18 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Mother!

18 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Mother!

8 Every woman dreams of a family with a perfect husband and kids. There can be no greater happiness than becoming a mother but almost every first time mommies are skeptical and apprehensive about the changes in their life post delivery as having a baby can be one of the most challenging things in this world. Nevertheless, the experience of motherhood and watching your baby grow is a joy that has no boundaries. Given below are 18 things every mommy should know before becoming a mother! This article is not to scare you, but to prepare you so that you can be the best mommy ever!

Work on those arms

Mothers need a lot of arm strength as they will be holding the babies almost throughout the day. Though the baby may look tiny and weightless, it is definitely not very easy to carry 24*7. You can lift mild weights to work on those areas. This does not mean you have to join a gym to make your arms stronger as even lifting simple things like bottles filled with water can help you strengthen your muscles and that too from your home.


Keep your stamina intact

Remember to do some regular stretches and walking daily. It will help you to maintain your stamina. Do not go for hardcore exercises as your body will be very sensitive in this phase. Even if you want to resume your exercises it will be advisable to consult your doctor once. Maintaining your strength to carry on the daily activities is very important.  


Babies will have to be breastfed at regular intervals until 6 months of age and it can be quite a task. You would have just fed the baby, burped him and put him to bed, to get some sleep yourself and the next thing you know is that the baby is hungry again. It’s a good idea to sit in different locations and positions while breastfeeding and also keep some novels, tablets or magazines handy so that it does not become mundane.


Eat Healthy

It is very important to take care of your diet right now. You can only take care of your baby if you are healthy. Try to increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet too. Make your recipes interesting by going for soups and salads. This will help you maintain your pregnancy glow and your child will also end up following your healthy eating habits.

Don’t keep it too quiet while the baby is sleeping

Every parent wants their baby to have a sound sleep and it is a common notion that this is only possible when there is pin drop silence. But this is certainly not true as your baby is already used to these sounds from the time they were in your womb. So for all the first time mommies there is no need to go around hushing people to talk softly or to not make any sound. In fact, you should try to do your daily activities as usual, let the television run, or use the machine for the washing chores as well as indulge in all the usual activities. All you need to take care of is that the noise is not loud to wake the baby up.

Don’t stress but research

_5b17b37e-ef61-11e5-8497-551663313045Being a mother can be a hard task, especially if you are a first timer but at the same time this does not mean that you will freak out or get stressed. Instead try to utilize your pregnancy months by reading up articles and books on new mommies. This will help you learn from experts or doctors on what would be the best ways to take care of your little one.

Don’t go overboard with baby stuff

Parents are generally too excited while shopping for baby products and end up buying a lot of clothes that may not even be required. All you’ll need now are diapers, nappies, clothes, warmers, muffler, socks, mittens, baby blankets, bottles and a few cuddliest.

Your baby is going to grow everyday so it would be unnecessary to buy a dozen of clothes of the same size all at a time. This will be even more disheartening as you will have to watch all the new clothes being tossed in the trash unused as your baby will outgrow them even before you realize.


Let them be themselves

This is very important for all parents to let their kids be themselves. Don’t always try to nag them to behave properly. Kids do get naughty sometimes but this does not mean you will restrict them for everything. Sometimes become a kid with them and jointly have fun as this will make you a fun parent too.

Know when to stop

We know it is your first baby and you want to do everything for him or her but most parents do not know where to draw the line when it comes to pampering their babies. You should make sure that you teach your child the art of being grateful and not taking things for granted. Buy them toys in a limited manner. Do not teach them to be stubborn; instead make them earn those toys by doing something good or helping others.


Don’t lose your self confidence

It is a blessing for a woman to become a mother. So don’t struggle with your weight issues and crib over becoming fat.

You don’t want your baby to grow up seeing your grumpy face all the time. Yes, we agree those jeans are a bit tight for you now but consider it as a motivation to get back in shape. Rejoice your time with your baby and live in the moment.

Listen, smile and forget

All expecting mothers have to go through a lot of parental advice from their friends and family members on various issues. You will feel being treated as you have no knowledge and others being way too experienced. But no, it is just that they too want you to have a blissful experience of motherhood by sharing their personal experiences. So do not get irritated rather try to filter the advice which can really be helpful and work in your favor. And for those advice which do not make sense to you, just smile and ignore them and go ahead with your own mummy instincts!

Use a hand sanitizer

drinking-hand-sanitizerSanitation and cleanliness are the most important factors to be taken care for all the new mommies. You know your little one is very sensitive now and you want to avoid your baby from all the risks and diseases. One of the best ways to maintain hygiene would be to use a hand sanitizer. It would be handy to stock some of these in your home as you know now will be the time when all your friends and relatives will be coming over to see your baby. Though some people might get offended by this gesture, but it doesn’t matter as your baby is more important to you.

be shameless

Having a baby is an absolutely natural process and that is how every being comes into this world. So it is not like you have to be ashamed of it. While you go into the delivery room or you wait in the labor ward, there might a lot of other patients, nurses, male staff and doctors in the same room. So don’t worry or be ashamed if you have a lot of eyes staring at you when they have you all opened up to get your baby out. Believe me that would definitely be the last thing you want to worry about when you have a baby coming out of you any moment!


Lack of social life

When you see the people around you having fun and partying, then you will be missing your social life too after you have had a baby! Your romantic life may even go for a toss as both of you will be busy with your little one only. You should remember this feeling is completely normal and it has nothing to do with you being a bad parent. Just try to take some deep breaths and relax.

Post delivery depression

You know you will have to tend your baby a lot and almost your entire day will revolve around the baby. Your time will be spent either feeding, burping, changing diapers or in just trying to make your baby sleep. This might lead to a lot of sleepless nights and you getting up all cranky. Prolonged sleepless nights can even lead to depression. This will help you relax too without getting cranky and worked up.


Stay calm and happy

You can discuss it with your partner and try to decide the days of the week when both of you will take care of the baby at night alternately. This will help you both to rest and work even better the following day. You can also entertain yourself with quick power naps, good books, food, and movies at home. Just try to stay calm and happy!

Sacrifice sleep

You know the fact that all first time mommies have dark circles underneath their eyes is definitely true. It is very essential for every human being to sleep for at least 7-8 hours daily to be able to work energetically throughout the day. While on some days, you may manage to get a good 6-7 hours of sleep, there are days when the baby just doesn’t want to sleep. And during these times you can barely get 2-3 hours of sleep.


Treat yourself

Reward yourself with a small break every once in a while even if it’s just for 30 minutes while your baby is sleeping or busy with other family members. Just take a long shower or a small nap and relax. Add some aromatic essence in your bath water to rejuvenate and lighten your mood. Do some yoga or whatever suits you best to help relieve all the muscle tension.

It can be a lot of hard work for first time mommies to get adjusted to the new lifestyle with a baby to look after, but it is totally worth all the efforts. Rely on your mommy instincts as this will be beneficial for you. Even though you will fail sometimes but you’ll definitely get a hand of what’s best for your little one. In case your motherly instincts are not helping in that situation, go for the daddy’s instincts to back you up as it is not just you being a first time mother but also your partner being a first time daddy. Prepare yourself for all these things beforehand so that you can make the days after delivery, memorable without any worry.