Is It Safe to Consume Cranberry or Cranberry Juice during Pregnancy

Is It Safe to Consume Cranberry or Cranberry Juice during Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the most precious feeling of every woman in their life. Each and every moment of pregnancy is like ‘dreaming of the new arrival’. This feeling of joy brings a marvellous turn over in the life of every mother. You start taking care of yourself better than before as the baby is also growing inside you. Every woman during this period needs advice to tackle the situation. A full nourished mother can easily handle the post pregnancy complications. Many questions arises during this phase, what to consume and what to not? We will help you out in taking care of yourself and your baby too.
During pregnancy, consuming fruits is the most important task. Because it will keep you and your baby healthy and fruits have high nutrients which are very essential. A healthy pregnancy diet must include fruits in every meal. You can take fruits from the first trimester of pregnancy. Be careful in choosing the fruits which you consume during pregnancy. Consult your doctor if needed.


Here we will give you a clear definition of Cranberry or Cranberry juice during pregnancy.

If a question arises, “Is It Safe to Consume Cranberry or Cranberry Juice during Pregnancy”? We are here to answer your question.

Yes, cranberry or cranberry juices both are healthy and you can consume it during pregnancy. Cranberry is a good source of vitamin E, vitamin K, copper and pantothenic acid. It is considered as a versatile fruit. It has multi beneficial activities. Cranberries are rich in nutrients and are tasty enough to consume.

You might have a question of how to consume cranberry, whether the juice or the fruit? You can take it in any form as per your taste. You can also consume it as a whole or you can take the juice. Some ladies also take it in dry form. Cranberry juices are available in all markets in the juice section. You can take the ‘Tetra- Package Juice’,’ Aluminium Can Package Juice’, ‘Tin-plates Can Packaging Juice, etc.

All fruits have different benefits, but we will mainly discuss about the benefits of cranberry during pregnancy which is very high in vitamins. Let’s have a look.


Helps prevent UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection):

It is said that urinary infection is a very common problem in every woman during pregnancy. After many studies, it is believed that cranberries consist of a substance which prevents our body from urinary infection. The antioxidants in cranberries help to change the E. coli bacteria present there so that they can’t stick to the urinary wall because they create a Teflon-like slippery coating. A study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology reported that consuming both cranberry juice and capsule is effective for urinary tracts infections.

Cranberries are Antipyretic Source:

Cranberry consists of antibiotic properties which can fight against nine bacterial strains. If a pregnant lady intake cranberry, she can overcome from illnesses like flu, cough, sneezing and fever. According to the “Cranberry Institute Health Research”, cranberry extract consists of proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins, flavonoids and hydroxycinnamic acid which act as anti-oxidant properties. It can also be termed as a ‘natural antibiotic’


Fights tooth infections:

Cranberries are sweet in taste but though it will not hamper your teeth. Rather it fights as an anti-infection for your teeth. It is a super fruit which fights against cavities. The substance present in cranberry doesn’t allow the bacteria to enter the surface of our teeth. Cranberry juice also prevents from formation of plague. Koo said that, “Something in the cranberry juice disarms the pathogens that cause tooth decay”. The enzyme present in cranberry helps to prevent bacteria which stick on our teeth. It acts as a ‘bacteria repellent on teeth’.

Consuming cranberries can tackle constipation:

Constipation is caused when we consume low-fiber foods. It is a very common problem in every pregnant lady which occurs generally due to the change in hormones. And cranberries have the fiber substance present in it that will fight the constipation. So, it is very important to drink cranberry juice in constipation during pregnancy.

Good for the Heart:

heartCranberries has super vitamins which lower the cholesterol level. Pregnant ladies go and grab the juice from your nearest shop because it improves the cardiovascular health which will be far beneficial for your baby in developing. Drinking cranberry juice increase the good cholesterol in our body. It lowers the risk of high blood pressure. In a study conducted by the American Chemical Society found that ‘drinking three glasses of cranberry juice a day can raise the good cholesterol up to 121 percent.’

Immune support:  

Consuming cranberries can increase the immune system. It improves the immune system. Women can take the juice to have a control over the immune system. The antioxidant present in cranberry helps to fight against free radicals and prevent from cold.


Anti-Cancer Benefits:  

It is often seen that some pregnant women suffers from cancer. This cranberry juice can surely help you in fighting the disease. Because of the anti-inflammation nutrients, cranberry lowers the risk of cancer formation in our body. It fights against prostate, colon, breast and ovarian cancers.

Helps in weight management:

During pregnancy it is very important to maintain the weight. The low calories present in cranberries helps to burn the fat and manage the weight. Consume some fresh cranberries and maintain your weight during pregnancy. So, ladies make it a routine and have it once in a day daily.


Relief from stress and depression:

You are pregnant and it is not possible that you are not tensed. Have some fresh cranberries and see the result, your high-tension norms will be stabilized. Always have a glass of this juice daily, you will be relieved from stress.

Prevent dehydration:

It is very necessary to stay hydrated during your pregnancy period. Consuming cranberries can help to fight from dehydration. My dear ladies nourish yourself and have plenty of cranberries each day on your diet.

Cranberry fights against cystitis:

Cyst is a very common problem seems in women, which further can stop the process of birth of a child. So, ladies don’t delay consume this high-vitamin fruit as soon as you can. If you will use to consume it in a daily basis you can recover from cyst.


These are the major benefits of Cranberry for pregnant ladies.

Nutritional side of cranberry: Vitamin C, Fibre and Vitamin E are the main properties of cranberries.

Vitamin C act as an antioxidant which block the damage caused by free radicals, boost the body from different infections. It helps in proper functioning of the immune system. High intake of fibre leads to the low risk of diabetes, obesity, stroke, hypertension, etc. Fibre intake can also decrease the body weight which is very important for pregnant ladies. Vitamin E helps in preventing chronic diseases.

The detailed note on cranberry nutrients and their values which will help you out in maintaining the diet chart are as below:

  • Enery-46 Kcal
  • Carbohydrates-12.2 gms
  • Protein- 0.4 gms
  • Fat- 0.13 gms
  • Dietary Fiber- 4.6 gms
  • Folates- 1 ug
  • Niacin- 0.101 mg
  • Pantothenic Acid- 0.295 mg
  • Pyridoxine- 0.057 mg
  • Vitamin A- 60 IU
  • Vitamin C- 13.3 mg
  • Vitamin E- 1.2 mg
  • Vitamin K- 5.1 ug
  • Sodium- 2 mg
  • Potassium- 85 mg
  • Calcium- 8 mg
  • Magnesium- 6 mg and so on.


Some of the frequently asked questions of every pregnant lady are cited below and we have the answer for you.

How to consume this red pulp cranberry?

cranberries_570Well, you can consume it in many different delicious ways. You can have it as snacks, sorbets, muffins, jams, breads, ice creams, etc. If you like dried stuff, you can also go for that. Just keep in mind, don’t forget to check the packaged and expiry date while buying because you have to care for your little one inside you. You can also make cranberry cookies in home, Yummy, that would be a tasty one.


Intake of cranberry per day:

There is no limit in consuming cranberry per day but yes, there is a limit, at least you can take 10-16 ounces og cranberry juice daily to prevent form UTIs.

Forms of Cranberry available in the market:

You can have cranberry in different forms. Fresh and frozen both are available in the market. You can also take juice. You can try dried cranberries for a change. Go for sugar-free juice if you can. It is easily available in markets.


Some of the recipes of cranberry which you can consume during pregnancy are as follows:

Make your pregnancy-diet chart a yummy one. Cook this high vitamin fruits in different styles and have a taste.

  1. Squash the cranberry and prepare a fruit drink. Add some water and sugar to have the flavour. Refegirate it and consume it for few days.
  2. Mixer of potato and cranberry drink. Add some honey and vanilla essence to it and drink it thrice a day.
  3. Pure cranberry juice is the healthier process to have during pregnancy.
  4. Cranberry Decoction: Beat the berries in a blender and add some water to it, heat it, add some honey and a bit of cinnamon. Drink it cool.
  5. Cranberry tea seems to be yum! You can normally add the cranberry jam to your daily tea or take it with warm water.
  6. Fruit Compote from cranberry: Cranberry leaves and the pulps of the berry are mixed with water and leave to boil it. Have it 4-5 times a day half a glass.
  7. Frozen cranberry: Sometimes fresh cranberries are hard to find in markets, and then you can opt for the frozen berries.
  8. Make a fruit smoothie from frozen cranberries.
  9. Make a dessert of apple with cranberry.


Positive response about cranberry consumed during pregnancy

Many scholars and specialist admitted that the usage of cranberry during pregnancy is 100%. Doctors also said that, ‘Cranberry act as a natural antiseptic’. It destroys the bacteria present in our body. Consuming cranberry during pregnancy is one of the best solutions to get rid of certain infections like viral, cold, etc. As compared to any other fruits, Cranberry is in top of the list of fruits. This is only because of the high-nutrients and antioxidant properties present in the fruit. Researchers coined cranberry as a “super food”.

Ladies, be smart and leave no stone unturned to care for yourself and your baby too. You can get the highest of personal health care by consuming cranberries during pregnancy. Always add a glass of cranberry juice to your diet chart and consume it. It doesn’t have any side effects. You can intake it freely. You can say that, cranberry is likely to be a treatment of various infections. You can classify the dosage of consuming cranberry into different sections. You can use it during the time of pregnancy, use it in early pregnancy (before pregnancy week 17) and use it at and after pregnancy. It is also assumed that using cranberry during early pregnancy will lower the risk of vaginal bleeding. Proper consume of cranberry during pregnancy decrease the risk of some serious problem: stillbirth/neonatal death, low birth weight, small for gestational age, preterm birth, low Apgar score or neonatal infections.


Thus, further we can say that almost more than half of the women had used cranberry during pregnancy. They said that they didn’t face any hardship during the pregnancy period as they consumed cranberry in every diet. If we see from the clinical point of view, it can be assumed that eating cranberry can fight from all types of diseases and can make us healthy and active. Because cranberries are not that high-budget fruit, it is easily available and cost is reasonable. So, instead of consuming different clinical pills, it is better to have hand full of red pulp cranberries and enjoy your pregnancy days. Ladies gear up and eat and drink cranberries as much as u can. Stay fit and healthy.