10 Quick And Healthy Weight Loss Tips That Are Absolutely Simple To...

10 Quick And Healthy Weight Loss Tips That Are Absolutely Simple To Follow


Losing weight and cutting down the excess pounds seems to be a herculean task these days. You might have tried n number of diet plans and also certain tricks that might have not worked for you. This can be because you might have not worked on the plan correctly or the plan was not correct for your body type. Your weight actually fluctuates when you try a technique and gets back to normal when you stop it. So here are some quick and easy weight loss tips you can follow regularly in order to see a great change in your body weight. Read on!

Know your body type

The major ingredient missing from most diets is an understanding of how our bodies ‘think’ and the role that food and eating (or overeating!) play in our emotional functioning. Without this knowledge, you can diet, starve, fast, exercise all you like – and even lose weight drastically, but you will be almost guaranteed to put it all on again. So know how your body functions and reacts to a certain kind of diet and food plan. The best thing to do is to visit a nutritionist and get the advice from them.

Keep a tab on your metabolism

Some people have faster metabolic rates than others do. Individuals can also increase their own metabolism by increasing activity levels (e.g. exercising). We put on weight when the intake of food exceeds our energy and growth needs and the body then stores the excess as fat, in case it is needed later. Weight loss takes place when the energy requirements of the body exceed the intake of food. Most weight loss programs work by reducing the intake of food and/or increasing activity levels in order to ‘burn up’ fat.

Avoid crash diets

Crash diets make you fat! When we diet or drastically reduce our intake of food, our bodies think that we are starving because there is a famine or lack of food available. The body then goes into crisis mode and slows down metabolism in order to conserve or make the most of the little food it is getting. The longer the ‘famine’ lasts, the slower your metabolism will become. When this happens, the body hangs on to every bit of fat, carbohydrate or storable food taken in and you tend to add on more on your body weight.

Sweat it out!


Exercise builds lean muscle, which adds to metabolic rate and helps us to lose weight faster. You don’t have to follow hard cardio and push-ups to lose weight. So walk, dance, run, garden, join an aerobics or kick boxing class – whatever works for you! Start with at least 30 minutes of walking or running which really warms up your body and helps in weight loss.

Enjoy your food


It is important that you enjoy your food and that your senses are stimulated and aroused when you eat. Try out the foods with different textures, colors, flavors and aromas so that it stimulates your senses and satiates your hunger. By this you can cut on your cravings and eat healthy.

Start your day with lemonade

lemon-drink-SmallStart your day each day with a cup of boiled water with a slice of fresh lemon in it. Lemon helps with the production of bile – which breaks down fat in the food supply. Put the lemon in the cup and pour the boiling water over it. Leave to cool and draw for about three minutes and sip slowly.

Eat well for breakfast

This is an important meal! Wake up your metabolism and use the following foods to prepare your breakfast. You can have one cup of high fiber plain cereal or oats (no sugar or flavoring like chocolate! No muesli!). Use fruit juice or skim milk with the cereal. Take a whole apple and cut into slices or wedges or take in the grapefruit which can be the best choice. With this the green herbal tea can be a great icing on cake.

Enjoy the fruits


Fruits should definitely be a part of your meal. Try to incorporate the fruits either for your dinner or lunch every day. Red apples, green apples, banana, orange, strawberry, melon, peach can be dipped in a cup of low fat yogurt and enjoyed in your meal time. Either you can combine the above into a fruit salad and use the yogurt as a dressing or cut the fruit up into attractive wedges/slices and arrange on your plate. You can then eat the yogurt separately.

Keep yourself hydrated

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day which should not at all be compromised at all. Begin each meal with a glass of water. Good herbal teas can be used to drink like the mint tea, Chinese green tea, fennel tea or chamomile teas which are all good for digestion

Stay out of worries


If you keep on worrying about your weight and counting calories each time then it definitely does not fetch you the required results. Do not fuss or stress yourself which in facts adds more under your skin.

Work and follow on these simple and effective weight loss tips and tricks. Make these small changes in your lifestyle and experience the healthier and slimmer side of you. Follow these tips to lose weight quickly and effectively. Remember it is always not that difficult to lose your weight and so stay calm with it. It is not always about pain and struggle. A simple motivation and simple tricks can also benefit you from reaching the goal you want to achieve. So enjoy these simple ways of losing weight and show us how you did it.