Just Put This On Your Navel And You Will Never Get Menstrual...

Just Put This On Your Navel And You Will Never Get Menstrual Pain


Pain is one of the most integral part during the periods of any girls. There are a lot of things people say that can be done to minimize the pain. Pain during these times cannot be completely avoided, but yet the remedies suggested do have a lot of impact during the periods. The medications and the suggestions can be used to treat sore muscles flu, cold and cough and is much more effective and safe as compared to conventional and allopathic medicines.
Many experts across the world have agreed that is one of safest and simplest procedure to relieve pain. The below  article will give you a comprehensive view as to what procedures needs to be followed and how it needs to be done so that the person doing it takes the maximum benefit out of it. This does not require any kind of specialization or any expert guidance while doing so and any normal person can go ahead and perform the procedure all by himself/herself.

Lets answer some questions to help you get rid of your curiosity-

Question #1- The magic Ingredient

This is one of the best medications that is followed worldwide. The size of the cotton should be big enough to cover the belly button but not so big that the alcohol starts drenching out of it. The way this technique needs to be done is followed in the continuing paragraph.

The female needs to take some cotton and soak it in 50% alcohol and then put it in the belly button. Please note that the person needs to be lying down and then pressing the cotton to the belly button gently. This procedure needs to be followed for a minimum of 15-20 mins for the pain to subside. It can be done multiple times in a day and there are no side effect at all as this is a natural way. This will give a great amount of relief to the person suffering from menstrual pain.


Question #2- Can the magical remedy be used to cure normal abdominal pain?

The only difference would be that we need to add salt to the cotton soaked alcohol to make it work. We can cover the cotton by either covering it up by a small plastic, or put a Band-Aid above it to avoid the cotton from falling down.

Question #3 – Who can use this remedy?

f4a629d1-0faf-4141-b91d-e30In-case of any children suffering from any kind of pain whatsoever like abdominal pain, bad cold, flu and so on will make the child feel relaxed.  Children do not generally prefer taking medicines at times as they are bad in taste which is become an issue for parents as well; this simple homely procedure is convenient for both, the child as well as the parent.

In case a child falls sick on a regular basis, it’s a known fact that conventional medicines are extremely harmful in the long run; and this is one of safest home remedies which can be used to cure some of these regular ailments without causing any side effects.

Question #4- What are the benefits of using this remedy?

aid1107337-728px-manage-belly-button-rings-during-pregnancy-step-11The application of alcohol soaked cotton comes into picture and plays a very vital role as alcohol is known for its healing benefits. Even during normal pains and wounds, if alcohol is applied, it has magical benefits. In case the person applies alcohol on the wound, the initial 2 minutes will be extremely painful but post that the pain would subside to quiet an extent.

This method is better that any type of conventional medicines as allopathy medicines are known to cause some damage or the other in the long run. Hence for children or adults or for anyone for that instance irrespective of the age factor, this method is a boon which can be used to minimize certain ailments.

Question #5 – Does it really help to get rid of pain during periods?

During the periods, the girls tend to suffer from Cramps, abdominal pain, stomach pain and so on. This medication can be easily used to minimize the pain. The older generations or our forefathers have used these types of remedies to get rid of certain medical illnesses. This is being practiced over ages and is a tried and tested solution for cold, cough, flu, body pain, muscle pain and menstrual pain. The only difference is the way it needs to be applied and used is a little different for different ailments.

Also one of the most important things that need to be noted over here is that the use of alcohol soaked cotton on the belly button is one of the fastest cures that a person suffering from the above can get relieved with. The positive effect will be felt by the concerned person within minutes of following the procedure.


Question #6 – Precaution to be taken while applying alcohol in navel

86505453_xsPlease make a note that we should always keep the navel clean irrespective of any pain or issue being there or not. The navel is unlike ears which get cleaned automatically and periodically. Again please make a note that for cleansing of the belly button, we need to take some alcohol in a very less content along with a cotton swab and then clean the dirt inside it.

Question #7 – Some important facts about navel

interesting-and-lesser-knowThe belly button along with the amazing benefits of the body can be used for many ailments but has a lot of pros and cons. For e.g. it is considered as one of dirtiest places in the body and houses around 67 different types of bacteria. Some of the other facts are that the age old Indian medicine techniques and even Chinese acupuncture uses the naval as a way of treatment for some ailments. Snakes bites, round worms are other major ailments which can be cured using the source of the naval.

History behind Navel

It is a scientifically accepted fact that the Navel is a kind of scar on the human body. Medically, it is said that when a baby is inside the mother’s womb, he/she is connected to the body of the mother with something known as an umbilical cord. This cord is attached to the body at exactly the place where the navel is located. When the baby is in the mother’s womb, he or she cannot breathe or eat anything.

This umbilical cord then comes into picture as it is a flexible tube that carries the required nutrients and oxygen to the baby and that’s how the nourishing is done inside the womb. During the birth, the doctors tie up the cord and then cut it to separate the baby and the mother. Post that the cord which remains attached to the body of baby dries and falls off which leaves a scar which is called as the “Navel”.


Navel in living beings


It’s a very interesting thing to know that the navel is a part of all Mammals as well. Any Non-Mammals that lay eggs do not possess the belly buttons or a navel. Thus all mammals which are a part of animal kingdom like Lions, Tigers, Elephants and even giraffes have navels. Thus Navel is not unique only to Human’s.

It is to be noted that there is a lot of research and development happening around the Navel and there are millions of dollars and big money being spent on the research of this unique scar. They believe that the location and position of the navel can be advantageous in sports like swimming, athletics and so on. For Indians, there are mythological reasons as to why is Navel is considered as sacred. It is believed that Men and not (Women) are born from the navel of Lord Vishnu. This makes it as a very important part for Indians to clean their navel on a regular basis.

As per Christian Theology, Adam and Eve were not born from mother’s womb and hence they did not have any belly button. There are a whole lot of theories behind it wherein some say that they did not have it while some say they did. More details of the same can be as there are quiet a few separate articles on it. A lot of cloth lint can be found in the navel. This is because lint finds its way through the hair around the belly button and goes inside it. Thus it can be said that hair is one of the major reasons why lint is found in the navel. It is generally seen that due to this, lint is more prone to be in men than in women’s navel as men tend to have more body hair.

From the above article we can sum say that Navel is one of the most integral part of any human body, may it be men or women. There are medical benefits which are extremely natural and non-harmful for which the belly buttons are considered as a medium. Irrespective of how the Navel is, pierced or tattooed, sexy or ugly, smooth or rough, stuck in or out, it has got a lot of attention and a lot of research has been kick started around it to know what all other things can be done so that this can be used to evolve for the betterment of mankind. The belly button has provided a major focus for speculations of the origin of Man-kind and individuals.