Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Homemade Baby Food Recipes


Babies are the most precious for their parents. The role of a person in the family changes drastically when a baby comes into the picture! It is not only the mother that has to take responsibilities but the father as well. Babies need extra care right from their bath to their food. And since we have become susceptible to the easy way out, many people feed obnoxious amounts of packaged baby food to their child. While most of these foods would be healthy or at least state so, there are many quick and easy recipes which can be whipped at home itself.
Instead of buying cereals that promise to deliver loads of nutrition, you should try making some great food for the baby yourself. It doesn’t take rocket science and simple and healthy ingredients found in the kitchen will suffice. So, if you really want to put good nutrition in your baby, then follow some of these recipes, and you will be able to give your baby the best possible healthy food.

For the first six months or at least 4 (depending upon the child’s development), you will have to give the baby food which is in liquid form or in the form of a paste. Not every baby can digest solid food, and the posture of the baby needs to be developed to be able to take in the entire food.

Food recipes for 4-6-month-old baby

This is the most crucial period of a baby. It requires you to take special care when feeding your baby anything. They can’t chew and take in solid food, and this is why puree is the best recipe that you can make for them.

1.Banana puree

bananapuree-484x363-topThe perfect fruit and the must have for a baby. It is rich in potassium and fibre which your baby needs in plenty in the growing years. Bananas are as it is soft, but you can always mash them and make a softer puree out of it so that your baby doesn’t have a problem having it. Also, you can add a little bit of milk to make this past smoother one.


  1. 1 small banana


  1. Peel off a small banana and mash it using a fork.
  2. During the initial stages, to add a familiar taste and to thin down the consistency, little milk can be added.