25 Tasty And Popular Dishes Of India

25 Tasty And Popular Dishes Of India

food2India is a land of diversity and the diversity does not only extend to its culture but also to the foods. Can you resist from a sumptuous and appetizing meal? Who would, when you can get to know few of the best and yummilicious recipes of varied culture in India right here!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to get a good read amongst few of the most tempting dishes-

Punjabi Cuisine



  1. Tandoori Chicken – Tandoori Chicken is no more just the most famous dish of Punjab, however it’s a dish that has made a global mark for Indian cuisine today. With a simple mix of simple spices and yogurt marinate, tandoori chicken is cooked in traditional tandoors for the authentic tastes. Every house hold has now experimented the dish in their own way at home. So get started right away.
  2. Maa ki daal – Cooked with traditional spices and generous amount of ghee this dal will never disappoint you. Direct from the homes of Punjab this dal carries a lot patience and love. Best cooked with a mix of rajma and black urat, but still people have their own variations to it.
  3. Sarson ka Saag – Sarson da saag and makki di roti is the most popular dish in the winters of Punjab with extremely high nutritional values to it. Made with green mustard leaves and palak it can simply top the vegetarian menu for any Punjabi. Its served with makki (corn ) di roti and generous amount of white fresh butter. I am sure you can’t stop at one.
  4. Aloo Paratha – Can’t ever get over this paratha for life. In Punjab aloo ka paratha is a routine or daily breakfast of every house. Stuffed with lovely spiced potatoes and served with fresh butter, homemade pickles and curd. We can’t afford to count on calories when it comes to this dish! Children love potatoes and this certainly tops their favourite paratha list.
  5. Kadi Pakoda – Extremely simple and tasty dish made of besan(gram flour) in tangy sour butter milk. Pakoras made and soaked in the kadi will leave you craving for more.

Bengali Cuisine


  1. Sorsebata Ilish Mach – The first thought of Bengali cuisine will bring Sorsebata ilish mach to your mind. Food is more of a ritual for Bengalis. Sorshe Ilisha is made with Hilsa fish in the mustard gravy and 5 traditional spices however can be prepared in multiple other ways as well.  It is one of the most favorite dishes of Bengal.
  2. Begun Bhaja – Begun Bhaja is a pan fried or shallow fried dish made with aubergines marinated with spices and come with multiple variations as per taste and even a slight change in the local influence. But certainly the menu is incomplete without this dish.
  3. Kosha Mangsho – The spicy Bengali mutton that can never fail to impress your taste buds. The most finger licking mutton gravy that will bring the taste of every fine spice used by grandmothers and mothers fresh in your taste senses.
  4. Chingri Malaikari – Famous and popular Bengali dish is traditionally served with rice. The dish is the outcome of coconut milk and spiced up gravy that makes it the most loved dish on special occasions. Chingri is nothing but prawns or shrimps. This dish can also be made with lobsters too. Some people say this dish has derived the name from Malaysia as in Malay which means milk cream in Hindi.
  5. Sandesh – Prepared with milk, sugar and cottage cheese (paneer) this Bengali will melt in your mouth. Toady this sweet comes with many variations to suit your taste buds and enhancing your culinary skills.

Kerala Cuisine


  1. Fish Molee/Moley – The most sensational fish curry that Indian cuisine has to offer. Cooked in the mud vessel on low flow, mouth watering flavours of coconut milk and kadampuli (kokam) will simply leave you craving for more. Best eaten with rice on a banana leaf
  2. Kerala style beef and Malabar parotha – The flavor to paralyze your taste buds almost this meat is well cooked in deep flavours of curry leaves, ginger garlic and mustard seeds. The Malabar Parotha compliments the dish to the utmost. Tell me if you can stop at just one.
  3. Puttu and Kadala curry – Puttu is a cylindrical rice cake cooked with a combination of coconut and is the most popular breakfast in Kerala. The kadala combination is nothing but chickpeas or kala chana curry that goes well with puttu.
  4. Appam & Chicken Stew – Appam is now a revolutionary food. A simple rice pancake that will melt in your mouth, can be paired with anything from coconut chutney to curry. However it is traditionally combined with chicken stew that takes the spotlight. With minimal spices and coconut milk the chicken flavour is enhanced to enlighten your taste buds. A must have for sure.
  5. Kerala Prawn Curry – You will be amazed to know how the simplest ingredients can bring out the most amazing dish on the table.

Rajasthan Cuisine


  1. Dal Baati Churma – The Rajasthani cuisine will never be complete without Dal Baati Churma. The baked baatis are dipped in panchkuti dal and generous amount of desi ghee to compliment it. This is the most appetizing combination that you can have.
  2. Laal Maas – Not simply the Rajasthani favourite but loved by people across the country Laal maas is the most talked dish here. The dish is spicy and the deep red gravy will taste best with Bajri rotis.
  3. Mohan Maas – To our surprise this Rajasthani meat is cooked in milk and spices that will serve the tenderest meat you must have had. The show stopper is the peculiar flavor of khus khus and cardamom.
  4. Ker Sangri – A lovely combination of berries and beans that comes from the arid deserts of rajasthan is a must on the menu. Ker is a shrub and Sangri means beans, the Ker is soaked overnight release the sourness and dried in the sun. This dish tops the vegetarian cuisine of rajasthani menu.
  5. Rajasthani Kadi – We all might have tasted kadis from various parts of India, however the Rajasthani kadi is something you cannot miss. This version of kadi is pungent and spicy to give you a kick start.  Staple diet that goes well with rice!

Maharashtra Cuisine


  1. Thali Peeth – Surprising outcome of multiple flours, onions and chilies is a favourite dish on the Maharashtrain breakfast menu. Ideally like a north Indian paratha but traditionally flatten with your bare hands.
  2. Misal Pav – Emerging from Pune district Misal pav is one of the most known and favourite snack dish in Maharashtra. Misal means mixture of usal, batata bhaji, farsaan  and raw chopped onion and tomatoes is served with local version of bread known as Pav.
  3. Bharli Vangi – Bharli vangi (Stuufed Eggplant) is a very traditional Marathi cuisine. Lovely grounded spices with a combination of peanuts and coconut can definitely not be missed.
  4. Aamti – (Lentils or Dal) – Aamti is a bit spicy with superbly combined with a sweet and tangy base. It’s a part of the daily meal and an inseparable dish of the Maharashtrain cuisine.
  5. Taambda & Pandhra Rassa – Rassa which means juice of mutton/chicken cooked in either red base or white base curry. This goes well with the rice chapaatis (Bhakris). Famous in the Kolhapur district has left its mark on all non vegetarian food lovers. Highly recommended and definitely tops the menu for us.