10 “Must Know” Things For Every Woman Nearing 30!

10 “Must Know” Things For Every Woman Nearing 30!

“Why god, why? We had a deal!” If you are one among the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan club, you know what is this all about! It is fun being a teen and at twenties it is much funnier. But when the figure changes to 3-0 and you realize you’re growing old, you seriously get freaked out. Turning thirty is a big deal for many women. You are no more a carefree young woman in her 20’s and automatically you feel like you are supposed to take responsibilities, act and grow as an adult. Wait! What?! I really a had small phase of 20’s and haven’t figured out what’s life and now it is already 30?! You seriously got to be kidding me!
Well, I’m here to tell a few things about turning 30 when you regret to grow old. First and foremost, there’s nothing to fear about turning 30. We all are different and unique. We live our lives facing various and critical situations. But down the ages, we feel are we ready for the upcoming years thinking “Am I financially stable?” “What and where will I be in next five to six years?”. Yes, it bothers. Even can I still be mom’s little thief stealing cookies at night?

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You have lived those trans-formative 20’s that makes your 30 more interesting and wonderful. You will grow stronger by learning and experiencing life. You’ll still have your best friends by your side and still you’ll find time for yourself. I know most of you are nearing your thirties, so for you people I’ve put together a list of 10 little (more than a “little’ phrase) things that every woman turning 30’ should know. Take a look at this and get to know what you are provided with when you step into 30’s.

You’ve Still Got Plenty Of TIME!

“Hurry! You are already in 30’s and haven’t figured out about your life?!” Seriously, it’s just the third decade’s beginning of your life, don’t panic. Lots of people think that you are supposed to have it all figured out by the time you have reached 30. I totally disagree, you have got plenty of time to know figure out what you want to do with your life. You have so much of time to think about the right career for your entire life that you are going to dwelt with. Being an independent woman is undoubtedly appreciated at this age. Or else have to walk down the aisle with the man you love. Or even something bigger like having some babies with the same man.

Money, It’s Not A Big Deal.

Life is not all about earning and savings. Yes, they are important for living a life that you wished to but that’s not going to be your life. Running behind money will not take to the peek of happiness, just brings in stress. Being more conscious about knowing what is family, friendship and love are more valuable to sustain this thirty. We are carving about the number of digits on our paycheck but we fail to seek the happiness from the real sources. You can bring change in you to see the real and wonderful life out there apart from your cubicles.

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Relationships Is All You Need

The people you whom love and care about more are the most important things in your life, who makes it perfect. Work commits you to your life and you are much connected to yourself, meanwhile you also need people around being a human. It is okay to be alone and stay isolated, but it is not healthy when you are in hectic and critical phase of your life. Connecting with people will improve mental strength and will pave a way to get rid of any circumstances that you face. Hangout with your friends, talk to your parents regularly and let them know how much you love them and missing right now in this busy life. I assure, they are the only ones who will be help you to get through tough things and celebrate your happiness.

You’re Not Going To Be Stuck Here!

Everything and every happening will pass by leaving back some memories. It’s up-to you how you cherish in upcoming years of living. You will see things that could change you into a different person, makes you stronger than ever before and shows what you are actually capable of. “This too shall pass” is one of the best mantra that really calms you down at any cause. It’s not only the difficult times even the real good things too pass by just leaving back memories to cherish.

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Give Back!

When you give back things, love, thought or words, it will make your life easier and other’s better. Being there for someone’s need is one of the important thing you have to do in your life. You can’t be looking forward being that person in need, but you have to be ready anytime when someone actually needs you.

Just Ask!

It is not simply said if you ask things you will or you get to know things. It helps you raise as a new person among the rest you have been before. You get things when you ask out aloud. You must know what you want in life. You can ask about your relationship status with the other person how well it’s been carried out? or just to know, what toy comes with that Kinder Joy pack? You will at least come too know what is the existing situation rather than keeping it inside within you which will be bothering you all the time later on.

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Comparison Is Not Going To Work Anymore As It Did Before!

“Why am I doing this when I don’t get recognized” or “Look at the life she is living!” is a bad thing that we do with our life, called comparing with other’s living status. It is tough to stop worrying about but it’s not important to compare ourselves with others. It just stopped with our school grades, right there. Not anymore with comparison. Everyone are different and there are on a different timeline. You are unique in your strengths and weakness, others do have them. You have to love yourself and appreciate things that you have got. So stop wishing you had someone else life or the wedges!

Mankind Is Being Kind.

It’s all about how much you give. Be humble, be kind and be more of human. Don’t hurt anyone for any reason that makes you to prove you are only right and not the other. Talk pleasantly, always wear a smile on your face. Nothing is going to be easy in this equal share society, but still, you have got ways to stay strong and happy too. Kindness can make you happier when shower it to others than receiving from them. Once said by Professor Stephen Post, “A strong correlation exists between the well being, happiness and health of people who are kind.” “It’s difficult to be angry, resentful, or fearful when one is showing unselfish love towards another person,” says Post.

Budget, A “Must Do” Thing.

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It is really, really important to know how to manage your money that you earn by the time you hit 30. Being a working woman, it is fine to spend on stuffs you want to. But it is equally important and necessary to save money for the future. Start a saving account and check your balances on regular basis. Keep a track on how much you earn, how much you spend on things that is bought regularly and that will make you to understand the financial importance under some crisis. As said before, money may not be the entire life but you must own it for proving that you are worth of owning it. If you’re an exploring woman, you really have to save money to pack your backs in a while.

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Yes, You’re And You Will Always Will Be Loved!

If you are still a single, this is for you. You will be loved and taken care for your maturity rather than for being beautiful. Men who appreciate beauty are very less when compared to those who only wants an independent and determined woman. It is because, we as an independent woman, we are mature staying single, well established, have a great job, own our own home, very independent and very happy.  Guys are more attracted to woman who travel the world all of her own that assures them that we could fix things around our homes. So, please don’t lose hope on getting into relationship if you are not into one.