10 Simple Tips to Make Food Taste Better

10 Simple Tips to Make Food Taste Better


Gluttony according to Dante is a sin!!! But to resist a well cooked meal is a sin by itself! Every one cannot be a master chef!! It requires years and years of hard work and a zealous dedication. And there are some for whom even boiling an egg is an arduous chore!!   
Here are some tips from the masters and the novices to make food taste better.  You can take a back seat for now-


The most basic yet most integral ingredient in any dish is the simple salt. Too much salt can spoil the dish whereas little less can make it bland! Seasoning with simple salt and pepper is more often than not enough to make the dish really tasty! Similarly, with desserts over indulgence with sugar can make one sluggish after a meal whereas too less sugar makes one feel deprived.


IndiaTv102ee0_mainThis makes all the difference between a well prepared meal and a superlative meal. The meal can be simple and plain but the right presentation, right color coordination, and the right combination of protein, carbohydrate and fiber can make the humble pie seem exotic. Try to add more color to the food. For example while serving the simple steak, dress it up with a colorful salad and an divinely smelling sauce, the plain mashed potatoes will only add flavor to this meal!!!