early, the muscles will continue to strain and finally damage them so much that repair can be a big task or may also be irreparable.

The above ways will help every woman to get their back in shape and look beautiful and sensuous as well. Women usually have more complex body as compared to a man. They also undergo the pregnancy due to which their bodies suffer a lot of beating and it takes a huge amount of time to recover to the normal regime.

Many women cannot return to normalcy due to some hormonal changes and efficiency due to lack of care post pregnancy. Therefore it is very much necessary to keep good care of yourself at all times to get the right body and stay healthy. Due to the excess weight our body tends to become lethargic and we choose positions which make us feel comfortable. However these postures are not good for your body and back and need to be corrected on priority. Once you follow the above points you will surely gain a great shape of your back and the muscles and joints will also be active and strong for the rest of your life.

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