10 Effective methods to get relief from troublesome migraine

10 Effective methods to get relief from troublesome migraine


Migraine is a recurrent throbbing headache. It is considered as a psychophysiological disorder often found in one side of the head only. It is normally accompanied by nausea, vomiting and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. There is a stage called aura, where in there may be visual disturbances. It is also considered as a neurobiological disorder involving both neurological and vascular changes in the brain during an attack. The basic reason for this disorder seems to be the body-mind principle where psychological causes lead to physiological symptoms.

Causes for migraine headache

When you get a migraine attack it is really crippling. You feel a sharp and intense pain not only at temples but radiating throughout the head. It appears to be seen more in women than in men. Four primary triggers have been identified as being responsible for migraine headaches. They are stress, sensitive or allergic food, hormones and cellular energy.

Remedies for migraine headache

Now the question is how to overcome migraines. Because migraines are really painful and debilitating, strategies have to be worked out to cure or mange them. Ten effective methods have been identified to heal migraine headaches. Let us see each one of them in their respective order.  

Avoid certain foods that act as triggers to migraine headaches.

Individuals suffering from migraine normally eat less because the pain stops them from eating. Studies have shown that for the migraine sufferers, it is better to avoid food items such as gluten, dairy, eggs, yeast, corn, sugar, citrus, tea, coffee, chocolate, beef and alcohol. You could also conveniently avoid additives and preservatives.

Slip in to darkness and go to bed early

Light is painful when you have a headache, a hangover and particularly a migraine. Brightness can trigger an even greater head pain. Therefore, it is advisable to go to bed early so that you ensure a sound sleep and eliminate all possible type of sensory stimuli.

Don’t starve yourself

Most of the migraine sufferers avoid food as they believe that when they have headache they cannot eat. It may also be a fact that you want others to attend to you. Whatever may be the reason, it is better that you eat enough during the day. Eat a nutrient-dense breakfast. Deprivation of food and hypoglycemia can cause stress which lead to migraine headache. It is better that you have more and more high quality nutritional supplements

Drink grape juice eat nuts and have special supplements

Table_grapes_on_whiteGrapes are said to be great pain relievers. So, grape juice helps you whenever you get a migraine headache. If you have a very regular migraine headache you can go for nuts. They are capable of working as pain relievers and also prevent future attacks.  In a recent study, migraine sufferers who took a special supplement of 400 mg of riboflavin (vitamin B2) daily experienced significantly fewer migraines after 3 months. A clinical study has also shown that CoQ10, another supplement, proved effective in preventing migraines.

Reduce stress and follow breathing exercise and acupuncture

Epsom salts baths are fantastic for both stress relief and as a source of magnesium. Both are effective in reducing migraine headaches. Deep breathing and meditation are phenomenal for stress relief. Stress reduction is one of the most suitable activities to overcome migraine headaches. Acupuncture has been found to be very effective in reducing the migraine headaches without any side effects. It may be due to placebo effect, but still it provides real relief.

Try Ginger Root


It has been found that the ginger root affects the way the human body handles pain and inflammation. When we consume ginger root, it sparks the production of lipids with in the cells. Lipids work to calm the nerves that react when we feel pain. If you have reservations about chewing a raw ginger root, you could sip tea made of ginger root.

Increase the amount of turkey

It is well known that eating turkey makes you sleepy. This is because of the presence of tryptophan which is an important amino acid that stimulates dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical substance which makes us feel happy and great. Dopamine is a key component in releasing serotonin which relaxes the body, alleviates anxiety, worry and negativity.

Use regular massage and relaxation technique to keep the pain away

A massage is the best way to relieve the pain, although, a regular massage may appear to be a luxury. If you learn how to give yourself a calming and pain relieving massage, you are able to prevent the migraine headache from growing to worse. By stretching and massaging the neck and base of the scalp, you could stimulate the blood flow and relaxation thereby decreasing the pain in the head. As massage relieves neck pain, yoga and relaxation focus on mindfulness.

Is it possible to change the temperature

Normally there are two methods that work when there is injury and consequent pain – hot or cold therapy. It may appear to be odd to consider placing an ice pack or a heat pack on the head. However, in several cases it has been found that the pain disappears. You have to decide as to which works for you.

Get herbal and stay close to nature

We know that heading in to sun light when there is a migraine attack is painful. However, getting close to nature helps if you have a herbal garden nearby. Ginger, peppermint and cayenne are known natural pain relievers which help you to overcome the headache and nausea.

We have understood that migraine headache has to be prevented or at least managed because it is very painful. Whether it is for physical reasons or psychological reasons, it could be handled with proper diet and care. Certain foods and supplements have been recommended where as some have been found to have adverse effects. Deep breathing, relaxation techniques, yoga, acupuncture, massage, ice pack have been advised as pain relievers. Avoiding sun light during an attack has been advised.