This Is How Bollywood Actresses Get Prefect Shaped Body Naturally Without Any...

This Is How Bollywood Actresses Get Prefect Shaped Body Naturally Without Any Surgery!

Actresses like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Parineeti Chopra, Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif always stun us with their awesome bodies. Their fit bodies show off their perfect curves without them appearing to be bulimic or too thin. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a mother of a beautiful baby girl and she lost all her pregnancy weight in an astonishingly less amount of time.

Many live under the misconception that all actresses use their money to get surgeries and work done to reduce their weight. But this is rarely the case because there are many actresses who have lost a lot of weight in natural manner. We feel that actresses have the time to concentrate on their weight but these beauties are as busy as us. They are also mothers and they have their own jobs, so they use a few hidden secret tricks to lose their weight and gain a fit body. Keep reading to find out how these Bollywood diva’s lost their weight so quickly.

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Hire a trainer and nutritionist

It is good to hire a professional nutritionist to plan you a diet, they will firstly see the medical issues you might be facing and then factor in your daily schedule to plan your diet. By hiring the services of a nutritionist, you don’t just get a fit body but you also get a healthy body and mind. It is important for you to be frank and open with your nutritionist, so that they can help you.

After hiring a professional for your diet, you also need to hire a professional for your activity. A trainer will help you shed your weight and transform your extra fat into fit muscles. Employing the services of a nutritionist and trainer may not always be in your budget, but don’t worry, as our list also contains some nifty ideas of Bollywood actresses, which will help you in getting the perfect shaped body without too much expenditure.

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Have a healthy breakfast

Many celebrity trainers’ advices you to eat something light after 30 minutes from when you wake up. It can be a cup of oatmeal with some fresh fruits and scrambled egg whites or anything that is light yet satisfies your hunger. Whatever you choose, you must make sure that protein, fibre and carbohydrates are present in the needed quantity.

Research also proves that having a healthy breakfast keep you satisfied and help you lose weight, without affecting your health in any manner. Eating such a breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and prevents you from eating too much later in the day. If you are a working woman, then you can make the oats overnight and store them in the fridge for easy usage. But it is recommended that you you should eat only freshly cut fruits and not stored or canned ones.

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Limit white foods intake

White carbohydrates like bread, pasta, cookies, rice etc. must be eaten in very limited quantities, when you are trying to lose weight. Many might advise you to totally give up white foods, if they get to know that you are trying to lose weight, but this not possible in the fast paced life we live. When we are in a hurry we tend to grab a toast as a snack but if you leave white food, then you will have to go hungry or take out the time to make breakfast, thus getting late for your appointment or office.

Research says that you mustn’t avoid white food all together but you must replace it. For example, eat a cup of white rice only twice a week and all other days have a cup of brown rice instead. You must also make sure not to eat white foods at night, as it will hinder your weight loss plans.

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Eat more spicy

Many are still unaware of the key role that spicy food plays in our weight loss plan. Many Bollywood divas have shed quite a few pounds by increasing their intake of spicy foods. Spicy food performs thermogenesis, the process of creating heat from burning fat, thus helping you reduce weight by increasing your metabolism. Spicy food also aids in keeping heart diseases, cancer etc. at bay.

Eating spicy food doesn’t mean eating extra pepper pizza or spicy chicken wings, it means that you must increase the intake of natural spices like chilli, pepper etc. in your food, better if home cooked. Adding spices to junk or oily food will not help you in losing weight. If you are suffering from acidity or other stomach ailments, then it is better if you consult a doctor before eating high spicy food because it may aggravate the problem.

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Go the organic way

Eating organic food might not aid much in the weight loss process but many Bollywood divas say that by eating more organic food they have improved their health, thus aiding them to fight diseases that cause weight issues.

By eating more organic food you will also keep yourself safe from diseases like cancer, Alzheimer etc. It will also aid in keeping mental health issues like depression etc. at bay. The increase of energy, positive thinking and immunity power will help you push through the daunting task for gaining the perfect body.

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Follow the 3 – 1 meal intake

To shed unwanted weight and lead a healthy life, you must follow an eating ratio of 3:2:1, where you have a heavy and hearty breakfast that gives you all the necessary proteins and carbohydrates. Then you have a good lunch but not as heavy as the breakfast and at dinner you have something light and easily digestible meal.

Following this ratio will ensure a proper digestion cycle and a high metabolism rate. Many Bollywood beauties like to end their day with a bowl of oats or something light like fruits.

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Cleanse regularly

It is good to detox or cleanse your body regularly. Drinking a detox liquid once in while will help remove all the impurities present in your body, thus allowing your diet and exercise to show its effects. There are many detox or cleansing liquid recipes available online.

But you must have these cleansing days only on holidays or free days, when you don’t have to do extra work because you might face a little weakness. Cleansing regularly doesn’t mean once every week, it means once in a few months because too much cleansing has its own side effects.

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Exercise in limit

Controlling only your diet will not have much effect, therefore you must pair your diet with a good exercise regime. The exercise can be anything, ranging from a few minutes in the gym to a little yoga; it is based on your preference.

Whatever exercise regime you take up, it is important that you do it in a limited manner, especially if this is the first time you are exercising. Many Bollywood actresses have gained their amazing bodies without crossing their exercise limit and overexerting themselves. If you do too much of exercise, then you will get tired too fast and you may even hurt yourself. So, pace yourself and increase the amount of your exercise after regular intervals, mostly 15 days will suffice.

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Drink plenty of water

Water is 100% calorie-free, it helps in increasing the burning of calories and it also fills your stomach, thus suppressing your cravings. It has been scientifically proven that people who have increased the intake of water in their daily routine have lost noticeable amount of weight. It is advised that you drink water before food or after 1 hour of your meal, this will help your body supress any cravings and increase the metabolism rate.

Quite a few actresses have advised to increase fluid intake for weight loss but many mistook this advice and increased the intake of fluids like packaged juice, carbonated drinks etc. The best fluids for your body are water and fresh juices.

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Have proper sleep

Sleep deprivation doesn’t just lead to mental health issues but it also causes weight gain. When you don’t sleep for the required time, then your cravings increase and thus your food intake increases, thereby leading to weight again. Despite having a packed schedule, many of the Bollywood beauties make sure to get a good amount of sleep, not just for their beauty but also for their body’s fitness.

Consult a stylist

This is not exactly a way for getting a perfect body, but by wearing the right clothes you are accentuating your figure and enhancing your beauty like many Bollywood actresses. You must consult a stylist or do extensive research on what style is best suited for you.

Opt for the natural way to get the perfect body like many Bollywood actresses by following the above mentioned tips.

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