Top 10 Craziest Tattoo Designs That Our Celebrities Have Opted

Top 10 Craziest Tattoo Designs That Our Celebrities Have Opted

Top 10 Craziest Tattoo Designs That Our Celebrities Have Opted

There are many reasons why people get the tattoos inked on them. The tattoos are a highly versatile form of art and very personal thing for every one of us. And when it comes to celebrities there is very less to keep the things personal since whatever they get inked will get revealed in front of the public. Here we are giving you information about those 10 popular celebrities who went an extra mile to make themselves look ridiculous for reasons unknown to us all. Check out the crazy tattoos that they got inked!

Kesha’s Lip Tattoo


The charismatic singer and song writer Kesha knows exactly how to make some sense with the tattoos. She is proud to be really different among all the other celebs of her genre. She loves to be just a little crazy every now and then she opted for a strange tattoo. The inner lip tattoo “SUCK IT!” is definitely the real one if you are still wondering to be fake one.  

Angelina Neck Tattoo


Angelina Jolie is actually pretty serious with the love for the tattoos. She has regularly been featured in most news magazines about her new tattoo designs. There are at least a dozen tattoos all over her body and she has also got some good experience with the tattoo removals too. Though her tattoos are covered up by the makeup while shooting for the film, she is proud to flaunt them in every red carpet event. All the tattoos she has got inked has special meaning and the back neck tattoo is still more special of all.

Rihanna’s Index finger tattoo


Rihanna has got several letters on her index finger but the “Shhh!” is actually the coolest you would fall for. The dreaming look is achieved with this celebrity tattoo. The tattoo design on the index finger makes it pretty cool when she is up and rocking on the stage.

Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn’s Tattoo


These two coolest models have opted for the same stylish tattoo on them. They wrote two letters “DD” on their waists which give them an amazing charm while together. The tattoo also explains the great bond between both these lovely ladies.

Nicole Richie’s Tattoo


Nicole Richie loves the Boho style and so she has created two wings at her back. This celebrity’s exclusive hair color completes and compliments her stylish look. The fairy wings peep out of her lovely dresses to make it cool for her.

Scarlett Johansson’s Tattoo bracelet tattoo around the wrist is quite admiring and appealing for this famous celebrity. Scarlett Johansson opts for a bracelet-resembling tattoo with a bead which is simply realistic than ever. No need for her to wear an accessory for this reason though.

Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra has been always closely associated with her family and the “Daddy’s lil girl” says all about her love for family. This tattoo that she sported was dedicated to her father by expressing the immense love for him.  

Rita Ora


Rita Ora is a perfect pop star who exactly knows how and where to show off her best. The beautiful tattoo detail on her left shoulder is really cool when she performs on the stage. For Rita, this tattoo actually is a nice charm and so does she flaunts it all the time!

David Beckham


David flaunted his new eastern inspired tattoo during a talk in the Peking University. It was definitely proud to take up the new role as image ambassador of the Chinese Super League and this was the reason behind this great ink. The Chinese symbol means, “Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by heaven”.

Christina Ricci


There is a small story behind Christina’s simple tattoo design. Christina could not initially decide between the lion, ghost or a cloud. But the tattoo artist was so very creative in giving her a nice amalgamation of all the three in one tattoo design that is simply superb.

There has been a trend among the celebrities to get inked and to remove it off whenever they feel so. Yet these were some amazing tattoo designs that these famous celebrities have adorned and flaunted. Though it is a good idea to follow the celebrities in order to make some fashion statement, tattoos are actually permanent thing that stay one so it is always better to choose what is better for you instead of copying one. Know your style, create your design and get the one inked for you and be ready to grab on the appreciation.