10 Best Ways To Achieve That Summer Six Packs

10 Best Ways To Achieve That Summer Six Packs

PicMonkey-CollageSummer season is that time of the year when it is extremely hot and you like to wear as less clothes as possible. It is the season to showcase your worked out abs. If you don’t have some, you would rather feel shy or left-out as beach parties, swimming and various other summer activities cry upon you to go shirtless. If you do not possess a six pack, you might well feel uncomfortable going shirtless in this hot season.

If this is something that is worrying you, then do not get worried, as good numbers of successful methods are available to help you achieving those six packs. However, it is important to understand the right method that suits your lifestyle and work according to it, on a consistent basis, without deviation.

Super/Smart belts and supplements might not help

People tend to deviate from their schedule as they forget their goals too easily. Most people are inclined towards identifying the simplest of methods to gain six packs to relieve themselves from rigorous workout. However, it is important to understand good things have a price tag attached to it and six packs require your sincere effort more than money!  

Skinny people need not have abs

man-absBeing thin or skinny does not mean abs are hereditary. Sometimes, skinny people have to work equivalently for their abs. Being thin is a step towards fitness and developing six packs is a step towards being the fittest. If you think you are thin or skinny and six pack abs would be a cake walk for you, then you are completely wrong and you might find it difficult to develop six packs.

Serious workout

kettlebell-mistakesDeveloping a six pack is no joke. If it would be easy, it wouldn’t have been so desirable. It requires committed and sincere workout. Casual exercises or alternately hitting the gym isn’t going to be too effective for getting six pack abs.

Many individuals tend to neglect these factors and end up with disheartening results. Losing weight by itself is a tough task and developing abs can be even tougher and hence, you should be prepared for serious workout in rigid routine to achieve those six packs.

Do not spend unnecessarily

If you thought getting abs was a costly affair, then you will have to change your mind. The techniques and methodologies used nowadays are literally free and do not require any investment on costly gym equipment or machines. There are a set of exercises that can help you gain six packs in a matter of 30 days without using single gym equipment. Yes, getting a six pack is free!

A technique which is a combination of a few successful methodologies is explained below-

Increase in workout everyday

bass-delt-new-537x350Most successful workout techniques are based on increasing the workout each day in an Arithmetical Progression format. On the first day of workout, an individual cannot be bombarded with 100 push-ups or 50 sit-ups for that matter. The body needs time to adapt to changes and hence, it is necessary to increase the quantum of workout each day, instead of beginning with a rigid routine on the very first day itself.

The workout chart when plotted should see an upward trend in terms of number of minutes spent for workout each day.Most people begin with heavy exercises, workout for hours on the first day and then keep reducing the workout day by day. Such practices can lead to a lot of side-effects as the body is exposed to heavy workout at once.

The three for six (packs) technique


  1. This technique is a combination of three exercises. The first one is sit-ups, which is quite familiar and does not require any coaching classes to learn too. Sit-ups are an important activity that stimulates stomach muscle movements. A novice to training or exercising can begin with just 10 sit-ups on the first day and gradually increase the number by 5 everyday, to realize close to 100 sit-ups on the 30th day. This exercise does not require any equipment and has no side-effects too.

By gradually increasing the number of sit-ups each day, the body is being accustomed to the workout and hence, complaints for body pain, aches, etc., can be minimized considerably.

  1. The second ingredient of this schedule is referred to as flutter kick. It is not the easiest of exercises for a novice person, but one can learn it quickly. This exercise has been inspired from the swimming techniques. It basically involves stretching of legs parallel to the ground and developing small football kicks in the air. Only the butt remains grounded, while the legs and the upper body tend to remain parallel to the floor.

A few videos could be sufficient enough for you to begin this exercise. It might feel difficult initially but with practice, you will soon be teaching the same to others. Flutter kicks open their account with just 20 on the first day and with steady increase of about 10 flutter kicks each day, you will be reaching 200 flutter kicks on the 30th day. This again does not require any equipment and is completely free!

  1. The third and final component of this technique or schedule is the plank. Plank basically refers to a posture wherein the body weight is deposited on the forearms and toes. It can be referred to as an incomplete push up. You keep your forearms in the ground in an open square form and then raise your body on your toes. You maintain this posture for a few seconds and the plank is done.

Plank also follows similar progression as the sit-ups and flutter kicks. The plank posture has to be maintained for about 30 seconds initially and with an increment of just 5 seconds everyday, you realize 120 seconds of plank on the 30th day. Plank is all about balancing the body and some videos can help you perform this perfectly. This again is completely free and doesn’t cost you anything!

Catalysts to the technique

On the whole, the above three exercises are sufficient to help you realize summer six pack abs in a matter of 30 days. However, the process can be made more effective and less burdening by adhering to some other procedures that can prove as a catalyst to almost any routine you follow.

Eat well and sleep well

Workout never means reducing the food intake or fasting. Food is an equally important ingredient that supports all types of workouts. Considering our requirement of six pack abs, one should focus on high protein diet that can increase the overall mass of the muscles.

Sleeping is also an important activity that relaxes you from heavy workouts and prepares you for the upcoming ones. A minimum sleep of eight hours is quite mandatory during these workouts to relieve stress after workout and to add freshness before workout.

Breathing exercises to rescue

78288796Breathing exercises are equally essential to ensure sufficient amount of oxygen is being supplied to the muscles. Deep breathe in and breathe out exercises and can be extremely fruitful and support the technique listed above. Holding the stomach muscles for about 10 seconds in regular intervals can strengthen the base for the six packs. Additionally, they are an important medium for relaxing and flushing out toxins from the body.

To summarize, the three for six technique coupled with the catalysts are extremely effective and can help you derive summer six packs within 30 days. The exercises might seem easy on paper, but execution is important. If necessary take help from trainers, as this could be really helpful for novice people working out for the first time.