Evergreen Trends – The Peacock Motifs!

Evergreen Trends – The Peacock Motifs!

Who does not know and who doesn’t love the peacock? The countless and myriad colors found in the peacock feathers will always be nature’s mystery, bounty, beauty etc. The peacock symbolizes grace, charm beauty, pride and much more. The peacock can be compared to a rainbow itself, and that is the reason may be why rain and peacock is indispensable.
Remember, we as kids, used to collect lots of peacock feathers and keep it amid our books, having a belief that it will fulfill all our wishes. The bird peacock is revered both in History and mythology for its grace and charm. In Indian mythology, it is depicted to be the carrier vehicle of a particular god and in History; it is revered for its depiction of beauty and charm.

Even now in rural part of India, when a peacock opens its feathers and starts dancing, it is believed to invoke the rain Gods and people say that it will start to rain. Rain and peacock dance are synonymous with each other.

The young and the old alike are charmed by the peacock, and that is the reason may be it is termed or made as the National Bird of India.


Motifs are intricate, imaginative, and repeated kind of designs, used to create jewelry, furniture, textile or any other eye catching form of visual arts. There might be various kinds of motifs available in plenty, like the leaf motif, the flower motif, the mango fruit motif etc. But one design or motif which has not gone out of trend or is an always an evergreen trend is the peacock motif.


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Peacock Motifs:

The peacock themed motif, has been the favorite of designers, and has been used in various forms like a sari border, body of the sari, in wedding invites, as designs for blouses, and the list is endless.

Here is a list of things where we can know how and where all the peacock motifs have been used.

Royal Thrones:

Royal thrones are the places where maximum peacock designs and peacock motifs both are used. Due to its grandeur and royal look many royal thrones were carved using this design, and adorned with precious stones and diamonds to make it all the more rich and classy.

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Sari Borders:

Indian saris especially silk saris are known for their richness, vibrant color and soft texture. In these kinds of soft saris, borders play an important role and this is where the peacock motifs are made use of the maximum. The peacock motifs when weaved on the borders adds an extra richness to the already beautiful sari, making it an attraction for all females.

Body of the sari:

Many times weavers use the peacock motifs in the entire body of the sari while weaving them. These kinds of peacock motifs can be either seen on silk saris or handloom saris or just plain cotton saris too. Usually golden threads are used to weave the intricate threads of peacock motifs in the entire body of the sari, giving it a magnanimous effect due to the various colors found in the peacock.

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