Use This Banana Face Pack to Remove Wrinkles, Pimple Scars And Acne...

Use This Banana Face Pack to Remove Wrinkles, Pimple Scars And Acne From Your Face.


Banana is widely used for skin treatment and is also helpful in reducing wrinkles and fine lines from face. With age we lose the stiffness of skin and fine lines and wrinkles start to show up below the eyes and around the cheek. This if not taken care of will become more prominent with time and would be difficult to cure. Wrinkles and aging are two culprits that we all detest and the worst fear is that they are considered irreversible though it can be treated with new technologies. Better prevention than cure must be the main motto for women who are still in their late 20’s.

Banana Pack

image-1Banana has high amount of potassium as well as moisture and Vitamin A within it. It not only will help in reducing wrinkles but also reduce dark spots and keep the skin well hydrated.  It has phyto- chemicals and anti oxidants. It has all in one effect over acne, pimples, wrinkles and aging. With its high content of moisture it removes the dead and flaky skin giving your face an even tone. To use banana on skin especially for wrinkles use one ripe banana and add one teaspoon of honey. Grind both the products to make a smooth paste and apply on face. If you want you can even warm up the paste as it will spread easily and sit firm on skin as mask. Keep it on till dry and wash with lukewarm water. Use this pack once a week.

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Banana and Olive Oil

image-2Banana works well with olive oil too. Olive oil is loaded with goodness of nature and is used for many purposes. Olive oil can be trusted as it has richness of Vitamin E and anti oxidants. It helps in reversing the effects of aging if used religiously over a period of time. Mash one ripe banana and add one teaspoon of olive oil to it and apply on skin as face masks. Keep it on for 20 minutes the wash off with lukewarm water. You need not apply a moisturizer immediately as olive oil gives enough moisture to skin. You may use it afterwards.

Banana and lemon

image-3Banana again can be used in order to fight wrinkles and aging with lemon. Lemon helps in reducing the skin tone by bringing on the surface to the real color of your skin. Mash one ripe banana with four teaspoon of lemon juice and apply on skin and wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry. Apply a toner and also a cream.

Banana, Curd and Lemon pack

image-4To use banana, curd and lemon pack take half a cup of curd that has been made at home so that it is of good quality using milk that does not have much cream or fat. In this curd squeeze half a lemon and add a teaspoon of honey and at last add the mashed banana. Mix well and apply the mixture on face using fingers to spread out evenly. Wipe off the paste after 20 minutes using cotton pad and wash with water. Do it twice a week or even once would be effective enough.

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Apple and Banana pack

image-5Apples are filled with minerals and vitamins that make it a vital fruit for skin treatment. It has also been known to work well for wrinkles and fine line when used properly and regularly. The best way to use apple is to combine it with banana. Take a small apple and boil it till it becomes soft. Using the soft apple makes a paste and by adding a teaspoon of honey and also a few drops of lemon. In this paste add the mashed banana. Do not boil the banana as it is very easy to mash. Apply it on skin and lay down for about 20 minutes giving ease to mind and body. Use it once a week over a prolonged period of time.

Turmeric and Banana

image-6Turmeric is very useful in getting rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging. It is helpful in adding elasticity to skin and brings back the youthful flow as well as makes the wrinkles less visible. Make turmeric paste by using turmeric powder and raw milk and the very favorite banana. It is recommended that the turmeric powder is prepared at home by drying up the turmeric stems and making a powder out of it so that it is pure and safe. Mix turmeric powder with raw milk as well as banana and form a paste and apply on skin leaving it on for about 20 minutes. Using a thin layer so that it dries faster and do not speak as a cracked mask will not help in reduction of wrinkles rather make it more prominent.

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Banana, Milk Cream and Lemon

image-7Milk cream is rich in moisture and keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated that is very essential for a healthy skin. When we mix banana with milk cream it gives an added boost of moisture to skin that s helpful in making it look younger. Take whipped cream add half banana and add 4 teaspoon of lemon to it. Apply on skin and let it dry or wait for 20 minutes. Do this once a week. It will help in restoring the healthy skin and makes fine lines and wrinkles visibly reduced. Once a week it would be sufficient though you may increase it to twice a week.

Banana-Lentil face pack

image-8Lentils are great for the health of skin as well as for the health of body. Take lentils and soak it in water overnight, then grind it in a grinder adding banana, lemon and raw milk to make the paste easy to spread. Mix it till it turns out to be a smooth paste for application that would stick to skin and not fall off. Make a thin layer and do not talk till the mask is dried up. After wards wash with lukewarm water and pat dry. Apply a toner and moisturizer that you use daily. Apply this pack once a week.

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Aloe Vera and Rose Water face pack with Banana

image-9With Aloe Vera you can make your skin hydrated well nourished and rejuvenated and add elasticity to skin at the same time it helps in regeneration of cells that in turns makes the skin soft and supple with a glow from within. It fights the signs of aging owing to all the goodness that it brings to skin. Rose water too is a natural toner and is helpful in making the skin youthful by adding glow and clearing off the dead cells as well as removes blackheads.  Both these products yield best results when combined with ripe banana. In order to use Rose water and Aloe Vera with banana pack together use the grinded stems of aloe Vera and add two teaspoon of rose water to it. Apply on skin and take a nap of twenty five minutes then wash off with lukewarm water and apply toner and a face cream.

Banana, Almonds and Raw Milk facial care

image-10Take 8 almonds and soak it overnight so that it becomes soft and easy to mash. Add the banana that you have mashed and add one teaspoon of raw milk to it and apply on face. Keep it on for twenty minutes and wash off with water. Pat dry and use your favorite toner and a moisturizer that has age lifting properties at the same time is herbal in base.

Banana and Eggs Whites face miracle

image-11One cannot forget about eggs when it comes to lifting up wrinkles and doing away with fine lines as it contains protein. It is helpful in making the skin look younger and fresh by making it tight and pulled back. Eggs need a base to spread so for that glycerin would be very good option. At the same time banana will give it added nutrients and act as a base for application .Separate egg white and the egg yolk and mix glycerin in the egg white. Save the egg yolk for later use in a food item .Do not throw it away. Mix it well and apply on skin and keep it on for about 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water and put an astringent and a face cream.

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Banana, Raw Honey and Baking Soda

image-12Honey is used in many products to enhance the effect of beauty benefit products and raw honey directly on skin is even more wonderful.  It keeps the skin youthful and tight by keeping the wrinkles away and fine lines from appearing. Honey is all in one natural beauty product hence does not require any other support. It can spread well with fingers and sticks to skin. You may also work while having the honey mask on. Yet one must not talk. Apply pack made up of raw honey with a pinch of baking soda in it and banana that are mashed already into a fine paste. Leave on for 20 minutes then wash off. Apply a toner together with a cream.

It is suggested that one must start to think of wrinkles and fine lines before they actually set in as once they set in it takes a more rigorous routine to fight it back. So one must start to take care of the skin from the age of 28 and always maintain the routine of cleansing toning and moisturizing throughout your life. A person who with honesty follows the magical regime of cleansing toning and moisturizing will face lesser skin problems than those who miss out on it. Also it is suggested that you see your nutritionist at least once a year for a thorough checkup of skin and health. Also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, that again includes banana and drink plenty of water.