Follow These 10 Simple Tips To Prevent Hair Loss Quickly At Home

Follow These 10 Simple Tips To Prevent Hair Loss Quickly At Home


Hair fall and hair loss is a leading cause of distress among men and women alike. Lustrous and strong hair is an enviable trait in a person. There are various reasons as to why you might lose your beautiful cascade. For this you might want to look into your lifestyle choices as bad diet and excessive smoking can also be one of the major causes of hair fall.
Change in water and growth in pollution can be an external cause of hair loss. One undeniable reason for hair fall is the growing stress and tension in urban populations.

Inflexible work ours can undoubtedly bring you down along with your hair. But do not fear as there are a range of options to keep your beautiful mane in place. Make a few changes and add a few natural remedies to bring back your strong and beautiful hair.

Here are 10 amazing and simple tips to prevent hair fall without causing a huge dent in your pocket.

1 Put away the hair dryer and straightners

I know you have heard this before. However, you might think, “I have so much to do and so many places to run to. How do I dry my hair and give it a wonderful straight look?” But trust me in this! Being natural and letting your hair be is one of the best gifts you can give it.

Your hair was meant to be that way. As Lady Gaga say, “Baby, you were born this way.” Artificial straightening processes do more harm than good. Constantly using a dryer will have the same effect.

When you go to a salon and straighten your hair, you are not only diminishing its quality but also spending a lot of money in exchange of losing the quality of your hair and making it fall by exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. In addition to hair fall, it might also cause dryness.

2 Say “no” to bleach and hair color

I am going to harp on the ‘keep it natural’ argument again and here’s why. Bleaching and coloring takes away the moisture from your hair. It causes the hair to enlarge and separate from the cuticle scales. This makes the hair very porous. The weakness will eventually lead to hair fall. Unnatural agents can also cause burning and discoloration.

3 Coconut oil: On to better things

832505-coconut-oilNow let’s save your hair and for this you must use coconut oil. It is one of the best and most full proof solutions to keep your hair in place. Coconut oil is a storehouse of natural benefits. It conditions your hair and makes it grow. It is rich in proteins and minerals and contains iron and potassium. Here’s what you have to do:

Warm up some coconut oil. Not too much and apply it from your root to tips and massage your hair and scalp thoroughly with it.

You should ideally keep it overnight for best results but keeping it for an hour or two will decently do the trick.

Simply wash it with shampoo and watch it become the guardian of your locks and prevent hair loss.

4 Use Amla on your hair

Amla-Indian-GooseberryYou all have heard about the amazing effects of Vitamin C. Well, amla has got it. Using Amla will definitely reduce hair loss. This is what you can do:

You can use amla juice or mix it with another rich source of Vitamin C, lemon juice. Put it on your scalp and give it time to dry. After this, rinse your hair with lukewarm water, Repeat it 2-3 times a week for best results.