5 Kinds of Black Blouses That You Should Definetely Try Atleast Once...

5 Kinds of Black Blouses That You Should Definetely Try Atleast Once !!

c3682d72f0f4bff6476215991adaa904Black, one of the monochrome colours, is one that goes along with every other colour in any clothing or attire. Black spits elegance and grandeur always. It boosts the confidence of the person wearing it and also gives a lot of confidence to them. When we talk about sarees, the Indian Ethnic Wear, black becomes the essential colour that you would want to possess amongst your collection. For almost all of the colours of your sarees, black coloured designer blouses would match and team along well due to its contrasting nature.

These blouses can be worn along with designer silks, netted sarees, chiffons and any other kind or type of material. Listed below are 5 types of black blouses that you would like to own or rather a must-have in your ward robe. The below are sure to add beauty to your collection of vibrant attire and black is going to just rock it further!

Netted black blouses

blouse-design-with-net-back-and-net-sleeve-9If you are a proud owner of several chiffon sarees of varied colours, then this netted blouse is something that you should certainly own. Black blouses with netted patterns specifically around the neck, the shoulders and the sleeves give you the glamour for your chiffon sarees, if they are also specifically the netted types. Add some metallic touch to your blouses with a little amount of glitter either in silver or gold to enhance the netted pattern on your designer blouses. Simple mirror work with small trinkets or stones is another welcome design to netted blouses.

Based on your torso, the netted black blouses can generously come till your waistline where you design the netted part near your waistline. In place of the net patterns, laces can be used alternatively to do the designing of the blouses. You can have a netted back pattern too. Can you imagine yourself to be the chic ‘Chamak Chalo’ Kareena Kapoor Khan except that your blouse is now black!

Brocade Black blouses

sa_12237452-_salwar-studio-black-brocade-designer-blouse-ss1473-blackThese black blouses with the brocade work go very well when they are worn with Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees. The golden thread adds the special richness to the entire attire and makes you look grand and elegant. Not just about the silk sarees, the brocade blouses of this colour black also team up well with Cotton Silk, Benarasi Silk and certainly the Jute and Tussar silks as well. It is very appealing to stitch the brocade black wear with simple designer patterns and probably with a good neck design. It isn’t mandatory that you need more grandeur imposed by using extra accessories with this blouse; you are elegant looking already in this brocade pattern of blouses. Use your brocade blouses for events such as weddings or receptions and you are sure to attract attention as equal to the bride.

Full sleeved black blouses

velvet-black-and-gold-high-neck-full-sleeve-blouse-with-heavy-maggam-work-and-designer-cutting-back-neck-designIrrespective of the era that you belong to, this versatile pattern of blouse stitching is going to be a fashion always.If you have a good tailor who stitches magnificent designs, do stitch up your blouse with a good full sleeve with folders near your wrist. The neck patterns are mostly preferred to be of wide necked type and you can wear your full sleeved blouses sans any neck jewelry. If you are one of the tall women who have slender neck, a high necked and full sleeved blouse is sure to add more elegance to your Indian wear. This collection of full sleeved blouses is sure to add versatility to your dressing up and helps you cross eras.

Alternatively, the sleeves can also stop at about three fourths of your arm length and have a pronounced pattern on your neck and on both your sleeves. These patterns could match to your sarees or also be done in metallic colours such as gold, silver or copper. Such metallic work done black blouses are best worn with jute silk or silk cotton plain sarees.

Heavy embroidered black blouses

black-heavy-embroidered-maggam-blouse-design-with-cutting-back-neck-design-fancy-detailed-mirror-workIn order to stand out in a crowd, even with a simplest form of a saree, wear your sarees with a heavily embroidered black blouse. The embroidery should cover a major portion of the blouse, specifically around the neck region and the shoulders. Most commonly referred to Maharani embroidered blouses, these blouses don’t require additional accessories. In the case of black blouses, golden or silver embroidery are of the most common types. Choose a high necked pattern or a boat neck pattern based on your neck and shoulder width. Such boat necked pattern with a good amount of embroidery will accentuate your pose as it displays your shoulders quite well. To put it in more simple words, these blouses will help you display confidence and authority. You are all set for a party now even with a very simple plain chiffon saree worn with a maharani embroidery blouse.

These heavily embroidered black blouses are worn along with plain sarees; chiffons are the best amongst them. The transparency of the saree material enhances the embroidery on the blouse and the blouse is better stitched with the buttoning up provision on the rear side.

Sleeve less black blouse

sdl324611090_1381128640_image2-194b9A quintessential design and a unique piece of blouse, it will be, if you are into wearing blouses without sleeves. The fair skinned women who would be proud to flaunt their skin on their sleeves and their back can have this as part of their collection of blouses. This is yet another blouse which never gets out of trend and is always a must-have for women who possess a varied coloured ward robe of sarees. A high collared sleeveless blouse with a generous portion of a void back neck pattern is also quite suitable for tall women. The sleeveless black blouse could also incorporate a neck pattern (wide necked or boat necked) and you can have a laced pattern on the neck and on the back if you are a little concerned on a too revealing pattern.

Another tip in choosing black blouses will also be based on the designer in you. Rather than going with a plain black material, you may choose to add a colour or more to it. Mostly, the colours that are added are very neutral ones or metallic colours, that are expected to go well for any kind of saree.

Yet another need would be to choose the type of material – not all materials look good for a netted black blouse. It is better to think out of the box based on your need to combine this black blouse with. Netted blouses implicitly are stitched for chiffon sarees and hence the material that is utilized in also chiffon based.

Thirdly, do not restrict yourself to having a single colour on your blouse. These days, the trends are to use floral prints with a majority of black and another floral colour of your choice that can go with your plain sarees such as pink or blue or turquoise green. If you are not interested to add colours through embroidery to your black blouses, add them with floral prints or simple Kutch work on black blouses or even with block prints or animated characters like Garfield in yellow.

It isn’t mandatory to go by the books in stitching or having black blouses of the pattern specified above. You could mix and match patterns such as having a full sleeved blouse with a netted pattern only for the sleeves. Alternatively a high necked heavily embroidered blouse can also be sleeveless. As a person who is in love with Indian Ethnic wear, these certainly become handy to you to be at par with the trends of adorning sarees, trademark of ethnicity and charm.

So happy stocking your black blouses and happy wearing them for occasions.