Know How To Lose 18 Kgs In Just 1 Month Similar Like...

Know How To Lose 18 Kgs In Just 1 Month Similar Like Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha, the talented, most beautiful and bubbliest star kid in Bollywood is looking awesome in recent times. The change is quite noticeable as she seems to have shed extra kilos in a very short span of time. There is a huge speculation around the plan, the workout schedule, and the food that has enabled the ‘Dabangg’ actress look more fit and ultra slim now. May be it is high time that we end the ambiguity around it because, down below you will read on the secret to her slim figure. Before we assess and make our promises to strictly follow the regime, let’s do a quick recap on the actress and her weight losing patterns of the past

Sonakshi’s Venture into B-Town

Being the only daughter of Shatrugand Sinha and Poonam Sinha, the entry into Bollywood may have been a little easy for Sonakshi compared to other tinsel town actors. Yet there is one grave problem which was clearly a road block for her debut – her weight. Sonakshi weighed closed to 90 kilos just before she was to be launched in the Salman starrer ‘Dabangg’. It was a clear indicator that she lacked the tone and figure needed for a B-Town launch.

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It is with Salman Khan’s advice and motivation that Sonakshi managed to reduce her weight by at least 30 Kilos before her first movie. What a transformation that was! She became the icon of the year stealing a great many hearts playing the very charismatic village girl in her premier movie. She credits her strict diet regimen and regular workouts to shedding the extra kilos that were with her since her adolescence. The reasons to the bloated appearance that are attributed by the actress are sedentary lifestyle, extensive love for junk food and lack of workouts or minimalistic exercising schedules!

Sonakshi shares her experience of her initial weight loss as given below:

  • Losing the first 30 Kilos were a tough process
  • Hated going to the gym to follow the strict workout schedule
  • Regular workouts caused a lot of pain and aches
  • Losing weight boosted her morale and gave her a lot of confidence to pursue a task on which she had set her mind on
  • Thankful to her first film’s co-star Salman Khan who always saw the rigor in me to pursue this weight loss regimen. His contribution was the maximum in terms of motivation is what Sonakshi keeps sharing in all of her interviews

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Critics did not stop!

Despite her weight loss of 30 Kilos, the people hadn’t come up to appreciate her toned body. They still saw her voluptuous frame and called her fat! For a person who is determined to achieve what she needs, Sonakshi was determined to make her next moves towards achieving the slender and slimmer figure that her critics highly spoke of. It is believed she hired actor Shahid Kapoor’s trainer to tone her body after her first successful attempt in weight loss.

Achieving greater heights, shedding more kilos and flaunting a slimmer self

Exercise Regimen

Sonakshi’s expedition to lose additional kilos started with hiring Yasmin Karachiwala as her fitness trainer. She trained under her guidance and has gone on to become the slender actress in the B-town today. Her daily workout sessions were a mix of different exercises that has helped her tone her body. The sessions have improved and strengthened her core muscles, increased the flexibility of her body and aided her to shed the unwanted flabby tissues. Let’s see what her exercise routine that she adopted was.

  • Cardio Workouts
  • Intense Weight training
  • Hot Yoga
  • Spinning
  • Functional training
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Swimming

The actress hit the gym twice a day too! Remember it wasn’t her favorite activity all along yet the determination to look slim and seal the talks that revolved around her flabby figure was foremost.

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Of all the activities that is part of her fitness regime, the Hot Yoga has worked wonders with the weight loss. Alternatively called the ‘Bikram Yoga’, this is performed in a hot room of at least 40 degrees Celsius. You are sure to burn several calories with just 25 minutes of yoga as you sweat profusely under such high temperature. The impact of the Bikram Yoga is quite high and effective in weight loss.

Playing tennis is another activity that she prefers to do the most as she also enjoys the sport besides it being a good physical activity!

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Diet Plan

Did you know that Sonakshi is a big time foodie and loves all types of junk food? All along her adolescence and in the subsequent years, the actress felt that depriving oneself of your favorite food led to unhappiness and discontentment. It was a great sacrifice from her end to say a firm NO to the junk food that she loved the most. When it comes to her favorite food items that she relishes, she has cut the portions down to smaller quantities as against completely declining those foods as a part of her diet. The now slender beauty eats smaller meals within a frequency of 2-3 hours. The smaller meal with increased frequency is believed to have helped to maintain a good metabolism rate in her body throughout the day.

Yasmin, her trainer, put her on a low carbohydrate and a high protein diet to go along with her fitness regime. It certainly came handy with the intense training and workouts that kept her hungry and famished after the sessions. Another amazing magic potion that has helped her shed all those extra kilos is the green tea. The good amount of green tea that is frequently consumed by the actress has aided tremendously in weight loss.

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For the benefit of the crowd who is drooling over Sonakshi’s weight loss, here is a sneak peek into Sonakshi’s diet chart that she strictly adheres to:

  • Breakfast: The meal consists of cereal, milk, and whole wheat toast. Carbohydrates are restricted to the day time
  • Mid-morning: 1 cup of green tea along with some dry fruits
  • Lunch: The actress eats home-cooked food that includes vegetables prepared as a sabzi or curry, chapattis/ rotis, and vegetable salad
  • Evening snacks: The evening snacks are simple. She consumes one fruit, some diet biscuits that adds to the fiber content of the meal, and 1 cup of green tea
  • Dinner: Fish or egg whites, chicken, dal, and vegetables. Sonakshi refrains from taking carbohydrates for dinner

Throughout the day, Sonakshi drinks several glasses of water to keep herself hydrated and fresh. Ample intake of water is also believed to boost metabolism. She is sporting her slender self in many of her recent movies like Holiday. One can also visibly witness the actress’ make over in the recent public appearances and in the events that she attends.

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Sonakshi has never been ashamed of her figure, even when she was fat. She recollects how she was taunted in school for her extra kilos! But the critical reception that she received when she was launched, triggered the determination to achieve this weight loss. Just stopping the consumption of junk started working miracles is the success story that she immediately shares to her fans who are constantly questioning her weight loss secrets. Some quick tips from the mouth of the actress:

  1. Stop junk food consumption
  2. Eat smaller meals a day, 5 meal a day is optimum
  3. Finish dinner at least 4 hours prior to sleep
  4. No consumption of carbohydrates after 6 pm
  5. 3 to 5 litres of water everyday
  6. Plenty of green tea and it is definitely a beauty enhancer as well
  7. Do not miss on home food as it is the most healthy form of eating that you can relish
  8. Workout evenly and in a relaxed manner
  9. Yoga refreshes the body and the soul

Words of wisdom aren’t they? She knows and acknowledges the threshold to which she can lose the kilos. She is not the person craving for a size zero figure but yet chooses to stay healthy.

So readers, we hope that the actress’ schedule and diet plan will also motivate you towards the weight loss that you have been planning since seeing Sonakshi. Her weight loss and slim figure is a proof to the same. Hope these tips from the actress help you to look slender, fit and healthy too!

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