Get a Mark Free Skin Using This Cream

Get a Mark Free Skin Using This Cream

capturefgtStretch marks” may not be a critical health condition, but it might get to a point of acute embarrassment. These are long streaks or stripes (basically scars) that appear on the skin due to obesity or pregnancy. These spots tend to get permanent, if not taken care of. 

As the name suggests, in a lay man’s term, the marks tend to begin when the skin gets stretched. Digging into it scientifically, this scarring forms mostly on the abdomen, thighs, breasts, buttocks and upper arms when the skin expand quickly or the connective tissues get pulled beyond their flexibility. 


Stretch mark forms the middle layer of the skin and starts with a purple or red in colour while eventually fading into a white layer. Irrespective of the hue, it’s always absurd to have widely visible weird lines on your body! Donning your favourite outfit may be at stake with few lines popping out (read: of nowhere) like a kid has been trying to learn how to draw straight lines with a white marker!

Luckily, with repeated research and tried methods, here are few methods listed with some guaranteed effect. While one can splurge on cosmetics that promise to make those marks disappear which may turn otherwise, take notes from these easy do-it-yourself- cream tips to get rid of those lines of shame! Especially when skincare is in question, taking to natural means are far better than the chemicals. With chemical, you always tend to accept it with a pinch of salt as you wouldn’t be aware of the side- effects


Known for its exfoliating qualities, it helps moving dead cells and its fatty acids content moisturise the skin. Begin with, mixing 1 tablespoon of raw sugar with water, few drops of almond oil and lemon juice. Stir it well and massage onto the skin for 10 minutes before shower.


2.Aloe vera:

Aloe-Vera2Known for its anti- inflammatory and healing properties (especially scars), squeeze out the gel from a leaf of aloe- vera. Apply it on the skin, leave the gel for a few minutes to dry and then wash it off with warm water.

Alternatively: You could also prepare a cream with 1/4th cup of fresh aloe vera gel along with oil extracted from VITAMIN E capsules and VITAMIN 5 capsules. Apply it on the stretch marks until completely soaked up by the skin. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. 

3.Olive Oil:

olive-oil-and-almond-oilEnriched with vitamins A,D & E, it softens the skin helping the street marks to reduce and fortifies the skin from formation of new stretch marks.  Mix few drops of olive oil with few drops of vinegar and water. Apply on the stretch marks before you hit the bed and leave it over night. 

Or, you could also, just rub a few drops of olive oil onto the scarred area after taking a hot shower bath. Hot shower is a mandate here as it will not only cleanse your skin (first), but also open the pores for a better absorbing power. 


Lemon, too, known for its exfoliating qualities, mix it with cucumber juice (in equal quantities). Apply it on stretch marks and let it dry. Wash it off with water. In case you don’t have a cucumber handy, you could do it away with just lemon itself. Cutting the lemon in half, obtain its juice and then massage it on the stretch marks in circular motions. Leave it on for 10 minutes followed by washing it off with water.

Lemon with Cocoa Butter – Mix 1/2 cup of cocoa butter with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice; repeat the massage in circular motions for 10 minutes with the paste and rinse off with water after allowing it to dry. 


5.Cocoa- Butter:

Massage cocoa- butter into the skin for 10-15 minutes and leave it on. Its moisturising qualities help the street marks to fade.  Cocoa- Butter is a remedy which softens the skin. It prevents the skin from new stretch marks by breaking the stretch tissues. 

The other way, Cocoa- Butter can be induced into a cream with wheat germ oil, grated beeswax, apricot kernel oil and Vitamin E oil.  Mix all these ingredients until beeswax is completely melted. Cool the paste (or cream) and store it in a jar and keep it in a refrigerator. Apply the cream twice a day and notice the significant difference.

6.Egg whites:

These have high protein and amino acid content that helps in repairing the stretch skin. Whip the egg whites with a fork, apply on the skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes, pat dry after cleansing with water. Follow this process with an olive oil massage



670px-Shell-a-Coconut-Step-7 (Small)A great moisturiser, it helps in maintaining the skin elasticity and suppleness. Massage coconut oil nicely and leave it till it’s thoroughly absorbed by the skin. Repeat 3 times daily for 15 days. 

Another way of using Coconut to remove stretch marks is by following this method. Mix few drops of coconut oil with tea tree oil to apply it onto the stretch marks. Repeat three times daily for optimum result.  However, Shea butter, baby oil or any other essential oils (avocado oil, emu oil etc) can also be used in place of Coconut oil to get rid of stretch marks.


coffee-acne-760x570It contains chemicals that help in lightening scars and tighten the skin, form paste with enough warm water and ground coffee beans. Mix it with aloe- vera gel and massage the paste onto the stretch marks for 3-5 minutes. Wipe it off with warm cloth/ towel for at least 15-20 minutes and wash off.


These contain chemicals and minerals that enhance the skin cell re-generation. Rub onto the skin a slice of raw potato for 5 minutes. Continue the process with another slice and continue for few more minutes. Rinse off with water after allowing the juice to dry. Repeat 3 times daily.


10.Castor Oil:

Castor oil is the cure for almost any skin problems. Massage few drops of castor oil onto the stretch marks for 10-15 minutes. Cover it up with a clean and dry cotton cloth. Put a heating pad over the cloth and leave on for 30 minutes and rinse it off. 

11.Black Tea Massage:

black-tea-rinse-for-natural-hair-1024x640It is also one of the best solutions to get rid of the unwanted stretch marks. It is rich in vitamins like C, B, and E and acts a great source to boost the immune system. Black Tea helps to eliminate the free radicals from the body and also helps in preventing from cancer.

The nervous system and the brain is also stimulated which enhances to heal the marks.  You will need 2 tablespoons of black tea and 1 teaspoon of salt. Boil these ingredients in water for 2 minutes and leave it to cool down. Apply this solution on the stretch marks and see the results.


These leaves are rich in Amino acid content, Vitamins E & K, and other essential nutrients that helps in skin repair that will lower the visibility of the stretch marks. Use these leaves by mixing its powder with chamomile oil until a paste is formed. Massage onto the skin for 5 minutes and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it off with water. 


Apart from all these, maintaining a healthy diet with lots of fruits as it has a lot of water retention in it. Also drinking water in excess will help you to keep your skin hydrated and reduce stretch marks. Drinking too much tea, coffee and soda can cause dehydration and make the stretch marks come up or become more visible. The most important part of all this is to keep confidence in you as it will always show on your body. Follow all these tips and tricks to get the perfect skin for you!