How Some Women Can Go 9 Months Not Realizing They’re Pregnant?

How Some Women Can Go 9 Months Not Realizing They’re Pregnant?

1463117510254 Most women would agree that more than the pregnancy itself, the realization of being pregnant is more beautiful! Do you remember when you got to know you are pregnant? Was it when you first missed periods? Or was it when you had morning sickness? Or was it when you had the urge to push and realized something is coming out of you??

Believe it or not, as odd as it may sound, approximately 1 in every 7,000 pregnancies is unknown to the mother until the moment she delivers her baby.

There is now also a reality show based on this odd fact where they show ladies not realizing that she is pregnant during the entire 9 months.

As we all know women go through a lot of changes in her physical, emotional and hormonal state while pregnant and hence it’s very strange to even imagine how a woman can not know that she is pregnant!
Denied pregnancies or pregnancies in which the women consciously or subconsciously deny or don’t know they’re pregnant, are more common than previously thought. Here are few reasons why this might happen


A False Negative Pregnancy Test

child_in_wombOne of the first things a woman does when she suspects of being pregnant is, do a home pregnancy test. These tests measure the hCG in urine and decide on the basis of levels, if a women is pregnant or not. High levels indicate a lady is expecting.

Although these kits claim to be 99 percent accurate, sometimes they are not. You may have done it incorrectly or your level of hCG were not high enough on the day of the test to be positive. It is best to wait at least a week after your missed pregnancy for more accurate results.

If you notice other changes in your body but the test still reads negative, do visit a doctor for additional blood tests just to be sure.

Not Putting on enough weight

Putting on weight and a large belly usually indicate that a woman is expecting. But not every woman puts on weight that significantly. Sometimes, the expecting mothers are already overweight and hence any development around the belly area is not noticeable.

Excess body fat, especially around the stomach area, can help hide the presence of a baby — even from the mother. Ladies who missed knowing they were pregnant recall how they used to blame stress or eating habits for their unusual weight gain.


Few Side Effects

14_interesting_facts_you_didnt_know_about_pregnancyWomen who did not they were pregnant do not recall facing any side effects like vomiting, nausea or fatigue during their pregnancy.

The raging and changing hormones usually would bring out these conditions in an expecting mother but not always. Tender breast, headaches, food cravings, back pain, swollen feet are few other such conditions. Also, an expecting mother might confuse these with other problems, like indigestion, high blood pressure, stress etc.

Irregular Menstrual


This is probably the most fool proof way to know you are expecting. The inner line of the uterus stops shedding as it is not preparing for a little one inside it. Missed periods will usually make a woman reach for the home pregnancy kit.

Again, this is not something which will always happen. Many women go through the pregnancy with their periods for 9 months.

Although, it is not considered to be safe, ladies have given birth to healthy babies even after menstruating for their entire pregnancy. Sometimes, ladies do not have normal period cycle and hence think they have missed the periods not because they are pregnant but because of some medicine, stress, hormonal change etc. for them, missing a period or randomly experiencing spotting could be the norm.

Because of this, pregnant women who believe they’re menstruating may still take oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.


Stress-During-PregnancyStress can negatively affect a woman’s attitude toward pregnancy. Too much pressure and stress can push even the healthiest of women to deny the reality of her pregnancy.

Ladies who had no idea they were pregnant, say that during their pregnancy they were so stressed that they overlooked all the symptoms that could have hinted they are expecting. Stress keeps them partly distracted till labor. Sometimes, a woman misses her periods, blames it on her stress levels and lifestyle.

Being Told you or your partner is infertile

if you or your partner has been told that you have fertility issues and can not conceive normally, there are chances that the lady is expecting and is not aware about it.

Simply because she is not expecting to be. Also, sometimes men’s surgical vasectomies may not be successful and can result in the pregnancy but as both partners are not either suspecting or expecting it, it is easier to not be aware about it.


Assuming their partners can no longer produce live sperm during intercourse; women may not use other contraceptive methods, which could lead to an unplanned pregnancy. Also, thinking that you have menopause and not using contraceptives can result in pregnancy that you are not aware of.

Fertility Fact

New moms can still get pregnant, even if they’ve just given birth or are still breastfeeding another child. So again, never overlook any pregnancy symptom just because you just had a baby or breastfeeding.


Mental Health Issue

Some and not all – women who fail to notice their pregnancy until they are in labor sometimes have mental health issues. Denied pregnancy sometime (maybe) is because of underlying and undetected mental health problems which get in the way of realizing they are pregnant.

The mental health issues like, schizophrenia, depression and a range of personality disorders can result in a woman ignoring her pregnancy symptoms completely.

Role of the Baby

Twin-Babies-Sleeping-PictureAnother positive way to know your carrying is when the baby flutters and kicks. It is hard to imagine how can you miss something that big moving inside you? Sometimes, the baby is in such a position that any movement is noticeable only on ultrasound and not otherwise.

The baby may rest in a breaching position with its feet fixed toward the bottom of the womb.  Or, the flutters of the baby are misunderstood as indigestion, gas or upset stomach.


Failure of Contraceptives

Taking a contraceptive? Do not be too shocked if you get to know you are expecting! These birth control pills or condoms are not 100 percent effective in controlling pregnancy.

Sometimes, ladies overlook even the most obvious sign on pregnancies thinking they can not possibly be carrying as they use one of the contraceptive methods. Missing a pill or using an expired condom or a condom that breaks during usage may increase the chances of pregnancy.

Confusing Pregnancy symptoms with a health issue

PregnancyAlways go and see a local doctor if you are facing issues that may mirror symptoms of pregnancy. Do not think it is something else and will go away on its own.

Most women think the pregnancy symptoms are another health issue as they are not expecting to be pregnant cause of any of the reasons mentioned above. Women with a history of ovarian complications such as tumors or cysts may attribute discomfort or pain to their previous condition. Past health problems or not, a visit to the doctor can put your suspicions to rest or lead you to the treatment you need.