It is the fact that almost all the pet owners have to see this situation sometimes or the other when you feed the dog to the fullest, as it may seem to you and you sit down in your room with a cup of coffee and recalling some delightful memories when you hear scratching at the door….ooops…someone is hungry again!! You wonder is your dog’s belly an endless pit or can he eat unless his tummy explodes…But mind you, dogs are scavengers and this is in their blood. So, no matter what you do, until you give them an impression of being full they are never going to let you rest. Here are some tips that can make your dog feel full.

Measure your pet’s hunger:

Every dog has different needs of food as each of them is different to each other. Dogs within same breed may have similar food habits but the measure of requirement will still be different depending upon individual dog built. It is, therefore, important to understand the body composition of the dog to measure how much and which type of food is sufficient for it. It might not be that easy to calculate as each dog eat differently on different days, but what really matters is the score.


If the score of your dog’s weight falls between 4 – 6 pounds or somewhere around 2.5 on a 10 – pointer or a 5 – pointer scale respectively, then you may relax as he has a healthy weight. If you have concerns like your dog does not finish what is in his bowl or if he craves for more food after having enough then in either of the cases if your dog is maintain a good body condition then you need not to worry. There are pretty good chances that it does not require food it probably wants something more, may be your attention! However, if you notice any discrepancy in its physical condition, like if it has become more active then it would require more food. At this point of time, you should consult your vet to revise pet’s diet.

1 More fiber, longer hours of relaxation:

Fiber is the most amazing food for ‘hunger satisfaction’, but it remains the most overlooked food from the dog’s diet. There are two types of fiber –

Insoluble fiber

Soluble fiber

As the names themselves define the two kinds, insoluble fiber is the one that does not dissolve in water while the soluble fiber dissolves in water. Besides its health benefits that it can reduce the risk of intestinal cancer, prevents constipation and diarrhea, both at the same time, good for loosing calories, etc., it also can make your pet feel full for longer duration, not just pet but anybody, reason being that insoluble fat, as it does not dissolve in water, remains there in the digestive track for more time. Fiber can help in improving the gastro intestinal functions and maintain the body weight by not adding to the calories.


2 Veggies to make tummy full:

If you are not in the mood of cooking but your dog’s stomach is rumbling with hunger, off course you overlook that too pretty unlucky that your dog cannot be given pizza…otherwise you would have just ordered and the dog too could enjoy the cheesy treat…! What do you do then? Not much, just make some steps in the direction of your refrigerator, ohh no you silly…your dog is obviously not that hungry to eat refrigerator!!! Vegetables inside the refrigerator will serve him good. Veggies like green beans, carrots, cucumbers, celery and broccoli are good choices. You can give the dog boiled veggies; however, veggies are more nutritional when eaten raw. But if you decide to feed them raw, make sure they are washed properly otherwise it may pass some undesirable infections to the pet. Once you feed them with veggies, you can be assured that your pet and you are going to enjoy a good afternoon sleep.

3 Avoid food that serve as ‘short term filler’:

keep-dog-full-veggiesA bowl of kibble can make your pet feel he has satisfied his hunger, but the fact is that these foods only give a short term satisfaction because such foods have air popped into them using high heat at the time of their preparation. The feeling disappears in a very less span on burping or farting and again making them empty just as you turn around after feeding them. Also food containing higher content of water can give you dog momentary satisfaction that he has had enough, but these type of foods force dog to urinate more and hence empty again.

4 Come on let’s play first  – Divert its attention:

This option might sound a bit clumsy but the brighter side is that it can help the pet to withdraw its attention from food after being fed satisfactorily. Dogs have a tendency to eat if the food seems tasty even if they are not hungry, just like we like desserts after filling ourselves up to throat with the main course.


Since humans have the ability to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, but dogs do not know what over eating can do to their health. So it is our responsibility to keep check on their diet. If your dog is still asks for more, then you must try to engage it to more enjoyable activities so that it forgets that it was hungry sometime before.

5 Consequences of overeating unknowingly:

As is said that excess to everything is bad. Same is true in the case of eating, eating is one thing any living being cannot survive without, but eating too much food also can lead to serious health hazards. Dogs do not know when they are eating sufficiently and when are they overeating due to the fact mentioned above that dogs are born scavengers but pet owner needs to stop them as it can have serious effects on dog’s health. Consequences may be as mild as just throwing up to as serious as going fatal. Some negative effects of over eating can be:


  • When your dog eats more than its capacity, whether knowingly or unknowingly, its stomach is not able to digest the food completely resulting in puking and pooping.
  • When a dog overeats, it makes it restless and it is not able to lie down in a comfortable position.
  • Pain receptors in dog’s stomach are stretched due to which he becomes uncomfortable.
  • Overeating or even over drinking can cause dog’s stomach to bloat which can result in serious emergencies. As per a study, dog’s bloating kills thousands of dogs annually. Bloating can be far more dangerous than what it seems

Everyone enjoys over good food, not to mention that dogs have taste buds too, but providing to their needs every time might lead them to pay high in terms of their health and can push them towards obesity. If you are not sure how much diet is sufficient for your pet, you can always consult your pet. Therefore, it is very important to understand when to response to their hunger and when to ignore them to ensure that your lovely little friend lives a long and healthy life.