5 Well Known Benefits Of Water That Greatly Help To Lose Weight

5 Well Known Benefits Of Water That Greatly Help To Lose Weight


Water is a universal solvent and without water, in fact no living organism can survive. Consuming water is a big part of the majority of weight loss diets. Though it does not directly target the fat on your body, it does activate and improve a number of processes in your body that are involved in fat burning.
There is a reason why doctors and nutritionists say that at least 8 to 10 glasses of water has to be consumed every day. If you want to know how exactly does water consumption affect your weight loss then read on.

Improves Energy Levels


Water improves your energy levels in a number of ways. It helps flush out all of the harmful toxins in your body that may be leading to stress, anxiety, and general crappy feelings that keep you from being productive. Another benefit is that water keeps you from getting dehydrated. By replenishing your water supply, you’ll prevent your body from ever getting to a point where it feels sluggish or lazy. If the water is cold, it can also shock your body into increasing your heart rate. As a consequence, you’ll burn more calories to pump more blood throughout your body.

Increases Metabolism

Research suggests that drinking about 17-20 oz of water can increase your metabolic rate by approx 30%. This boost occurs about 10 minutes after the consumption but lasts just short of an hour. An increased metabolism improves the rate at which your body burns through fat, so that your slimming process operates more quickly. By drinking a lot of water, you can manipulate your metabolism in a way that improves your weight loss so that your calories don’t end up sitting around your waist line.