10 Silly And Undesirable Mistakes You May Do While You Lose Weight

10 Silly And Undesirable Mistakes You May Do While You Lose Weight


You snack on fruit, count calories, and get some form of exercise most days. So when you step on that scale and the needle stays put, you wonder what the heck you’re doing wrong. Even with clean eating and good fitness habits, you may be making a few small mistakes that can lead to a plateau and derail your results. Is it possible that you make small mistakes that you do not notice? Here are the ten of the most common flaws done by people and how to upgrade your already-healthy habits to finally reach your get-slim goal.

Skipping breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, gives us the energy, prevents premature starvation, because it slows down the metabolism and thus overeating throughout the day.

Eating cooked food instead of fresh one


Fresh foods contain mostly healthy nutrients, unlike processed food that can hide extra calories that you are not aware of. The terms ‘fat-free’ or ‘sugar-free’ can create a green light effect, triggering people to eat more. Go for reasonable amounts of the real thing and eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Doing same type of exercises

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Many people who want to lose weight are constantly practicing the same type of exercises and most of them are trying to get rid of belly fat. If you neglect cardio exercises, you will not lose weight. Regular active training helps in burning more calories. You must try these calorie- burning intervals. Aim for three interval sessions and two or three moderate, steady-paced workouts of 30 to 60 minutes every week.

Having no weight loss plans

During attenuation it is important to have a predetermined plan to follow. “If you fail to plan, you Plan to fail”. Enlist the aid of a qualified trainer to design a proper resistance training and aerobic program. Purchase one of the many guides to fitness programming and educate yourself on the basics. The wish and intention will help you know how to make it.

Thinking that exercise is an obligation

An important concern for weight loss is increasing the body’s metabolism so caloric expenditure is increased throughout the day. If you want to lose weight, exercise should be experienced as a healthy lifestyle, not a hard job or duty that you must fulfill. Exercise is good for health, both physical and the psychological.

Not drinking water

woman-drinking-water-from-a-bottleDuring the day you need to drink plenty of water especially during the winter. Many people forget that. Water is the healthiest drink that we need. Drinking a lot of water will prevent drinking sweetened caloric beverages.

Consuming products that contain a lot of calories


Products that are considered healthier option do not necessarily contain fewer calories than junk food. Some fruit shakes and juices often contain a lot of calories. The best way to look at the calorie intake is to write down what you eat and how much you eat it. Determine the correct amount of calories that fits your body and your plan to lose weight is ready, make sure you stick to it.

Eating dietary snacks and desserts


During diet many people are reaching for snacks and desserts that do not contain fat and sugar. Since we know this kind of food makes us fat, we recommend avoiding them, unless you want to enter twice as much calorie. Look up nutrition facts before you eat there. See if your favorite eatery has nutrition facts online-you may be surprised at what you see.

Starving all day

If you starve throughout the day, when you finally decide to eat something, you often decide to eat unhealthy food. This way the inserted energy is converted directly into fat. When the body is not fed consistently, it flips into starvation mode developed through evolution and hangs onto fat content for survival. Instead of reducing the amount of meals, care should be taken in controlling portion sizes.

Having Negative attitude

You think that you cannot lose weight and that genetics suits you that way as well. With such an attitude and negative thoughts your diet will have negative outcome. Set realistic goals that will keep you motivated and concentrate on yourself, not others, throughout the process.

The main concept of weight loss, calories in versus calories out, is simple but far from easy. Only with dedication, work, and healthy lifestyle changes are resulting going to happen. And forget the quick fixes. They do not exist. Just as it is necessary to know what steps to take to meet your fitness goals, it is just as important to know what not to do. Avoid these mistakes that are sure to ruin your fitness efforts. And look for the alternate plan for the mistake you have been doing. Remember that losing weight takes a lot of effort and you need to go ahead to succeed in it.