How To Preserve Woman’s Neck Beauty

How To Preserve Woman’s Neck Beauty


As time has changed so has the concept and definition of beauty. It has been fluctuating from culture to culture and people to people. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and it has always been true. Different people relate different body parts to be the beauty of the person. For some, beautiful eyes make the person beautiful while some may consider long neck. With the passage of time, people have started focusing on different areas of the body.

From eyes to toes, anything can be considered beautiful. Even ancient Egyptian didn’t have different views than ours, especially for beauty. Even they focused on being beautiful and presentable, like our modern generation. Jewellery was made from different things to be worn by women in their neck. But, for them beauty was not only in humans but other things as well. It was their way of thinking. However in today’s date, beauty is mainly related to women.

You all must wonder, why neck? Well neck makes the most important part of a gorgeous woman, which is ignored by most of us. We are so busy focusing on or face that we forget the lower part. It has become a fashion these days to consider neck as the beauty of women.

In fact people have started relating the beauty bone, i.e. the collar bone to the actual attractiveness of a woman because collar bone carries the charm of both neck and breast. You cannot just ignore your neck if you want to look presentable. Neck is the only part that carries the most expensive jewels, to enhance its beauty. Now let us know in details how you can keep your neck stunning for years. The early your neck has wrinkles, the early you will mature.

Here are few tips that will help you get a beautiful neck

Clean your neck while cleaning face:

You remember cleaning your face twice, once in the morning and the other before bed time. Ever thought of the number of times you clean your neck? No wonder, many of us don’t even care to wash our neck even once. Neck is always forgotten while cleaning the face.

Not washing your neck with face gives your body double shade. The color of your neck looks different from that of your face. Always have down pat to clean your neck area with your favorite face wash in circular motion. Ts will help you maintain the texture of your neck and face skin.

Apply sunscreen:

Continuous exposure to sun makes your skin dull and damaged. You apply sunscreen to avoid the harm caused due to sun rays. Where all do you apply the lotion? Face, hands and all the areas which you want to protect. But do you apply it in your neck skin? Most of us will answer, no. this is because we always forget to protect our neck.

The neck skin is very thin n more prone to damage than other areas. So it is necessary to apply sunscreen to your neck skin also, whenever you go out of your home. You can also wear a hat when in beaches to be on safer side.

Special cream to strengthen the neck skin:

if you experience any kind of damage or wrinkle to your neck area, you should immediately try to recover it. This damage can be due to any reason, but can put your beauty at stake. You will at no cost want to look older or matured just because of some kind of ignorance.

There are special creams in the market that helps to keep your neck area moisturized and lifted. Always be careful in choosing the cream according to your skin type. And also read the instructions before application to your neck skin because it is very sensitive.

Choose clothes wisely:

Ever thought how wearing clothes can affect your neck skin? As the skin on the neck is very skinny, wearing harsh clothes may damage your skin. Always prefer soft and comfortable fabric. Any clothes that have a prickly feel should be avoided.

These clothes may cause premature ageing and wrinkles on your neck area. You know yourself better, so, choose your clothes wisely.

Apply face pack in neck:

Just as you apply face pack on your face, do not forget to apply the same to your neck also. Cleansing of neck is very important. Face pack will also tighten the skin and avoid wrinkles. It will also help to diminish the difference in color of the face and neck.

Eat healthy food:  


Eating hale and hearty food has always been excellent for your health and skin. There are certain foods that can be good for your neck skin like-

  • Too many fried and oily food and sweet can be dangerous for the skin.
  • Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A increase cell turnover and gives healthy skin.
  • Foods such as walnut and olive oil keeps skin hydrated and avoid premature aging.  

Exercise to strength neck muscle:

if you think your neck is having fine lines and winkles, you can exercise daily in order to strengthen the muscles of the neck- You need to put one hand on your fore head and push yourself against it, without letting it move forward.  After 10 seconds put your hands behind your head and create pressure backwards again for 10 seconds. This exercise will tighten your neck muscle.

Some yoga postures also help to create maximum blood circulation in neck area and strengthen the muscles. You can practice these exercises and other various exercises to keep your neck lifted even if you don’t see any wrinkles. This shall also bloom your collar bone and make you look more stunning and attractive.

Take maximum fluids:

berry-berry-smoothie-yummlyWater and other fluids like, juices and soups contain many nutrients and vitamins which are beneficial for skin. The neck skin is very thin and has fewer pores, therefore it, needs more fluids to keep it firm and plump. You should drink maximum fluids to keep your skin away from sag or wrinkle.

Drinking caffeinated drinks can cause slight dehydration, so it is better to avoid them. Drinking fluids will help the other body skin to stay hydrated as well. Neck shows maturing early than other body skin and if you stay hydrated, the beauty will also be seen.

Say no to smoking:

Smoking changes the blood supply of the skin and boosts the natural ageing course. If you are concerned for your neck skin and beauty, you need to drop your smoking practices. You cannot get both neck beauty and smoking pleasure together.

It is better you consult your doctor if you are not able to quit smoking. You can undergo some treatment plan to help recover.

Avoid sudden increase or decrease in weight:  

Sudden increase in weight stretches the muscle and again sudden decrease in weight makes the skin loose. This is for neck skin also because skin doesn’t get much time to adjust with the sudden changes. Loosing muscle may cause premature aging.

You should always try to maintain your weight and if planning to reduce, do it slowly without hampering your skin.

Maintain good Posture:

Did you know that your body posture is also responsible for your neck skin? You should keep yourself straight and upright.  If you don’t follow the right posture while sitting, sleeping or walking, you may hurt your neck. Hurting neck means incessant neck or neck pain. The ‘C’ posture you follow daily, knowingly or unknowingly is adapted by your body.

This slowly causes direct or indirect injury to your body. To maintain a healthy posture is the best thing you can do to avoid any harm to your neck. If you don’t maintain a proper posture, your neck won’t look beautiful, nor will you.

Natural scrub:

Skin under your jaw line is very sensitive. You should not use chemicals that can worsen the condition of your neck. The area should also not be left untreated. For this the best idea is to make a natural scrub at home. This scrub shall help your remove the impurities and dead skin from the neck area and give you a fresh looking skin.

Just like you scrub your face, you can do it on your neck skin, in circular motion too. This shall also help to enhance you beauty bone as well. Don’t forget to apply a toner and moisturizer after scrubbing.

Don’t bend your face:

The whole world has become electronically connected. Be it computers or Smartphone, people spend their entire day with it.  It is impossible to avoid using these technologies. People don’t know that by continuously bending their neck, they lose their natural curve of cervical spine. This is the may cause of premature aging and wrinkles to appear in the neck area. It may also lead to surgeries in some cases.

The continuous up and down of the heavy weight of the head affects the neck badly and hampers your beauty. Avoid spending hours in front of cell phones and computers. Nod your head minimum to get better strengthen neck skin.

Witty make up:

wow makeup! All ladies love to makeup at some or the other point of time in their life. Well you may not like the idea, until you are having a star face and skin, but beauty fades with time. Whatever you do and how much you try, one day those fine lines and wrinkles in your face and neck will tell the truth. Especially in today’s era where nothing is constant.

Everyone is trying to look younger than their age and this transformation is possible only with the help you a clever makeup idea. You can hide all those fine lines and wrinkles if your beautician is really smart and experienced. You can learn the trick for youself also, for emergencies.

If you don’t want to harm your skin my too much chemical products, you can also try herbal products. This is undoubtedly cause you pay double but will make you look younger and more beautiful.

Drink hot lemon in the morning:


first thing you do in the morning is drink hot lemon water. Hot lemon water will help to keep your skin hydrated all day long and detoxify your skin. it shall also help to strengthen the muscles around the neck. It can be a great energy booster and benefit your skin in other ways as well.

So why delay? Start it right from your next morning. It is the cheapest way to help your skin breathe free.

Scarves in winter:

Avoid wearing scarves made of wool, in winter. It must sound non sense but scarves are harmful for your neck skin. Continuous rubbing of the skin with the scarf causes wrinkles to appear in the neck area. It also causes irritation and redness of the skin. If you r neck skin to lift it. If cannot avoid scarves, chose the one which is soft and does not rub against the skin. You will not want to get older sooner, right?

There are several other surgical and non surgical ways you can try on your neck skin to lift it. But it is always better to go natural than trying something which has side effects. All what it will take is only your time and effort. Beauty is all in your hands; try to be natural and you will love yourself more.