Homemade Remedies To Get A Clean And Clear Skin Using Curd And...

Homemade Remedies To Get A Clean And Clear Skin Using Curd And Multani Mitti

aid700920-728px-Turn-Sunburn-Into-a-Tan-Step-10Each girl is possessive about her skin and her looks. To get a clear and fair skin is not a very difficult task, all it requires is a little bit of care, and good fooding habits along with a healthy lifestyle. But apart from these, there are various homemade techniques also with the help of which you can get clear and fair skin very quickly. Yes, you will be surprised to know, but your very own kitchen is the solution to your beauty look. Let’s go and see in details the usage of each.


the-lemon-detox-dietLemon is said to be the best natural bleaching agent and most effective natural remedy for skin lightening.  Scrubbing the skin with a lemon daily for 15 minutes can help you to get rid of tanning. Lemon helps to reduce the blemished skin, and dark spots lighten up your skin tone. It is the most simple yet most effective remedy to get fairer skin. Take and Cut a lemon into two pieces and Rub it over the darkened skin and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it with cool water. It must be used daily in summers to avoid tanning after going out on a bright sunny day. Ain’t it easy?


Our ancestors have used turmeric for long and still considered as one of the best home remedies for the fair skin. Turmeric powder or half is excessively mentioned in Ayurveda as an ingredient for the beautiful fair looking skin. Face packs made with the turmeric powder by mixing some other ingredients can help to make the skin fairer and improves the glow on your face. No doubts use of turmeric in beautifying the skin is also the crucial part that this yellow powder plays. You should be careful while using the turmeric as it can stain your clothes.

3.Rose water

Sandalwood-and-Rosewater-PasteRose water is the remarkably versatile and most marvelous ingredient that softens your skin and gives it a natural glow. Rosewater helps to balance pH balance of your skin. It is a natural antioxidant that contributes to strengthening your skin cells and regain skin tissues. It hydrates and moisturizes your skin and keeps it fresh. Moreover, it keeps avoiding aging signs on your skin.

Rose water works like beauty’s magic potion, and whether you have oily or dry skin, rose water can be added to your beauty treatment. Instead of purchasing rose water from the market, you can prepare it at your home. Because market available rose waters aren’t 100%, pure. It includes distilled water and the chemicals or by-product of rose oil production.

The best and easy way to use rose water is to apply it on your face at night; it will clear all impurities of the day. It is widely used as a face cleanser.

4.Coconut water

coconut-water-for-skinCoconut is the beautiful treasure of nature which is obtained from tender coconut. Coconut water is very beneficial in eliminating premature wrinkles and keep you younger looking. It helps in removing pimple and acne marks. You can use coconut water as a cleansing agent to get rid of impurities also.

You can also make an anti tan face mask by mixing coconut water in Multani Mitti (fuller’s earth). It aids in curing dark spots and tanned skin. Mix coconut water with cucumber juice and raw milk and apply it on your face. Keep this skin whitening pack for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it with cold water to get amazing results.



Tomatoes contain an enormous amount of lycopene which has amazing benefits on the skin and it aid the skin to take in more oxygen which slows down the process of aging and prevents the formation of wrinkles. They are helpful in whitening the skin complexion and reduce sun tan caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

You can simply massage tomato pulp which acts as a scrub. You can make it at home with no extra cost. Tomatoes are the most effective way of keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Many masks, scrubs, and packs are made by using tomato juice or tomato pulp.


Cucumber-Boston-PicklingPeel off the cucumber and squeeze it to get the juice. Apply cucumber juice on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse it with fresh water. Cucumber helps to whiten and brighten your skin if you use it regularly. It also removes freckles from the face. Cucumber is a boon for the sun burnt skin.

If you were under the sunlight for long and got tanned badly, use cucumber juice on the affected area.You can treat dark circle eyes with cucumber quickly. Just place cucumber on your eyes. Cucumber also contains ascorbic acid that helps in lessening the puffiness of eyes.

7.Multani Mitti

Pigmentation due to sun tan can be cured with Multani mitti pack. It helps only in getting rid of adverse sun rays effect and other harsh environmental factors. It gives back your lost skin complexion and helps to remove deep skin impurities to make your skin clear.



how-to-avoid-forming-water-in-curd-one-is-leveled-and-other-is-notCurd is also an excellent remedy in summers and is almost available in every kitchen. It cures sunburn, moisturizes your skin, minimizes the blemishes and is an effective anti-aging treatment.  If you want the inexpensive and straight forward remedy for fair skin then, you must use curd. It contains lactic acid which soothes your skin and is a nutritious ingredient for skin as well.


Fresh_Papaya_from_TaiwanPapaya is rich in Vitamin C and contains an enzyme called papain that helps you to regain the skin cells and makes a way for new ones to emerge. You can make a face pack by grinding a papaya. Always prefer to use green papaya for this purpose. Massage the pulp on your skin of 10 minutes and let it stay before washing it off with cold water for smooth and fair skin.

10.Gram flour

Gram flour is commonly known as besan in India. It exfoliates the skin without you having to scrub. Simply mix gram flour with water and apply the paste on your face. Rub gently and wash off with cold water for awesome results.



Potatoes are one remedy which is delicious to eat and can also be used for lightening and to even your skin tone.  It helps the process of getting fairer skin, exfoliate with a gentle scrub. The process Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin that causes patches and uneven tones.


honey-beauty-tipsHoney is fortified with the important nutrients, antioxidants, and some skin healing substances with antiseptic benefits and it also fights with the acne-causing germs. It is a natural ingredient which retains the moisture of the skin. This moisture retention capability gives a glow to the skin.

Dry skin which feels stretchy can be healed with using honey. For oily skin, honey plays a bacteria eliminating role, therefore, will keep the skin acne free and glowing.

13.Raw milk

Raw milk is the richest sources of moisturizing ingredients. The use of milk acts as a skin toner if you have oily skin. It adds, regenerates and repairs worn and torn facial tissues and makes the skin more elastic.



carrot-juice-recipesCarrot is rich in vitamin c which provides fair skin. It is also good for healthy eyes. You can make a paste of carrot with milk and honey and apply on your face for a glowing texture.

15.Turmeric-milk pack:

milk-and-turmeric-powderTo prepare this pack, take ½ tablespoon of Haldi powder and mix that with one teaspoon of milk. Mix it well and make a paste. Apply this paste on your entire face with the help of your finger and leave it for overnight. Next morning wash the face with fresh lukewarm water.

You can also use gram flour to remove quickly the yellow stain that turmeric leaves. It enhances the skin whitening and makes skin tone even. This pack is good for dry skin as well as oily skin and skin with pimples and acne.


16.Turmeric-gram flour pack

It is also called Ubtan in India traditionally applied on every bride and bridegroom’s body before marriage. It is easy to make and fetches good results with skin whitening. Take one spoon gram flour (besan) in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric powder in it. Make a paste by using some milk.

Spread this yellowish pack all over the face and leave it for 20 minutes. Then remove it with water by moistening your hands and rub your skin gently in circular motions. Later, rinse the face with fresh water. This pack will bring glow on your face and whiten up your skin. Moreover, it will also lighten dark and black spots from your face.


egg-maskYou can also use egg whites to get a glowing and tan free skin. Simply, beat an egg white and apply it on your face, leave for few minutes and wash it off with cold water. Do this at least twice a week to get white and fair skin.


A tiny amount of saffron mixed with olive oil is an excellent natural remedy to make your skin fair.

19.Almond oil

You can also use almond oil to get clear and fair skin. For this mask, you need to mix a spoon each of almond oil, lemon juice, and milk powder and make a smooth paste. Spread this on your face and let it sit for about 15 minutes before you wash it off with cold water.


20.Aloe Vera

aloe-vera_625x350_41443087656It contains vitamin E. Vitamin is known to provide immense moisture to the dry face. Dry and dull skin gets revived when this remedy is used daily. This will make the skin glow with suppleness. Take raw aloe vera in your hands and apply this on the cleansed face. It will make the skin not only fairer but also lighter in tone.

Who doesn’t want fair and clear skin and to get it naturally without any chemicals involved is a boon. So what are you waiting for now? You have the recopies right in front of you, go and try them out to get clear and fair toned skin instantly.