Which Type Of Milk Should You Consume During Pregnancy?

Which Type Of Milk Should You Consume During Pregnancy?

soya-milk-during-pregnancy Motherhood undefined is the period when a woman holds her child in the womb for nine months with the growing stage till the delivery every new change in her life is all attached to her child to be born, with happiness and excitement also comes responsibility to raise the child or rather take care of the proper growth of the child in the womb is a must priority for the mother.

Changing the food habit during that period becomes a routine and regular regime but research says that to be fit and healthy a new mom should always follow the proper diet and consult her doctor of the food intakes as that directly reaches the child who is growing slowly inside her.

One of the most essential food product during pregnancy is milk as it has different vital needs to be fulfilled in your pregnancy days, but most important is to choose which milk you can consume which would not only give you benefit but would make you healthy too.


Essentiality of milk during pregnancy

While you are enjoying your cup of milk during those nine months you should know exactly why you are drinking it on the first hand as it would not only help you to have a proper portion on daily basis but also adding it to the daily diet would bring in loads of minerals to you and the growing child in you.

The vitamin D present in milk helps in reducing the risk factor of having osteoporosis in the un born child in his adulthood. Also it provides minerals which help in lowering the acidic formation in the body leading to un easiness. Gastric problems can be dealt in a better way with a glass of cold milk.


The different types of milk which you can intake during those nine months

Starting from the brand milk the essential point is to have the correct milk which would help in the in better growth of the child and enhance the mother’s health which directly would influence the child’s health too,

1. Whole milk or full cream milk


Generally people tend to drink more of double toned milk to avoid the fat present in the milk controlling the weight issues. But the pregnant mothers are advised to have full cream or rather the whole milk, but it can be their choice fully to take this milk as it contains more fat than in the normal milk and if you have a weight issue then you can go for normal milk or the double toned milk, but having the fatty acids in it the whole milk makes it much more useful to the pregnant women

2. Double toned or skimmed milk

Gaining weight during pregnancy is quite natural as the food habits change and also the growing baby inside with the bone weight makes it heavy for the moms, so women prefer having light and it is also advisable by the health officers to eat and drink light or else there are chances of gastric and stress. Double toned milk or the skimmed milk is the best choice as it helps in growth of the child too. The skimmed cows milk is the best as during the skimming process the fat cells are saturated and this gives the milk a high in vitamins like the A,B, C and D which are all very important during pregnancy as it helps the child to have a proper growth and bone structure.


A cup of skimmed milk added to the daily diet enhances the new mom with approximately three hundred and five milligrams of calcium which is a high intake for the structuring of strong bones in of the growing baby and also protects the baby from calcium deficiency diseases in their growing period after birth. Research study shows that two to three cups of toned milk daily can keep you fit and healthy with the proper calcium balance in your body which would also protect you from bone issues as during pregnancy one tends to become weak and the most affected are the bones.

3. Pasteurized milk is vital for pregnant moms

Both skimmed milk and full cream or whole milk are both pasteurized milk and have the less danger for intake of the mothers as the food minerals or germs both directly get to the child’s body through the blood vessels of the mother attached to the child. In comparison to raw milk pasteurized milk is safe as,


  • When milk is heated to bring to a boil the bacteria present in the raw milk is decreases and it cannot grow further and in a way it is the procedure to control the further growth of the bacteria which makes the milk safe to drink and best for the pregnant mothers

The different types of milk available in the market and their essential comparison for your best choice

Now a day’s you may find different production of milk starting from the cow milk, the most authentic and old age milk form, then goat milk, soya milk, rice milk, oat milk, almond milk all are have their own high value minerals and vitamins which help a pregnant woman to get the energy and good strong calcium intake. Few of them are vegan milk which can be consumed who prefers to go vegetarian during their pregnancy period.

1. The essentials of cow milk

milk-day-625_625x350_71433091943This is the most highly demanded and common milk which is available in the market and are advised by the doctors for the pregnant mothers, be it in form of whole milk or skimmed milk both ways it give many nutritional value to the new moms and their child.

Nutritional values

the cow milk contains amino acids which helps in the growth of the child and strengthens the mothers immunity, the vitamin D helps in which is very vital as it fights the diabetic cells in the mothers body and also prevents is making the baby get the diabetic genes, the vitamin E present in the cow’s milk helps in  keeping the bad diseases away from the mother’s body and indirectly helping the baby top grow in a healthy way and finally the vitamin A helps in having a good eye vision and the child is born with a strong eye sight. The calcium intake trough the cow’s milk is round two hundred and eighty five milligrams making the baby’s and the mother’s bone strong.


2. Essentials of goat milk


One would disagree to the fact that goat milk tastes yummy but the nutritional value is very high and helps the growth of the baby and the metabolism of the pregnant mother high. You can also go for the organic goat milk which is available through the UHT fresh milk production.

Nutritional values

the MTCS present in the goat milk helps in high metabolism rate and lowering the danger of cholesterol in the mother and the child which is a very essential factor for the pregnant woman as she needs the be strong. The nigh present of vitamin B helps in making a strong immune system which fights against the bad germs and diseases which attack the body during those nine months. One can even continue to drink goat milk after delivery as the lactating mother would pass on the good gens to the baby till a mature age.


3. The essentials of soya milk

This is the new age vegan milk which is made by grinding and soaking of soya chunks and then extracting the milk out. It is high in minerals like the cow milk and can be available in different flavors and even in toned and pasteurized form.

Nutritional values

generally this milk is available in a cholesterol free supply which makes its demand so high and specially by the pregnant women and even lactating mothers. There is a high rate of calcium content which helps in the development of the baby and makes the expecting mother have a good digestion rate.


Both the poly saturated and mono saturated fat content is a best way to fight back the cardiovascular disease which may affect the child or the mother during those days. It also has a high intake of various antioxidants present which i9s a good nutrient for fighting cancerous cells and daily three hundred milligram of soya milk balances the calcium intake in the body.

4. The essential of rice milk and oat milk

goatmilkinjarsBoth these types of milk are vegan form and has high nutritional value. The rice milk is made of grounded rice and water and whereas the oat milk is made out of out flour or seeds. But pregnant women who are diabetic prone should avoid the rice milk as it has high carbohydrate intake and rise the sugar level.

Nutritional values

the vitamin B content in the rice milk makes it a as a fighting agent in form of manganese and selenium which can erase different diseases in the body making the mother’s immunity strong and the growth of the baby smooth, although it is low in protein it helps in the intake of twenty milligrams of calcium if taken daily.


On the other hand the oat milk contains high fiber which helps in keeping the bile’s clear and high metabolism rate in the pregnant women. It controls the sugar level in the blood and even the fat level and transfers the oxygen clean to the cells. Vitamin A and B is present in the oat milk which are both quite essential for the growth of the baby producing potassium, manganese and calcium for growth. It can provide up to one hundred and twenty milligrams of calcium to your body which is a boon in those days.

5. The essentials of almond milk

Any form of nuts is very good for a healthy body and mind and when the milk you consume during your labor days is made out of powdered almond and water nothing would more wonderful than that. Almond milk is always known to be the best alternative milk for mothers who are allergic to soya or other form of milk with all the necessary nutritional value added to it.


Nutritional values

it is known to be the best vegan milk now present in the market as it is fully free of both saturated and unsaturated fat with less quantity of cholesterol nutrient present. It is also high in different acid and vitamins like the folic acid, high rate of fiber content, protein, calcium, iron and vitamin E and B. it lowers the calorie intake and helps the pregnant mom’s to check on their weight issue. An unfortified portion of almond milk would provide a calcium intake of seven and half milligram a cup.

Whatever milk you choose never exceed the quantity in your daily diet s that may cause indigestion and bad stomach leading to gastric forms making the baby uneasy and the mother too. Every day you may take maximum of three glasses of milk for the balance of calcium in the body. Do remember that you should not go for any form of raw milk which is not pasteurized as that would be totally harmful for you and the baby too.