This Rescued Stray Dog Becomes A Hero By Saving 9 Children’s Lives...

This Rescued Stray Dog Becomes A Hero By Saving 9 Children’s Lives From A Deadly Fire

Dogs, they are cute, adorable, funny, and sometimes, they are seriously good at being a hero. We have heard and seen many incidents where dogs have been the real hero when human failed to be one at many circumstances. Here, meet the super hero dog, Capone, who saved a family of ten from a dreadful fire accident.

Angela Fullmer, a mother of nine in Des Moines, Iowa, woke up at 1:30 A.M on March 15 by her family’s dog Capone who kept barking. Fullmer was worried that Capone’s sound could wake her three months old child Atreyu and told him to be quiet and called him to come to her. Capone obeys Fullmer since they brought home him who was found as a stray dog on a busy highway a year and a half ago.

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Fullmer and her husband, Issac who is a truck driver rescued and welcomed him home as another family member. Issac was out of town and Fullmer knew there was something going wrong when Capone kept barking even after she called him to her. Capone just looked at her and ran in to the kitchen so that Fullmer gets in there. She followed him to the kitchen to find out what was bothering him at that time. She saw the microwave plug had caught on fire. She had used it to heat up a snack before going to bed.

She didn’t use water to set off the fire even it looked small at first, rather she wanted her children to be safe. She grabbed Atreyu and Mondecai, who is a toddler, and later called out for the oldest, Landon to gather everyone else. In minutes Fullmer and her family made it as the flames began to reach the ceiling. Finally, she has set the smoke alarm off and dialed 911 once they came out of the house. They did a roll call to make sure everyone of her children are there and ensured they all were safe and sound.

Capone walked right out of the house all of his own at the last when everyone else were safe outside already. He knew his family was in danger and ensured their safety first and save himself the next. The home was completely destroyed and were nothing left for them but they had themselves and this furry friend who rescued them from the danger.

Fullmer got donation of clothes from neighbors and they are staying in a hotel. On May 24th the Fullmer family will move into their new home. Fullmer said the reporter, “He’s pretty special, I’m glad we found him on the highway. I believe it was supposed to happen.” As a Honor, the family has entered Capone into the American Humane Hero Dog Awards. But Capone has already won the biggest prize of all, the unconditional love of nine rugrats. Fullmer said, “He loves his family” and, of course, they love him right back.

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Here are few other hero dogs who made along with Capone to American Humane Hero Dog Award which announces $5,000 as the prize of charity.


Josh was born with a cleft palate and left in shelter, laid hungry and cold with his umbilical cord still attached. His owner adopted him from the shelter and treated for next 48 hours with care. He started a Facebook page exclusively for Josh which brought in $100,000 of charity fund for rescuing animals.


A retired guide dog who worked with his partner for eight years. He has given confidence, motivation, and developed a bond with his owner. Swifty has was more than a guide dog with his owner not only achieving his duty but has also seved him from loneliness and depression. He is doing fine with a new guide dog, Bug and they are really close now.


Meet JJ the golden retriever who is a therapist dog. She is porn to sassiness and bacon is her favorite. She serves as a primary therapy dog for our inpatient hospice facility. The owner balances with heart wrenching stories which are more lighthearted moments to educate and support not only families in hospice, but the public.

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All the best for the WINNER! You have already won hearts and you deserve a lot more than this for your unconditional love!