Top 25 Tasty And Popular Dishes In India

Top 25 Tasty And Popular Dishes In India


If you are one of the lucky people who had a chance to see your country and taste the different cuisine, consider yourself blessed. Here in India, not only the dialect but the tastes changes too with every few hundred kilometers. Here we are listing the top most 25 such tasty and popular dishes which are now no longer eaten in the area they were invented but across the nation and sometimes outside it too.

Kadi Pakoda

This is made in almost every home in India. Ingredients used are fairly simple. Besan which is gram flour and tangy curd. The pakodas are made of besan too and fried in oil and latter dipped in kadi for that awesome taste.

Aloo parantha

aloo-paratha-recipeMost of the homes in India, start their mornings with aloo parantha and curd. People can have it daily without getting bored. Normal flour is stuffed with boiled aloo and with spices and cooked on tava with lots of ghee. It is usually served with curd and pickles.

Sarson ka saag

Sarson ka saag and makki di roti is very popular all over India. Sarson ka saag is made from green mustard leaves and spinach leaves and makki di roti is simple roti but made from corn flour. You may add lots of butter to this. This dish has lots of nutritional values.

Daal Makhni

recipe_of_dal-makhaniThis is cooked with rajma and black urad dal and lots of spices and loads of ghee topped with buckets of cream. Yeah, do not dare to count calories here! The best delicacies of Punjab, enjoyed by both vegetarians and non – vegetarians with equal relish.

Tandoori chicken

tandoori-chicken-2This dish of Punjab has left every boundary behind and is eaten everywhere were chicken is eaten. Not just popular in India, it is much sought after outside India too. Chicken marinated with simple spices and curd and cooked in traditional tandoor for that authentic taste.


This paneer which means cottage cheese sweet dish is super famous. Originally from Bengal but now available across the nation. It has milk and sugar and it just simply melts in your mouth. None of the celebrations in Bengal is complete without this.

Chingri Malaikari

This is the outcome of coconut milk and spiced up gravy. Chingri is actually prawns or shrimps though this is made with lobsters too. This is very famous dish in Bengal is usually served with rice.

Kosha Mangsho

maxresdefaultAnother bengali dish which is super tasty and very popular. This is spicy mutton and the curry has generations of learned spices combinations. This dish has been shared from generations and relished with love. Kosha Mangsho is actually finger licking good.

Kerala prawn curry

As the name suggest, this is authentic prawn curry made with spices from Kerala. Though fairly simple to make and it is replicated across nation but the authentic spices takes it to another level.

Appam and chicken stew

Appam is now eaten in almost every human household. This is actually like a rice pancake that will simply melt in your mouth. You may have this with coconut chutney or sambhar which is curry. But this dish mixes appams with chicken stew for a brand new taste. It uses very less spices and uses only the taste of chicken stew for flavor.

Laal maas

1Originally from Rajasthan but now there is probably no one who likes non veg and has not tasted laal maas. This is very heavy in spices and is best had with bajra rotis. The name laal means red color and that comes from use of heavy spices specially red chillies.

Daal Bati Churma

maxresdefault-1Another popular Rajasthani dish. The baatis are baked and dipped in panch which means 5 , daals. Generous amount of ghee is used and this is probably the best combination you will ever have.

Mohan Maas

This meat is surprisingly cooked in milk and spices and makes the meat super tender. This dish takes time to prepare but it worth the wait. Do not forget to try this if you have not yet.

Thali peeth

This is made from multiple flour, onion and chilies and is one of the favorite Maharashtrian breakfast dish. This is same like a parantha but made with bare hands.

Misal pav

bedekar-misal-pune-maharashMisal is made from mixture of usal, potatoes, farsaan and raw chopped onion and served with puffed bread called pav. This is super spicy and another favorite dish from Pune, Maharashtra.

Bharli Vangi

This is stuffed eggplants and made from home grounded spices with combination of peanuts and coconut.


This is basically lentils or daal which is super spicy but combined with sweet and tangy base. This is made almost daily in Maharashtra and served with both rice and chapatti.

Taambda and Pandhra Rassa

mutton_sukha_048Rassa means curry or juice of mutton or chicken cooked in red curry or white curry. This is had best with rice flour rotis. This is highly recommended if you are a non vegetarian.

Chhole bhature

chhole-bhatureChhole bhature along with lassi which is thick buttermilk is said to be the most heavy meal ever. It is difficult to stay awake after having this dish. Chhole is chickpeas made in traditional spices with lots of oil and Bhature is this huge puffed poori made from maida. Together they taste heavenly and are best had with lots of onion rings and pickles. Some people make stuffed bhature with paneer which takes it to another level of taste.


Made from besan flour, this dish is made easily at home. For those who can not buy it readymade from shops. This light side dish is served with mustard seeds and sugary tangy water. Best had with chilies which are also splashed with sugar water. This is a super tasty and full filling dish dish.

Paav bhaji

dsgwPav is puffed bread and the bhaji here is a mix of many vegetables basically, potato, onion, tomatoes and peas. This is best served with generous amount of butter and the pav is roasted in butter too. This dish can be had like a meal in it self and is available in 5 stars hotels and road side shops alike.

Mutter paneer

One dish which has found place in every place in India. There is probably no house which does not make this. Different variations are available but basically cottage cheese cubes and peas cooked together in spices and other vegetables like, onion and tomatoes. Some people add butter or cream to this to enhance the taste. Best served with jeera rice.

Kadahi chicken

Chicken cooked in rational age old spices of onion and tomatoes and grounded spices. Lots of onion is used here and this dish has less of gravy. Whatever gravy is there, it is thick and chicken is completely marinated in same. This of course takes time to prepare but the taste is worth it.

Idli sambhar

This is another popular and light breakfast menu which is very popular among the kids. Baked rice and lentils batter in round shapes are called Idli. There are now different versions and people make them spicy too to add flavor. This is served with sambhar which is thin spicy curry.  


maxresdefault-3It is very easy to make although the proportions of the batter still remains a challenge for many. The batter of rice and lentils with salt is spread across the hot tava in a shape of a big roti. Different fillings are used like spiced mashed potatoes or paneer and served with either sambhar or coconut chutney.

So, which are your favorite dishes amongst the above popular ones?