10 Simple And Cute 1 Minute Nail Art Designs

10 Simple And Cute 1 Minute Nail Art Designs


Nail art is very popular today world over and nowadays all major cities have exclusive nail bars. Nail art has become one of the reigning beauty trends and is liked by teenagers and home makers both. There is no age limit to get the nail art done and people of all ages can try out these nail arts and make their nails look glamorous.
It will not always be advisable to go to nail bars or nail salons. Cost efficient nail art designs can be made at home. It not only shows the creative side of nail art designer, but can be done at fraction of cost of salons. Various kinds of nail art design can be created at home within minutes. Here is a list of nail art designs that can be classy, Glamorous and also helps in perking up any dull outfit or adds brightness to any dull day.

1.Animal print Nail art

This nail art is always a popular style which is followed everywhere. Animal print nail art can include stripes of leopard, tiger or zebra. This can be done using a white nail enamel color and black nail polish. A toothpick and paper are other essential items needed to create this print.

Apply a layer of white polish and allow it to dry completely before the next coat is applied. Blunt the pointed part of the toothpick. Put a few drops of black nail polish on the white paper taken. The tip of the toothpick has to be dipped in the color and various prints drawn on the nail. After this procedure is done apply a top coat with white or yellow enamel for the desired result.

2.Smiley Nail art

smiley-face-thumbnail-2Emoticons are found everywhere, so why should nail art be left behind. A wide range of emotions can be expressed through nail art. This smiley nail art to be done needs black nail color, yellow nail color ,a top coated clear nail polish and a tooth pick.

First apply two coatings of yellow nail enamel and allow it to dry completely. After this put some black nail polish in a plate and with the help of toothpick start drawing emotions which shows various moods like happiness, sorrow etc. To protect the nail enamel or color from cracking or chipping, do apply a top coat.

3.French Nail Art

stamping-french-manicure-for-short-nailsThis kind of nail art is basically followed using the French manicure. Here once the manicure is done the nails are painted artistically using a sparkling and shining white colored nail paint. The things needed to create a French nail art are clear or nude nail color for the base coat application, sparkling silver colored nail polish and cellophane tape. First a thin layer of the clear or nude colored nail polish has to be applied as the base coat and it has to be dried completely before going to the next step.

After the base coat is dried completely, cover the nails with cellophane tape leaving the tip. After some time start painting the tip of the nail with the shining or sparkling white nail enamel and allow it to dry out completely again. After an hour or so remove the cellophane tape and your French manicure is ready to rock the party scene.

4.Color Blend Nail Art

As the name goes this kind of nail art is created by blending two various colors to give a totally different color. Like how blue and black mixed gives out grey. If the creator has knowledge of mixing the colors she can create a world of vivid colors. This art can be created using two different colors of the user’s choice. White nail paint for the base coat, an erasing pen to correct things, a plate, cotton swab, good quality nail polish remover and a clear nail polish for the top coat application.

Start with applying a layer of white or clear nail polish as the base or initial coat and allow it to dry. Once this is done pour any two different nail colors, on the plate. Do not mix them immediately. Dip the tip of the eraser into the different nail colors one by one and gently apply it on the nails. Repeat this process until the entire nail area is covered with the two different nail colors. Once the two different colors dry out completely do make sure that a top coat is applied for better results.

5.Splash Nail Art

It is a quick way of coloring the nails. In this kind of nail art uneven designs are created using a plain white background. An old tooth brush, a white nail paint, top coat, four various bright nail colors, a plate, cotton swab and a good quality nail polish remover are things needed to create this nail art.

First cover the nails with the 2 coats of white nail paint. After allowing it to dry out completely, on the other side keep a few drops of various bright colored nail paints ready in a plate. Once this is done, gently dip the toothbrush in the color needed, and dab it on the nails. The same procedure has to be repeated for all the colors. If excess color is there, please make sure to clean it off with the cotton swab slowly.

6.Flower Shaped Nail Art

airbrush-nail-art-images-63In this kind of nail art a flower is drawn on the centre of the nail. This requires a lot of patience and also skill since the flower will be in round shape. Pink nail color, red nail enamel and toothpick are the things needed to create this kind of nail art. Initially a black colored nail paint has to be applied which depicts the background. Using a dainty nail brush, make sure to draw a flower shaped design. This makes for the petals of the flower.

Very slowly and cautiously, with the use of the toothpick fill the centre of the flowers with either the red paint or the pink paint. The flower nail art is ready to give a tough competition to the real flowers.

7.Sun Rays Shaped Nail Art

dsc01692A unique way of depicting the nail art is the sun rays shaped nail art. As the name goes, this nail art is based on the theme of the ever bright sun rays. Basic nail colors needed are the red and yellow ones, which depict the color of the sun. Also clear nail enamel is needed for polishing the nails as a protective top coat.

Apply two coatings of red nail polish and allow it to dry out completely. Now with the help of the yellow nail enamel make sure to draw a circle which is quarter in size at the right side corner of the nail. With the help of a toothpick or a nail brush, draw lines which show the sun rays. After all this is done do not forget to apply a clear colored nail enamel for that stylish getup.

8.Pearl or Dew Drops Nail Art

This is a beautiful kind of nail art which can be tried during the monsoons. As we all know dew drops are in the shape of tiny pearls, the nail art has got its name due to this. Dark colored green nail paint, light colored green nail paint, a clear nail polish for the first coat applications and a small sponge or cloth is needed to create this beautiful nail art.

Initially pour a few drips of both the green nail paints on a plate. Make sure that both the colors are not mixed. Take a sponge or an old cloth and start dipping the same into the nail colors and start applying it on the nails slowly. Make sure that the entire nail is covered with both colored green paints and it is sure to brighten up your dull day.

9.Cascading Nail Art

This kind of nail art is perfectly suited for pool side parties. It symbolizes the water element which makes the nails look attractive. Nail colors such as dark blue, white, pink and cleared color nail polish are needed. These depict the basic color of water.

Initially apply a thin coating of the white colored nail polish which acts as the base coat. After it is totally dried, start drawing vertical lines with the help of the pink nail enamel. The lines drawn must be three in number and continuous. Each line drawn must be shorter than the earlier one. After the whole nails are covered with the nail paint, make sure to apply a top coat for extra shine. Voila the wearer is ready to rock at the pool party.

10.Staircase Design Nail Art

maxresdefaultThis design can be created within a short period of time and with bare minimum items. Once the clear nail paint is applied as the base coat, allow it to dry completely. Later with the help of the nail brush start drawing vertical lines. These lines must be drawn in such a way that, the next line drawn should be shorter than the earlier one. Ensure that there are no gaps between the lines drawn. It can give a run for a real staircase.

Other kinds of nail art designs which can be tried are the border style nail art, gradient style nail art design, and polka dots nail art styles, etc. Females who have short nails too can try various other designs such as marble based nail art design, floral shaped nail art styles etc. So do not wait. Just try out these amazing nail art designs and make you look more gorgeous and beautiful.