Try These Exercises To Get Rid Of Your Aging Signs Instantly Within...

Try These Exercises To Get Rid Of Your Aging Signs Instantly Within a Week. It WORKS!


Everyone wants to look healthy and young, whatever may be their age. Aging is a natural process that cannot be prevented, but we can definitely slow down the aging process. The skin starts the process of aging from the 20’s. But it is only at the later stages that we find the effects of aging like fine lines, grey hair, wrinkles, etc.
There are some natural as well as artificial ways to remove the signs of aging from the skin. Collagen and elastin are two main proteins that are responsible for the youthfulness of our skin. They are responsible for the elasticity of the skin, and also its suppleness. With the aging, these proteins also start to deplete resulting in wrinkles, deep furrows on the forehead, aging line around the eyes, wrinkles on skin, etc.

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The process of aging

As we get older, our body starts to produce some non-functional cells. These cells don’t do any work, and after some time they interfere in the normal cell’s work. This causes aging. With other external factors like smoking, drinking, stress, food habits, not doing proper exercise, etc. the process of aging becomes faster.

Though aging has many effects like slower process, slow metabolism, memory loss etc. the skin is the first one to show the effects of aging. Since they are outside our body, they are exposed to more harmful elements. Skin is where you can see the first signs of aging.

Let us see some ways to slow down the aging process and extend the young look of our skin.

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Beauty Sleep

image-1Sleep is one of the most important factors to maintain your beauty. It is essential to get proper sleep to have a healthy body and mind. Everybody should have proper sleep of 8-9 hours daily, to maintain their beauty. If you lose your sleep, then you would show signs of aging faster and you will look older than you are.


image-2Exercising daily is important in delaying the aging process. If you do a workout for 30 minutes daily, it will boost your metabolism, and also it lets your skin breathe. When you exercise you get more oxygen, and the unwanted fats get reduced. All this will help your skin to breathe more and thereby giving you a healthy and youthful skin.

It is not necessary to go to gym and do work-outs. A simple walking is also enough. But you should do it consistently, and also do it for at least 30 minutes in a day. Regular exercise also helps to prevent other diseases in the body.

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Yoga and meditation

image-3Meditation helps to relax your mind and helps it to be free from stress. A stress free mind helps in maintaining a youthful skin. Also there are many yoga postures, which also help to relax your body. When your body and mind are relaxed, they help to maintain a healthy body and radiant skin. This helps in slowing down the aging process. Meditation can also help you to have a positive thinking towards life. This will help you to get over old memories, which are bad.


Gently exfoliate your skin to remove dirt, free the skin of the clogging in the pores, etc. You should exfoliate and also moisturize your skin regularly. This will help to maintain a healthy and youthful skin. For a dry skin you can exfoliate once in a week and for an oily skin, you can exfoliate twice a week. If you exfoliate too often then the skin will be deprived of the essential oils, and lose its elasticity.


image-5The ultra violet rays from the sun, affect your skin very badly. Exposure to direct sun light makes your skin to age prematurely. You can see wrinkles, spots, etc. on the skin. Best is to avoid going in the sun from 11A.M to 2 P.M. When you are forced to go out at that time, then you should use a good sunscreen for protection against the sun. You can also use hats or umbrellas. But it is better to use some good sun screen lotion, and this lotion should have a good SPF factor. If you apply sun screen regularly, then you can prevent spots, wrinkles, etc. on your skin.

You can also use a good sun glass to protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes.

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Sleeping with face down

image-6When you sleep with your face down, then it will cause sleep lines in your face, which will turn into wrinkles in future. So, if you have a habit of sleeping with your face down, then it is high time that you should change it.

Prevent smoking and drinking

image-7Smoking and drinking will only help to increase the aging effects on skin. If you smoke or drink regularly, then it will affect your health which in turn will reflect in your skin. This would cause wrinkles in the skin, and also gives some black spots on the skin.

Natural products

image-8You can use natural products on your face, which help in maintaining the youthfulness of the skin. Honey, lemon, olive oil, avocado, etc. will help in removing the aging signs from your skin. You can apply them on your face; hands, legs, etc. for some time, and then remove after a minimum time of 20 minutes. All these will help in moisturising and will also provide the required nourishment to the skin. This will help in reducing the signs of aging from the skin.

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image-9Including whole nuts in your diet will help to reduce the aging signs from the skin. Nuts have large amount of good fat. This fat is required to maintain the suppleness and elasticity of the skin.


image-10Using a good moisturiser after washing your face will help in maintaining the suppleness of the face. While choosing a moisturiser you don’t have to choose something which is expensive, but be sure that it is of a good brand.

Face cleanser

Do not use soap on your face. Soap dries up your skin, and will allow wrinkles to form early in your skin. Use a face cleanser instead, as it will ensure that your face remains moisturised throughout. You can use it in the morning and also in the night to clean your skin from the dirt, and the extra oil that is secreted in your face.

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Drink lots of water

image-12Drink lots of water to keep your skin healthy. Doctors advise us to drink minimum of 8 glasses per day. But it is good to drink 12 glasses of water per day. Water helps to clean our inner system from the wastes and toxins. Thus it makes our skin healthy and gives it a radiant glow.

Drink milk

image-13Dink at least one glass of milk every day. Milk helps to hydrate the skin and prevents it from drying. Thus it slows down the aging process. Milk contains amino acids, vitamin A and other vitamins that help to keep your skin healthy.

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Balanced diet

image-14Eating a balanced diet helps to slow down the aging process. All the fast-foods and other instant food do harm to the skin. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables helps to keep your skin healthy. It helps in removing all toxins from the body, and gives a healthy glow to the skin. Include whole grains in your diet.


Vitamins slow down the aging process. So, take vitamin supplements, but only after consultation with your doctor. It helps to reduce the wrinkles. Fresh fruits contain lots of vitamins, it is better to get your vitamins directly from your food, rather than taking a supplement. Sun light is a good source of vitamin D, and is essential to have a youthful skin.

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Position while working

image-16Most of the jobs require us to work in front of a computer. While sitting in front of a computer, make sure that your shoulders are straight. Keep the computer at such a height that you need not look down. If you are constantly looking down your computer screen, then it will cause creases on the skin, which will develop into wrinkles. Also the skin around the eyes will be stressed, which will result in puffiness or dark circles around the eyes.

Green tea

image-17Green tea is good for your health in general. It removes toxic waste from the body, and gives you a healthy skin. It also helps in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Green tea helps in maintaining clear skin. It is rich in anti-oxidants, which are important in reducing the aging signs on the skin.

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Stop taking Stress

image-18When you worry and take stress about many things, then it causes furrows in the skin. When you frown or make faces, the furrow lines are seen. These lines develop into wrinkles later. So, it is better to be relaxed. Wrinkles make your skin look older than your real age. Also stop making faces frequently.

These are some factors that help in maintaining your skin and prevent the signs of aging. By following all these steps, you can remove the signs of aging from your skin and keep it beautiful, glowing and youthful.

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