Right And Wrong Way To Get Into A Relationship – You should...

Right And Wrong Way To Get Into A Relationship – You should know this.

Who does not like the feeling of being in love? Everyone, man or woman alike, starve to find someone who they can love and we all are in absolute love with the idea of being in love. A romantic and healthy relationship can do wonders to one’s health and well being. On the other hand, a hard relationship can be very depressing and hazardous to you in so many ways. What can one do to avoid falling in a bad relationship? Though there are no set rules that one can follow, unfortunately, we can definitely make efforts to start the relationship with the good ways. Given below here are few pointers for you to understand the good and the bad ways to get in to a relationship and save yourself from some probable heartache.
While we all know a good relationship definitely does mean a good partner, it is more than that. The very reason of getting in to a relationship can also make the world a difference. Let us look at some of the factors which you should consider before you commit yourself in a relationship. Be honest with yourself as only you would know the right answer.

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So why are you getting in to a relationship? Is it because you have been feeling lonely? Is it because you want someone to be with you on Friday nights? Is it because you are the only single one in your circle? Is it because you think you are of that age where not being in a relationship still is an image killer for you? It does not take an expert to know that if you are getting in to a relationship for any of the above reasons – you are doing it the wrong way. If you are getting in a relationship because of these, it is going to end badly because you do not really love the person; you just like the idea of being in love. Do not, under any condition, get in to a relationship, just for the heck of it. Whoever said, false love is better than no love – obviously did not know anything about life. So, what is the right way here? The very and the only reason why one should get in a relationship should be – love. You love the person and you are okay with the flaws he or she might have. Let us face it, unless and until you are dating Superman or Wonder woman, everyone has flaws. If you are in love with the person, you will not be bored and will want to work on the relationship and the possible flaws.


While sex can be the most important factor in a couple’s life, it is not the only thing. So if you are getting in to a relationship which is purely to satisfy your body needs, beware – this is the worst way to get in to a relationship. Yes, you would have your erotic nights and a rocking sex life, but then you will feel bored and stuck with someone, you do not love. Though it is natural to feel physically attracted to someone you love, but you should be clear in your mind that it is not just lust. The nights can be satisfying, but the mornings will make you think about your decisions. Why create heartache for someone else too?

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Though maturity has nothing to do with age, but still think aloud if you are ready and mature enough to be in a relationship. Because being in a relationship is not just roses and chocolates and dinners and dances and night long phone calls. It is also disagreements and fights and coming to a mutual decision everyday (not about which cuisine to try today but more serious ones). If you do not find yourself ready for all that for whatever reasons (lack of time, maturity or just energy), you better stay away from getting in to one. The right way in to a relationship would be when you are ready for the ugly parts of it, too. Or else, wait. Give yourself some time.

Love at first sight? Not always!

So you find someone that you obviously love. But give it a minute? How long have you known this person? Is the love you are feeling based on looks and looks only? If your answer is yes, you are about to get in to a relationship the wrong way. Reason – looks fade and the real person emerges after few weeks. If your interest in the person is not because of the kind of person he or she is, the relationship would not be going for long now, would it? Being insanely attracted to someone would not always mean that the person is right for you. Someone you hated the guts of, might grow on you and you start liking this person. Word of advice – before you get in to a relationship – give it time. And think.

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Rebound relationships

Rebound relationships are probably the worst way you can get in to a relationship. So you had a bad breakup and just cannot get over your ex and then you suddenly meet someone and he or she looks good enough, can make you laugh, earns well etc. and you are thinking – it would not hurt starting my life afresh, I should give it a chance. Fair enough. But is that the only reason you are getting in to this? Please think again. Getting in to a new relationship just because you are missing your ex could be a super unwise decision that will come to haunt you. Give yourself time after a break up, learn a new hobby, lose weight, get a complete makeover or go to a vacation all by yourself. Start a relationship only when you are in a happy state of mind and you would be less likely to make mistakes.

Self respect

So what exactly is this relationship demanding from you? Is your partner asking you to do something or change something in yourself that you are not comfortable with? If you are made to do any of these things to get in to a relationship – run as fast as you can! Also, if you are starting a relationship thinking that you will change the person or try and influence his or her thoughts- it is a bad start. And anything with a bad start would not last long. So, set your and your partner’s expectations right and neither try and change him/her nor get influenced and change yourself. Of course, there are exceptions. If your partner wants you to leave drinking, you know it is for a good reason and you may want to think over it. But if the change required out of you is, changing a city or state you do not want to go to or change in your spiritual or religious views or something which is equally personal, you know this would be a bad start.

In a nutshell, the good ways to get in to a relationship requires understanding, love and lots of maturity. A capability to ignore few flaws would not hurt. Remember, you are dating a human being and not a Superman/wonder woman!

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