4 Great Ingredients That Are Too Healthy And Also Helps in Weight...

4 Great Ingredients That Are Too Healthy And Also Helps in Weight Loss


There are lots of different ways to shed pounds and burn calories. Some of them are quite difficult compared to the others. The harder ways include strict diets and strenuous physical workouts where as it can  get as simple as incorporating a few ingredients in your regular meals. Yes, it’s absolutely true! There are a few ingredients that work wonders with weight loss and can be your best allies. The most vital among those ingredients are coconut milk, raspberries, avocados and green tea. Add these amazing ingredients to your meals to shed those pounds effectively and effortlessly.

Coconut milk


Coconut milk is a rich source of saturated fatty acids that belong to the center chain of the triglycerides. These fatty acids are not stored in the body, but burnt efficiently. There are lots of ways to consume coconut milk. Some people like to drink it as it is. Since coconut milk doesn’t spoil easily and can be consumed anytime, it makes a great drink to carry on the go. Drink at least one glass of coconut milk every day to reap maximum benefits. You can also make smoothies with this ingredient by adding your favorite fruit with it or just heighten its taste by adding a little bit of honey.



This green fruit is one of the best fruits of all times. Avocado is one of the most common fruits that is used in all major diets. This fruit is jam packed with fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids that help to improve the quality of food. Avocados help to reduce the symptoms of different metabolic disorders. This fruit is also very versatile and can be added to various dishes. Avocado salad, smoothie, stir fry, puddings and ice cream are some of the best delicious dishes that you can make while dieting.

Eating a small potion of this fruit can keep you full for a long time. Eat at least half an avocado in any form you like, every day to lose weight faster. Some people also like to scoop the avocado flesh and eat it as it is.

Green tea

green-tea1This is one of the best beverages of all time, especially for weight loss. A cup of green tea every morning can keep you refreshed throughout the day and also gives your metabolism a boost. Green tea is a powerful source of antioxidants that can enhance the fat burning process and help you burn the calories much quicker.

Replace any other beverage like a can of soda, alcohol, coffee or any packaged drink with a cup of green tea instead. This way you can stay away from the calorie rich sodas and work on the existing calories. Green tea also aids in digestion and boosts you with energy too. Include a cup of green tea in your meals to lose weight in a healthy and natural way.



Like other berries, raspberry too is rich is antioxidants that are great for burning fat cells. From children to adults, everyone loves raspberries. There are loads of recipes that you can make with this amazing fruit such as pies, tarts, milkshakes, smoothies, homemade sugar free jams, jellies, etc. Raspberries are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and help in regulating the blood sugar levels. Eating a handful of raspberries with your regular oats, cereals or fruit salad can actually speed up the metabolic activities and burn the fat cells easily.

All the above ingredients are tasty and liked by one and all so it’s not difficult to incorporate them in your daily meals. Moreover, these ingredients are power packed with nutrients and have more than one health benefit. So adding these “miracle foods” to your meals will cater to the nutrient needs. Add these yummy ingredients in your meals and your family will love you for that! Make the most of these extremely healthy ingredients and attain that slender waist line you always wished for.