10 Reasons Why Banana Is Good For You During Pregnancy What’s the...

10 Reasons Why Banana Is Good For You During Pregnancy What’s the answer?

ps Pregnancy is a very exciting phase in every woman’s life. There are a lot of mixed feelings and excitement, which can often make you too cautious about what you do and what you eat. People start reading different articles and journals, which might have contradicting views on a particular subject.

Particularly, on consumption of a particular food/fruit, there are several theories and prospects proposed by different magazines, which can be extremely confusing for a pregnant woman.

One such controversial fruit is ‘banana’. There have been several theories floated around about the banana that it should not be consumed during pregnancy, as it could extend the time required for the baby’s cord to fall and various other theories. Many women for safety or in a confused state tend to avoid banana, as they do not want to take any chances with their upcoming sweetheart.


What’s the answer?

Is banana consumable during pregnancy, is the most common question moving around with the pregnant women. The answer is ‘yes’. Pregnant women can close their eyes and consume banana during pregnancy, as the fruit is not only harmless, but also has superb health benefits for the mother as well as the baby.

Why consume banana?

BananaGingerSmoothie1All fruits have excellent properties, which keep our body going in a positive direction. Pregnancy is a crucial phase, where diet plays an important role. Banana is a fruit with many important benefits and has to be included in the diet plan, during pregnancy. It directly or indirectly contributes in so many functions of the body that giving it a miss can be extremely costly. Some of the key benefits has been listed below-

Important source for folic acid

Folic acid is an important component, which plays a key role in development of brain, nerves and spinal cords for your unborn baby. The baby (in the womb) from the mother’s body can easily absorb folic acid. Deficiency of folic acid could cause disability in children or early/premature births.


Anaemia, Stop!

People develop deficiency of red blood cells or commonly referred to as haemoglobin during pregnancy. This can lead to complications during labour. Deficiency in haemoglobin, is considered as one of the most common reason for pregnancy complications, during the later stages.

Banana is a good source of iron as well as Vitamin B6, which helps in production of red blood cells/haemoglobin, minimizing the chances of anaemia. You can overcome the common symptoms of people going pale and feeling exceptionally tired or weary by consuming banana.

Spinach and various other green leafy vegetables are also known for their iron content and should be consumed during pregnancy to prevent anaemia.

Constipation! Doesn’t worry me any more

14_interesting_facts_you_didnt_know_about_pregnancyConstipation can be quite a bothering issue for pregnant woman. Consumption of banana has a significant impact on controlling constipation. It helps in regulating bowel movements, removing obstacles for smoother flow of stools outside the body and improving the overall process of digestion.

Pregnant women suffering from constipation can increase the amount of bananas they consume. Two or three bananas can be added in to their diet in different forms, to ensure quick relief from constipation.


Calcium Source

Calcium is an important element that is required for strengthening of bones. Women develop deficiency of calcium as numbers keep adding to their age. Deficiency in calcium could lead to several problems particularly for pregnant women. The skeleton structure of babies also requires calcium for proficient growth and development. Calcium is important for the body and banana is an important source for the same.

Fights aging and boost immunity

Banana is an important source for antioxidants in the body. These antioxidants help in fighting aging signs. Additionally, it consists of Vitamin C, which is known to boost immunity. Immunity is an important factor that protects mother as well as the baby, from some common symptoms or diseases. Hence, it is extremely beneficial for pregnant women.

Rich in protein

bananas-sliced (Small)Banana is rich in protein and it is always advised to have banana before breakfast, particularly when performing therapies or exercises during pregnancies. Empty stomach exercises or therapies could prove ineffective and a banana could help in enriching muscles with its protein content.

Accompanying banana with pulses contributes positively towards growth and development of mother as well as the baby.

Feeling weak ? You won’t, with banana in your tummy

Pregnant women may come across weakness in the early mornings, just after sleep. This experience can be constant in the first three months of pregnancy. You might feel ill, unwell or down particularly in the morning, after you wake up. This is ‘Nausea’ in medical terms. This feeling can be dealt by consuming a banana, as it is an instant source of energy and helps in getting rid of the ‘Nausea’ symptoms in a jiffy.

Blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol management

Here’s-Why-You-Should-Eat-Bananas-With-Peel-1You can hire banana as your new manager for blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol. Particularly, if you are diabetic and expecting a child, there can be a lot of fluctuation or variance in the three above listed parameters. Hence, a stabilizer like banana, which can control your blood pressure and maintain the required sugar & cholesterol level is quite essential in the pregnancy phase.

Get rid of painful cramps and leg pain

Cramps and leg pain are some common yet very painful experiences pregnant women have to overcome during pregnancy. Bananas contain potassium, which helps in minimizing painful cramps quite immediately.

Bananas also contain sucrose, glucose and similar energy components, which can act as a booster for pregnant women. Expecting mothers can be down on energy several times a day. Consuming one or two bananas everyday can help overcome regular weakness or dizziness.


Stress buster characteristics

Banana is a stress buster. The phase of pregnancy is exciting and pregnant women may take a lot of stress in the need for extra care and caution. This can cause a negative impact on the baby. Consuming fruits like banana can lower your stress considerably and can keep you happy naturally.

Is banana really worth eating then?

INCREDIBLE! Drink banana And Cinnamon 1 Hour When it is bedtime And Find out what’s Going to Happen!You would have got answer for the above question by going through the above benefits of the very beneficial fruit banana. The myth, which was circulated about the baby’s cord, has been proved false by various characteristics endorsed by the miraculous fruit banana.

To improve results, one can consider organically cultivated bananas, available in various super markets, as they are free from chemicals and pesticides.


Banana Recipes For Pregnancy

Not everybody loves bananas and many people just hate bananas and cannot consume them, no matter how many benefits you list. But, did you know, you can enjoy bananas in different ways by collaborating them with some things you love? Find the best ways to eat bananas, even if you do not like them-

Milk, honey and banana

Banana-HoneyMilk and honey is a combination, which most people love. Add banana to it and it will be even better. Put honey on banana and eat along with milk or just make a banana shake and add honey to it, for creating a delightful flavour. If you love milk and honey, then you will surely love the addition of banana, as you won’t realize banana is even being added to it or not.

Sandwich the banana

The sandwich usually consists of bread and various things wrapped inside it. One can add banana inside the sandwich, with other ingredients of her choice and make it quite tasty and delicious. Honey can be a companion for such sandwiches and other ingredients are subjective to different people’s taste and liking.

Banana fries and chips

Yes, it is advised to stay away from oily food but, people can try some banana fries and chips, which will be certainly be better and healthier than a chips packet from the retail outlet near you. Make it a point to soak and wipe the fries and chips from a tissue, before consumption, to remove excess oil on it.

Banana curries

Blueberry-Banana-Nut-Oatmeal-02_miniIf you love eating breads and curries. You can just catch upon a recipe for a banana curry, which is quite delicious and healthy at the same time. Curries have many things mixed in it and if you do not like to eat banana alone, curries can help you eat or even relish them in a disguised form. Banana curries are gaining popularity, considering easy preparation and health benefits. So, are you trying the banana curry for dinner tonight?

After realizing so many benefits and modes to consume the bananas, it is really difficult to resist them. Irrespective of whether you are pregnant or not, don’t stop consuming bananas, unless it is advised otherwise by your doctor.