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All of us want to have a flat and toned stomach and flaunt sexy abs. Diet and exercise are the main criteria to be followed to burn calories and lose weight. Belly fat should be taken seriously not just because it creates a displeasing figure, but because it also leads to various irreversible health problems, especially cardiovascular diseases. Hence one should concentrate on burning the belly fat in order to maintain good health. Listed below are the 10 most underrated exercises that you should actually start doing in order to regain back your fitness.


Anytime! Walking is the best solution for the overall body fitness.  Walking or running is a fantastic way to burn calories and build endurance. Though nowadays the walking is just restricted to pregnant woman and diabetic patients, they can actually bring great results in everyone. Taking a brisk walk of at least 5 rounds in a playground or even running can help to reduce the risk of the cardiovascular diseases. Even if you are a too athletic person in nature you can be benefited by walking. Just try to spend some walk time in your neighborhood and just see how well you will be able to make friends around.

Climbing the stairs

Climbing the stairs is actually one of the tough workouts. Though you will feel that initially climbing the stairs is not a herculean task, as it moves on you will get to know the pain in your thighs and abs. This activity actually activates the muscles in your legs and increases the stability in your thighs and knees. Also while you climb the stairs vigorously your heart rates tend to increase and the cardiovascular function is improved. Also doing lots of stairs will make your calves and butt look fantastic.


Rowing is yet another common task that can be done. You can also use a rowing machine which is actually a low-impact way to build upper body strength and burn lots of calories. Rowing is an aerobic exercise which improves your cardiovascular circulation. Also as you go on practicing rowing, activates muscles all across your body, including your legs, glutes, core, back, shoulders, and arms. It is a full body exercise that increases the resistance on the muscles. Overall it perfectly provides you with a more aerobic-focused workout.

Bicycle exercise


These are a few exercises which are cardiovascular and help strengthen abdominal muscles. These may be performed before getting on to the bike also. This exercise requires more abdominal muscle activity, body rotation and abdominal stabilization. Lie on the back with hands behind the head. Raise the knees towards the chest and lift the shoulders and head off the ground. Bring the right elbow towards the left knee and straighten the right leg. Switch sides- bring the left leg towards the right knee and straighten the left leg. Continue switching sides to stimulate a pedaling motion. Breathing should be even and relaxed. Repeat 1-3 sets for 12-16 times.

Lying on Tummy

senior-portraits-for-girls-in-everett-wa-paxton-portraitsThe stationary exercises can also bring something good in you when done effectively. Just holding the pose at a particular pose will help to build great strength to the body. Just check out a comfortable surface on which you can ly down on your tummy. Just sleep head down and balance your body on your tummy by raising your arms and legs up in the air. Yes, exactly like how a superman flies in he air. These can actually be harder initially but they are excellent ones if followed. Doing this particular stationary exercise will help you stretch and strengthen your chest, shoulders, arms, legs, core, and lower back. They also promote good posture and better than the crunches.

Buttocks Stretching


In many cases stretching focused on the piriformis can eliminate sciatic nerve pain. Lay on the back and bring the right leg up to a right angle, grasping it with both hands behind the thigh, locking the fingers. Then, take the left leg and place the ankle against the knee. Repeat by switching sides and doing the same procedure with the other leg.


This is a suitable exercise that tones up your abs and also targets the inner thighs to an extent. You do not need any equipments to make the planks. Getting into plank position is much more easier. You need to get into the push up position on the floor. Bend your elbows around 90 degrees and rest your body weight  on the forearms. The elbows should be in line with the shoulders. Your body should be straight like a plane from head to feet. Hold on to the position as far as possible and feel the stretch in your core, shoulders, abs and thighs.

Russian Kettlebell Swing

This is a versatile exercise. It activates your glutes, lower back, hamstrings, shoulders, and legs. Plus, it is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn some calories. But it is also very important that you need to do these exercises very carefully so that you avoid any injuries as such.

Hip Exercises

Exercises like squats, hip raises, standing sidekicks, lunge and planks can be done anytime in a day. You can just raise your legs sideways while you are cooking in the kitchens or do the squats while watching tv. Go for some planks while you chat with your partner in the balcony. These are simple exercises that will target the hip muscles and help to shed them sooner.

These exercises have been ignored since the emergence of concept call the gym. People go for gym and run through all kind of equipments to cut down the figure to its best shape. But in reality just these 10 underrated exercises are sufficient to actually regain back your fit body. You can implement these exercises to your workout routine to see great results out of it. And most of the underrates exercises are the cardio and stationary exercises which easily help you burn calories with a proper move. The nutrients and other ingredients found in fruits and veggies can promote good overall health. There will be long-term weight loss benefits if you change your lifestyle to a healthy one.