Kalamkari Blouse Designs That Will Leave You Awestruck!

Kalamkari Blouse Designs That Will Leave You Awestruck!


Kalamkari or ‘Qualamkari’ is derived from two words ‘qualam’ meaning pen and ‘kari’ meaning workmanship; in short kalamkari means workmanship with pens. Kalamkari is block printing or hand painting on cotton textiles mostly found in few regions of India and Iran. There are two distinct styles of kalmakari work in India and those are the Machilipatnam style (found in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh and was evolved under the Golconda sultanate and the Mughals) and the Srikalahasti style (also found in Andhra Pradesh with its theme mainly relating to Hindu puranas and sacred texts like Ramayana and Mahabharata).
With only natural dyes and 17 steps kalamkari work is done giving the cloth a royal look.

The trend ok Kalamkari designs is back with a bang especially with the rising trend of heavy work blouses and simple saree. Many celebrities are shown sporting heavy kalamkari blouses paired with a simple saree, kalamkari anarkalis, kalamkari palazzos etc. Kalamkari work may not have the authentic feel as before but their designs are still quite aesthetically appealing. Whatever maybe the theme of the kalamkari design the whole print is done in excellent details adding a unique character to cloth it has been printed on. So here I am going to introduce you to some of my favourite kalamkari blouse designs that will leave you awestruck.

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Blouse with heavy kalamkari work on bust and plain sleeve

1This a simple yet beautiful kalamkari blouse design, the blouse is filled with heavy kalamkari work and the sleeves are unadorned by any design. This combination of heavy with simple makes this blouse unique and tasteful as well as contrasting. For this blouse design the kalamkari design usually has large mango type designs filled and decorated. From afar the design may appear distorted but when seen from near the details will leave you amazed.

The colour palate of this kalamkari design is quite subdued giving the wearer a sophisticated look. I feel for this blouse’s design must have elbow length plain sleeves, ‘V’ neck with a high collar and an opening in the back mixing traditional with sexy. This blouse may not be grand enough for a grand occasion like wedding but it is a must buy kalamkari design lovers and saree lovers who are going for an elegant look.

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Trendy blouse with kalamkari design on the back

2The design of this blouse goes very well with the increasing fashion of sleeveless blouses. In this design the blouse is sleeveless accompanied with high boat neck but the artistic side is that the back of the blouse is adorned with kalamkari work making the blouse a beautiful fusion of modern with traditional kalamkari.

This blouse design is perfect for party wear or for festivities. Personally I prefer floral kalamkari work in light colours with a dark background on the blouse as it will give the blouse a unique look. This blouse is most suitable in bright colour’s dull shade so that you can match it with a bright saree. This blouse design is most recommended for youngsters.

Transparent back blouses with kalamkari design

3This design blouse is very sexy as the back of the blouse is totally transparent or the transparent material is adorned with cut out of simple kalamkari work, bejewelled buttons etc. This blouse usually has a simple sleeve and the whole blouse is adorned with heavy kalamkari work expect the transparent back.

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The kalamkari work in this type of blouse is very simple yet aesthetically appealing. I advise you to buy or stitch this style of blouse in light colours that bring out the unique look of the kalamkari work and the transparent back in lighter colour will make your skin look lighter. This blouse is suitable for grans events when it is adorned with various embellishments making it grander otherwise this is most definitely a party appropriate blouse.

Fashionable loose blouse with kalamkari work

4This blouse design is much like ruffle layer top (top with ruffles in layers), many may feel it is tacky but the current trend of western and Indian fashion fusion makes this a must have blouse. The blouse is just of waist length, with a couple of ruffles and spaghetti straps or no sleeves.

The whole blouse is filled with simple multi coloured either in dark colour or light colours; I recommend lights colours so they can be paired with a contrasting dark colour saree. This blouse recommends side draping of the pallu as to show off the beautiful design of the blouse. This blouse is most suitable for a party or casual get together with friends but is too modern and less grand for occasion like wedding etc.