11 Unbelievably Yummy Zero Oil Recipes

11 Unbelievably Yummy Zero Oil Recipes


Oil is very much essential for cooking. Many people eat deep fried items on a daily basis to satiate their taste buds. Once they start having such items on a daily basis the waist line starts increasing, and along with that comes many health related issues, and then the quest for their desire to begin slim begins.
The new age mantra is to be fit and fine. Young and old alike have now resorted to healthy diets like oil free, sugar free or less usage of oil and sugar recipes.

Alternatives to deep frying are baking, steaming, dry roasting, sautéing, etc. Non stick cookware has to be used for preparing zero oil recipes and making use of air fryers and microwave ovens are recommended too.

Certain tips have to be followed when oil is not used in cooking.


  1. Spices have to be dry roasted using a low flame on a non stick cookware, so that they don’t get burnt.
  2. Make sure that enough water is added to the gravy or dish prepared so that it doesn’t stick to the vessel and create a mess.
  3. Food prepared has to be consumed when it is still fresh and not re-heated several times. Constant re-heating can dry the food and make it tasteless.

So, some really yummy zero oil recipes are listed below:

1.Mixed Lentils Idly:

The breakfast is the most important and nutritious meal of the day. Breakfast has to be a mix of tasty, healthy, nutrient filled meal. Idly have all such qualities to make for a healthy and hearty breakfast too, since it is steamed and does not make use of oil at all.


Soaking the lentils like Black gram, Bengal gram and grinding it to a coarse batter is the first step to make healthy idly. The batter has to be fermented for some time before the idly is prepared. Once the fermentation is done, the batter has to be poured in the idly moulds and steamed in an idly cooker or a pressure cooker. Just wait for 15 minutes for it to get steamed, and your Idlis are ready.

2.Steamed Vegetable Dumplings:

dumplings-12Steamed vegetable dumplings or momos is a Tibetan delicacy which is a healthy breakfast and can be eaten as a snack too. This dish is steamed and not fried. The filling used can either be vegetables or chicken, depending on your taste.


Dough has to be made out of refined flour, salt and water. Various vegetables like carrot, beans, and cauliflower florets can be sautéed or steamed and a pinch of salt added to it. Once the vegetables are done with, the dough has to be filled with the vegetable mixture and made into a conical shape. These dumplings then need to be steamed using a momo steamer for about 20 minutes.Delicious momos are ready to be served with tomato sauce or ketchup.

3. Vegetable Sandwich:

dsc_09721The ever humble and ever tasty sandwich is another healthy option which can be eaten at any time of the day. Easy to make, it tastes yummy when grilled and certain vegetables are made use of.


Few pieces of bread first need to be grilled and kept aside. Raw vegetables like tomato, cucumber and various sprouts can be used for more flavors and stuffing. A pinch of rock salt can be added for that extra taste.

4.Sprouts Cutlet:

Another healthy option is the use of sprouts in any dish prepared. Cutlet is an all time favorite with people of all age groups.


Sprouts have to be ground into a coarse texture and mixed with bread to get the right consistency. Potatoes too can be added for that extra binding. Cottage cheese made from soya is another healthy option which can be added for extra flavor. The dough once done with, have to be made into flat round shaped balls and baked in a microwave oven. Healthy, tasty and yummy sprout cutlets are ready to eat.

5.Egg with Bacon:

A tasty, healthy combo of egg and bacon is always a treat to the taste buds. Eggs are wholesome food with the right amount of proteins and vitamins needed for the body. It can be paired with bacon and seasoned with a bit of onion, garlic powder and a pinch of rock salt while sautéing. Boiled eggs, poached and scrambled eggs are other variants of eggs that can be eaten, based on your taste and liking.

6.Chicken Sandwich:

del-fried-chicken-off-burgeAnother sandwich variant which is healthy and tasty too is making use of chicken instead of vegetables. The chicken breast has to be boiled in a sauce pan and once it becomes soft and tender, shredding it is the next step. Salt and black pepper powder has to be added for flavor. Spreading the shredded chicken on the grilled bread slices and topping it with onions, bell peppers give it a more colorful look.

7.Baked Nachos:

nachosThe tortillas have to be transferred into a microwave safe dish and baked. Once it is baked and done, it can be topped with jalapeno peppers and paprika. Sun dried tomatoes too can be added. This is a yummy dish where no oil is made use of, and you can have it as an evening snack without having to worry about weight gain.


Pizzas too make for yummy evening snacks without the use of oil. The pizza dough has to be made with extreme care and caution so that it does not turn watery. Yeast and flour has to be mixed in a mixing bowl and once the right consistency is achieved, it has to be covered with a cloth and left for around half hour.

The dough has to be dusted with flour and brought into a round shape before it is baked in the oven. Once it is taken out from the oven, tomato sauce has to be spread on the base and onions, olives, bell peppers of various colors can be added. Once the veggies are placed on the base, another spoonful of tomato sauce and chili sauce can be added for extra flavor, then add some cheese on the top. This again has to be placed in the oven and baked for another 20 minutes so that the crust is golden brown in color and fit for consumption.

9.Baked Potato Chips:

Potato chips are an all time favorite snack among the young and elderly. The crunchy potato chips will be relished by people of all ages irrespective of the time whether day or night.

Potato chips need not be essentially deep fried in oil. It can be made without making use of oil at all, with the help of a microwave oven.

Recipe Method:

Initially the microwave has to be pre- heated at around 400 degrees. The potatoes have to be washed and peeled and cut into thin slices resembling roundels. The roundels have to be spread in a baking tray and sprinkled with a pinch of salt and pepper or red chili powder as per the taste. This potato slices have to be baked for around 20-25 minutes. So the golden brown, yummy baked, healthy chips can be munched on without any oil.

10.Grilled Cottage Cheese Skewers:

Cottage cheese can be turned into a variety of dishes by combining it with a lot of vegetables. The result would be a yummy dish as the one said above. Bell peppers, cottage cheese and the whisked curd have to be taken in a large bowl and a bit of ginger garlic paste has to be added to it. Various spice powders are to be added to enhance the taste.

After some time the oven has to be pre heated to a temperature of around 180 degrees. The cottage cheese, bell peppers and other veggies have to be arranged neatly on the skewer sticks and baked for around 25 minutes. In case a more golden color is needed the skewer sticks have to be turned again and baked for another 10 minutes and the yummy cottage cheese skewers are ready to gulp.


p121192612020940_5Burritos are another yummy dish which can be had as an evening snack. The burritos is a meal by itself when it is stuffed with a filling of  either a vegetarian stuff like rice, corn, cabbage, etc or a non vegetarian stuff like chicken, beef etc. Both ways it can be baked and eaten.

The various ingredients can be mixed in a large bowl and the tortilla has to be warmed in a dry skillet or oven. After the tortillas are warmed, the entire mixed ingredients have to be filled onto the tortillas and folded like a burrito. The folded burrito has to be placed in the pre heated oven and baked for around 25 minutes. The mouth watering no oil yummy burritos are ready to be had.

In today’s time very individual is concerned about their health, and no one wants to compromise with it. Consuming oily food on regular basis can cause some serious health and skin related issues. So, just try out these above given zero oil yummy recipes and enjoy your food without having to worry about your health.