5 Ways To Skip Your Periods This Month

5 Ways To Skip Your Periods This Month

Periods are the natural cycles that occur in females to excrete the unfertilized eggs generated in the uterus. It is a vital process for any woman to stay healthy and generally occurs in the age group of 16 to 55 years. However, this time span of 3 to 5 days might be quite painful and gut-wrenching for some of the ladies. Although they get used to it over the time and should make sure that they have it regularly in correct time spans but sometimes they prefer to avoid them for various reasons. The reasons may be to go on an adventurous holiday or if you have a very important and unavoidable appointment preplanned near the date of your periods or it may be a family function where you don’t want to miss even a single moment of enjoyment. All these situations are enticing enough to let you skip your periods and if you are in any such situation where you wish to skip you menstruation cycle, then given below are some of the effective and secure ways of skipping your periods:


This is basically the best way of skipping your periods. But before opting for this method, first and foremost consult your gynecologist and then choose a pill as per the prescription. It is highly recommended to use a monophasic pill, as they are more suitable to skip periods owing to their ability to cause lesser spotting in comparison to multiphasic pills. In case, you are having monophasic pill then it will be effective if you have the same pill everyday for atleast a time span of three weeks. But in case you have opted for multiphasic pills, then the dosage of intake must be asked for, from the respective doctor. It is generally adviced to skip the placebo pills present in the pack, if you are having the pills just to skip the periods. Afterwards, if you wish the periods to occur again then you simply have to stop the intake of the control pills and resume back to the initial cycle of menstruation. This method is effective but do not forget to first consult a registered gynecologist before starting the course of medication.

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Many of you might have heard of nuva rings as one of the methods to avoid pregnancy. But very few would know that it can even be used to skip periods too. Nuva ring is a ring kind of elastic structure, that is inserted in the female vagina and hence it is capable of restricting the pregnancy. It is generally advised to use a nuva ring for about 3 weeks only. After this time span, one must remove the former ring and then replace it with a new ring but with a time difference of at least a week. To have periods again simply remove the ring for a specific period of time. This method is quite effective, if followed under proper guidance and prescriptions. However, although this seems to be a simpler method but it could result in severe health issues like blood clotting, heart attack, etc. Also it is not recommended to be used by women with smoking habits, suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, migraine, liver/ eye/ kidney infection, etc.


It is a fact that generally women long for spicy food and simply love it. However, it is a year’s long belief that spicy and tangy flavored food can cause your periods to occur sooner than expected. This is so because the spicy food generates heat, which can accelerate your process of menstruation cycle. This has been experienced by many ladies since ages but still lacks any kind of scientific approval. But since experience counts a tons, so it is advisable for you to avoid or rather completely skip spicy dishes from your meals to skip or delay your menstruation cycle. Just remind yourself to remove all the spicy stuff from your plates for weeks, before the date of your menstrual flow is approaching. This will be effective, if the usage of seasonings in food is completely neglected, without even a pinch of it.

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There are many food items that you can add to your meals to delay your periods. These are natural remedies, which can help you out without causing any serious health issues and are cent percent effective. Some of them are as follows:

  • VINEGAR: Vinegar has an exquisite capability of delaying the menstrual flow. It is easily available in market or you can simply take it from a restaurant where Chinese dishes are made. On consuming a mixture of 1-2 spoons of vinegar along with water it will help you in delaying the period symptoms by triggering the menstrual cycle. Continuous intake of this mixture will surely help you out.
  • GRAM LENTILS: These pulses are easily available to you in your kitchen. If you feel reluctant to take birth control pills and want some natural technique instead of artificial means, then these pulses are a perfect option for you. All you have to do is to fry the lentils properly and then grind them to convert it into powder. Then add some water to this powder and mix well to prepare a lumps free soup out of it. Consume this mixture of lentils and water for about a week before the periods, to get effective results.
  • PARSLEY LEAVES: Parsley leaves are well known to acquire many vitamins and nutrients. These are also very effective in delaying the periods. You just have to boil some of the leaves in clean water and then drink the boiled mixture warm. You can also add some honey to it, in order to make it taste better. You can take it 2 to 3 times in a day for effective results.
  • GELATIN: This is the best option to be used in case of emergencies. Although it has many uses in different dimensions, its use to delay periods in urgent cases has been found very effective. All you have to do is to make a mixture of gelatin and warm water and consume it to avoid periods for few hours. For delaying it further, you can consume it as per the requirement.


Lemons are the one of the most effective and easy remedy to trigger your periods. It has been used in the remotest areas and in uneasy conditions, when other remedies or options are simply not possible to be achieved. Since lemons are available almost everywhere as well as for almost the whole year, they can be chosen by every woman who wants to skip or delay her menstruation. Lemons are acidic in nature and contain citric acid; they have this exceptional quality of retarding the process of menstruation cycle.  You can lick or chew it directly or mix it with some lukewarm water and sip the mixture. This will help you to slow down the periods or delay it for some time. This method is also prevalent because it does not have any side effects, yet it has been proven to be very effective.

So, these were few of the effective remedies which you can opt for, in order to delay your periods. If you opt for birth control pills or nuva rings method, then please do not forget to consult your doctor before trying them out.

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