6 Telling Signs That Says Someone is Very Much Interested in You.

6 Telling Signs That Says Someone is Very Much Interested in You.

Building strong relationships are like building our own house to stay, where you join every bricks with utmost love and care with an intention that in any extreme conditions, it doesn’t break. Similarly, if there is trust and confidence in a relationship, any external factor cannot affect your strong bonding.
Your life becomes a fairy tale, with a correct partner in your life, who understands you, likes you the way you are, is honest and above all, who stands by your side in any difficulties. Sometimes, understanding relationships gets confusing, and you start wondering if your partner still loves you and cares for you? Well, there are certain signs that should be noticed, in order to confirm that you still mean a lot to him.

He understands and takes care of your needs:

If your partner cares about you, then he would perform the small chores in order to help you out. For instance, if you are sleeping and you start feeling cold, your partner notices that and without asking he comes and covers you with blanket. Or, if you are unwell, he prepares breakfast for you and gets your kid ready for school without fussing around, or he leaves the last bite for you left in the dinner plate. And many more of such things, he does just to make your life easy shows that your man really understands and take care of you.

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He takes your advice in any of the big plans in life:

Whatever small or big events that take place in your life; he would always discuss the plans with you and take your opinions about it seriously. He would never take you for granted, and make any outing plans with his peers or make any travel plans without keeping you informed. He lets you have your own space, respect your opinions about anything and allow you to live your life in your own style.

He wraps his arms around your shoulder:

If he stands close to you or wraps his arms around your shoulder when you are giggling and chatting to any of your guy friend, then it clearly shows that he is protecting you and is getting jealous of the other guy. Jealousy shows that he loves you, cares for you and that you mean a lot to him.

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He doesn’t frequently remind you of the things he did for you:

He would frequently do such unasked for favours, so that he can see a smile on your face. For instance, if you are busy preparing dinner for your guests, he would help you serve them, or, if you have just returned from a long morning walk, he would make you a glass of lemon water to shoo away your tiredness. Despite all his deeds, if he never reminds you of all these tiny favours then it proves that there is no other man, better than your man.

Rational arguments:

If you argue about some serious things related to your life then these are rational arguments. For example, arguing about which school should you choose for your kid’s nursery admission, or if it is correct time to plan for a baby, etc. makes you confused and argues. These rational arguments help you to come to a concrete decision which shows that he considers taking your opinion before making a decision.

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He respects you and doesn’t treat you like a servant:

If a man loves you, he will understand you and won’t assign you tasks. Suppose, you had a lot of guests coming at regular intervals to visit you during festive season, and you were busy attending them throughout the day, because of which you didn’t get time to relax nor prepare dinner. Just because you mean a lot to your man, he would ask you to take some rest and prepare whatever is possible for him for dinner. These little help, fills your heart with admiration and love and proves that his love for you in un-matchable.

Compromising and non-egoistic:

Generally men hate to compromise on anything because their ego takes a step forward. He only bends down in front of his mother or his lady love. If you are his lady love then he won’t be ashamed to compromise on any given situation, because he wants you to be happy. Like, if he is watching a news channel and at the same time your favourite TV show is going on, and if he hands over the remote to you without any hesitation then it clearly shows that you mean a lot to him, and all your favourites become his favourite.

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He keeps a check on you:

‘Check on you’ does not mean that he is investigating your whereabouts. It means that if you are not seen at home for quite some time, then he would simply call you up to ascertain that you are ok and that you are not into any trouble. He knows that you are a responsible lady and can take care of yourself; just for his mental satisfaction he keeps a check on you.

He does not hold grudges against you:

If your man does not recall your past incidents that signify you mean a lot to him. He would never remind you of how your decision on a certain business plan, ruined the entire business, or how you once left home on some irrational argument. He would never hold any grudges nor find reasons to make you feel ashamed of what you did in the past.

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After the fight:

If your arguments lead towards a fight, and the moment you try to make up with him, he hugs you and makes it up. Fight between any couples is sometimes necessary for a healthy relationship, but only if you value your relationship more than your ego and try to make up faster. Many a times, your man may initiate to patch up after your fight even if he knows that he was nowhere at fault. He does it just because he loves you and values you.

He loves and respect your parents:

If your man respect and obey your parents as he shower respect to his own parents, which shows that he knows where your happiness lies and value your committed relationship with him. For instance, if your dad is unwell, he would call several times to know about his well-being, or if required he may even offer his help by taking him to a doctor or buying certain medicines. These are small gestures to show that he cares.

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He surprises you on your special days:

Be it your birthday, anniversary or your first day at work, if he plans something big in order to surprise you, then it means that you are the only one who means everything for him. He can do anything, just to make you smile and make each and every day of yours, a memorable day.

It is not difficult to understand a man, he just expresses his love for you through is deeds, and not by continuously saying “I Love You”. We think that if he does not tell those three golden words, then he must have lost his interest in you. But this is not the case, if he does any of the above for you then it would speak volumes about his love and respect for you. So, try and notice those moments and his expressions which speaks a lot more than simply “I Love You”!