A Bus Station In Brazil Has Given A Warm & Cozy Home...

A Bus Station In Brazil Has Given A Warm & Cozy Home For These Cute Puppies!

People adore puppies and dogs for no reasons but just because they are Dogs who gives us back love for free of cost! There are people who abandon them for reasons. They may not be able to treat them further if they are affected by any disease, can’t hold up to their expenses, or just leave them sourly and try to get rid of those cutie and sweetie pies.

Since winter nearing in southern hemisphere and said to hit hard this time, it is going to be a tough for both human and animal survival. Their lives are under threat because they will not be able to survive this winter due to very less humidity and they can’t stay warm under very less temperature.

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A very critical situation for the abandoned dogs and lesser a chance for them to get through this year’s climate. While people are least bothered about the abandoned dogs and fail to provide shelter and food, a bus station in Brazil has given them a home and taking care of these pups!

[Image Credit: Fabiane Rosa on Facebook]
From the city of Curitiba, the employees at Barreirinha bus terminal have opened their doors to the three homeless puppies. They have ensured to keep them safe and warm. The three pups are named by the employees as Max, Pitoco and Zoinho. They also got brand new comfortable beds and well-to-do blankets exclusively for each of them!
[Image Credit: Fabiane Rosa on Facebook]

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The city councilor and a social worker Fabiane Rose has seen these pups living at the bus station as their own, and met the employees for greeting them. She has praised their selfless act through social media and uploaded these three puppies’ pictures on her Facebook page by thanking those employees too. Since then, the pups and this news have gone viral on internet!

[Image Credit: Fabiane Rosa on Facebook]
In her Facebook post, she has stated (translated from Portuguese), “Congratulations to the terminal staff, everyone understands that these angels are there and have a right to be. So many companies in Curitiba could follow this example, offering space for the abandoned pups and dogs, adopting a pet. Of course, it is not the ideal, but at least there are those who are looking after them.”

Also, she added, “These community dogs have much more dignified life in that some are victims of abuse and neglect, and few more are still hidden behind the walls.” She has also stated about the reason of dogs being on earth, “God created animals to teach us to love without conditions.”

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So true! We must agree with Rosa’s statement that she has given over this incredible and loving act of those employees for those homeless puppies. They have opened their doors and heart to prove nothing is taken from you to do things that makes and themselves happy!  

Here Are Five Ways To Make Your Adopted Dog Happy!

1.Give Them Some Space!

Your dog will always be happy to welcome you home and restless plays with you. But it needs to take a break from all the actions. Create a comfortable place of his choice or by yours. It can be a crate or a separate whole room.

2.Structure Them!

Let him explore his new house. Let him find where he fits in and what makes him comfortable. Since dogs too have routine, train them with proper care in order to behave properly and stay fit. You should not be dragging them out, your dog must do by itself every time later.

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Dogs love playing, only playing! Get them some puzzle solver boards that replicate any of his favorite food or toy. Let them play and they will stay enthusiastic all day long and never be bored even if they are left alone at home.

4.Outing To Meet Other Dogs or People!

Take her out to meet and mingle with other dogs or people. They feel they live their world and of course know that they are loved by others too. Take your dog to some dog-friendly cafes or malls apart from the park if he is not willing to meet his fellow dogs.

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5.Bond With Love While Grooming!

Let him get comfortable with the brushing of his hair or anything that makes him more relaxed. Rub his belly, offer treats when he nice and smart, show him love and give plenty of positive reinforcement and finally, walk slowly as together.