How To Straighten Hair

How To Straighten Hair


Frizzy and curly hair is really a great concern for more women. In fact a few feel really jealous about people with straight hairs. But now there are plenty of ways with which one can get rid of their frizzy and wavy tresses. Among the many ways, hair straightening is more effective one. You can just straighten up your hair even in home and not just only at salons.
There is diverse product available to get your hair straightened up but if you are wondering how to do it then we can definitely help you with that. There are some well-known techniques and methods listed for you:

Salon-Based Hair Straightening Methods

Thermal Reconditioning:

This is one of the new permanent hair straightening techniques from Japan. In this process, hair is assessed and washed, protein is applied and bonding is done by application of solution. Hair is tested again and rinsed. A protective layer of protein is applied and hair is blown dry. After that, hair is ironed in sections. The temperature is maintained in such a way that it does not damage your hair.

Once ironing is done, a neutralizer is applied. Hair is rinsed, conditioned and dried. This hair straightening method is expensive and the session takes about six hours. It is advised that you go to a reputed salon and take the help of an experienced hair designer if you want to go for Thermal Reconditioning.

Ionic Hair Retexturing (IHR) Treatment:

how-to-clean-hair-brushes-6You can opt for this method if you want the results to last long. It is a straightening technique that locks nutrients and moisture while the ironing is being done. Not only is your hair straightened but the condition of your hair improves as well. If your hair has not been treated by chemicals prior to the treatment, you will get the best results possible. Straightened hair would last up to six months.

It is one of the most popular methods because it works well on every hair type. The treatment takes almost four hours. Generally, the hair is washed with a special kind of ionic relaxant shampoo followed by the application of all the pre-treatment hair care products. After that, the IR formula is applied and then rinsed off. After a blow-dry session, your hair is ironed.

Hair-Straightening Methods At Home

hairFlat Irons: This is one of the most common ways on straightening hair at home. You just need to invest in the irons and use it at home conveniently. Combing is balanced by ironing. However, you might end up damaging your hair in the long run if you do not know the way to control the temperature.

Hair-Styling Products: Hair creams are available and you can purchase these creams at any cosmetic shop. There are creams that are silicone based or those that contain lanolin. You need to apply the creams on damp hair and start combing vigorously to get straightened hair. But hair creams can make your hair very limp and oily. While using such products may be cost-effective options, your hair can be robbed of softness and bounce. Your hair remains straight till you wash your hair.

Blow Drying: This is a very easy method. While many of you might prefer to get your hair blown dry in beauty parlor, it can also be done at home. Invest in a good blow dryer. Comb your hair strands and hold them in sections. Dry the sections using the hair dryer. The results however do not last long and it might not be effective if your hair is very curly.

Natural Hair-Straightening Methods

oiling-your-hair-inside-imageRefrigerate coconut milk for one hour. Beat the milk and collect the creamy layer that forms on top. The cream has to be mixed with lemon juice and beat thoroughly till it becomes thick. Apply on hair and cover your head with a plastic for an hour. Your hair strands would be smoothened. Whisk two eggs and add one spoon of olive oil in it, mix it thoroughly. Apply it in your hair by making small sections. Wrap these sections in silver foils. Wait for one hour and shampoo your hair to get relatively straight hair.

So these are the ways with which you can get your hairs straightened. If you have too much of curly hairs then the natural hair straightening or the home straightening methods might really not help you. In such a case you have to visit the parlor and get the parlor treatment done. If you are patient enough to follow the home remedies then it is actually the best one to admire. You can easily follow these simple methods to make your wiry hairs turn down into a sleek one.