6 Health Risks To Consider Before Waxing Your Bikini Area

6 Health Risks To Consider Before Waxing Your Bikini Area


Bikini area is the area that gets exposed when you wear a bikini bottom, and also the hairy pubic region that can be seen if you bend or move a little in your bikini bottom. In short, bikini area refers mainly to your pubic region, thigh crease etc. that are usually quite hairy but also very sensitive and delicate therefore can be damaged easily. It is not necessary to shave the hair in this region but it is highly recommended, because it gives your pubic region a cleaner look allowing you to wear short bottom wear without the fear of exposing hair on your bikini area. And I recommend removing the hair for hygienic purposes, as hair increases the dampness leading to many issues as well as an uncomfortable feeling in your pubic region.
Hair on your bikini area can be removed by waxing, shaving, laser treatment and simple trimming. Getting laser treatment is very expensive therefore many of us prefer simple trimming, shaving or waxing that are quite affordable and can be done at home itself. But many of us lean towards waxing rather than shaving or trimming because the latter two will leaves us with stubbles that lead to itching and also the hair will grow faster. Whereas, in waxing the hair is completely removed from the roots thereby leaving us smooth skin, but waxing too comes with its own disadvantages. So, here I’m going to give you 6 health risks that are to be considered before waxing your bikini area

Contract STIs

1STIs or Sexually transmitted infections are caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites that come through sexual contact or through open skin. When we wax our bikini area we tend to be a little harsh, it is quite common but this causes the delicate skin of our bikini area to be damaged.


Waxing causes the damage on the skin, it may be visible or not but there will be damage from the microscopic torn follicle roots to large cuts. These open wounds bleed causing pain but these open wounds make it easy for various parasites, viruses or bacteria to enter your body and cause havoc. Some of the common STIs that can be caused by the trauma of waxing in bikini areas are Herpes, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), HPV (Human papillomavirus infection like genital warts, possible cervical cancer) and many other STIs. So, it is better to save yourself from pain and future risk of contracting STIs by simply shaving or trimming especially if you have very delicate skin.

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Contract Infections

2Like open or damaged skin leads to STIs, it also leads to infections that may take a much worse turn if left untreated. According to recent studies, waxing hair especially bikini waxing where hair is removed even from gluteal cleft area (in simple terms it means ass crack) increases the risk of infections exponentially. The infection can be simple surface infection or in worse cases the infection can be caused in even deeper cellulitis, making it hard for you to cure the infection. In case of undiagnosed ringworms, the infection can worsen even more after waxing.

In some cases if the same pot of wax where the stick is dipped for one individual is used on another individual, the infection can spread or if the same wax is used on your underarms, upper lips, legs etc. the infection might spread there also leading you to a world of pain. Bikini area also leads to excessive collection of moisture leading the infection to increase very fast, therefore the infection must be treated at its earliest.


3If you have not done waxing before, I would like to inform you that hot wax is applied then the wax strip is stuck to it for making the waxing process more effective and easy. This wax is usually tested on the hand to feel the hotness and judge the correct temperature for you. The temperature of the wax may be fine for your hands but it may prove to be too much for the sensitive skin of your bikini area. Some feel that waxing exfoliates your skin which is good, but they couldn’t be wrong as exfoliating to a limit is only good otherwise it may damage your skin.

Therefore this hot wax may cause burns or sometimes even boils on your sensitive skin, thereby harming your skin. The burns are painful but they also open your skin to infections, pus etc. as the skin will open letting the infection to enter your skin more deeply. These burns are also quite hard to treat as the ointment for burns usually needs to dry, and that is not easy to do in your bikini area.

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Infected ingrown hairs

4Ingrown hair is mostly caused in area of the skin where it is shaved or waxed as the hair on the skin will be broken off unevenly, but don’t worry it can be treated easily. Ingrown hairs can be caused not only in your bikini but also other areas of the skin, where you wax or shave. Another cause for ingrown hair is curly hair, as the hair curls back into your skin rather than rising from it.

The main issue is infected ingrown hairs; these can be caused by bacteria or fungal infection near ingrown hairs. The infected ingrown hairs can be identified as raised bumps, with redness, inflammation, oozing pus and many other symptoms. They are quite painful and ugly to look at but you may find it hard to diagnose it in the early stages. Home remedies like tea tree oil can be used, but I advise you to get it looked by a healthcare professional, otherwise you may just cause the infection to increase rather than reduce.

Ingrown hairs can become infected very easily; therefore extra precaution is needed to prevent the development of ingrown hairs itself. Some simple tricks for preventing ingrown hairs are waxing or shaving in the direction of hair growth, wetting the hair with warm water thereby making them easy to remove and to apply ice or cool cloth immediately on the shaved or waxed area of the skin.


5As we already know by now that waxing causes trauma to our skin, especially the delicate skin in our bikini area. This trauma leads the skin to crack, and if it does not heal completely they it may cause for the skin to form scars that are quite ugly to look at.


Many may feel that these scars won’t be much of an issue, but they will surely hinder or embarrass you to wear a bikini or other short bottom wear that will expose these scars. What I personally feel as the biggest issue with scarring is that, it spoils the smoothness and look of your skin even if it is a private area. In order to prevent scarring, I advise you to apply ice after waxing and after cleaning everything make sure to apply mild moisturizers that will make your skin smooth, thereby preventing scarring. If there is scarring, you are advised not to scrub or scratch as that may just aggravate it.

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6Wax like many products may not be suitable for you; thereby leading to allergic reactions like rashes etc. and they won’t cure easily because the bikini area is susceptible to moisture. Therefore, it is best for you to try this wax first on your hands or legs and then on the sensitive skin of your bikini area. Otherwise it is best to use homemade wax or other homemade remedies for removing the hair on your bikini area, especially if you have skin that is extra sensitive.

Hope you remember these 6 risks the next time you’re about to wax sensitive skin of your bikini area. For avoiding many of these risks make sure to use quality products and get the waxing done in a well-established and well reputed facility that guarantees clean, neat and hygienic work, especially if you have extra sensitive skin.