From Chanderi Dupattas To Printed Sarees, Brand RAW MANGO Is Hautest Ethnic...

From Chanderi Dupattas To Printed Sarees, Brand RAW MANGO Is Hautest Ethnic Fashion Label!


Ethnic wear is taking the younger generation in a storm and unlike earlier times, the most preferred wear among the young women are sarees and salwar suits. Be it for a social gathering like events in their college or a friend’s wedding and for family festivities like Mehendi and Sangeet ceremonies of their sisters and brothers, the young women of today look for fashionable ethnic wear to make a bold fashion statement in such occasions.
It is the collection of sarees, stoles, dupattas and suits that you would want to show off and be the classy and chic doll. When speaking of collection, one obviously looks for variety in what they own and besides the varied nature, a woman also seeks uniqueness. Unique and Variety is the twin adjective that you would want to attribute to a brand that is revolutionizing the fashion world. RAW MANGO – the mantra, the key word and a one stop destination brand for ethnic wear from the dupattas to the sarees that they promote.

Here’s a sneak peek to what they have and why they have become the most sought after fashion label in ethnic wear.

Evolution of Raw Mango:

1Raw Mango is the brain child of Sanjay Garg, a fashion entrepreneur from Rajasthan. Since its inception approximately five years back, the brand has brought a different dimension to ethnicity in the women’s wear. Sanjay is primarily from the rural sect of Rajasthan and has been very involved and interested in clothing and fashion. He undertook studies with the craft school soon after his relocation to Jaipur for post-graduation studies happened. That marked the new beginning of the creative designer in Sanjay, whose interest grew deeper to understand the essence of designing to evoke a sensibility in the way of dressing.

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The depth of this interest has motivated him to promote and produce an ethnic twist to the almost lost scenario of the Indian Textiles. It was a good move from Sanjay’s side and an edge fit for the scenario in the textile industry. Now this brand is run from the capital city, New Delhi and designs contemporary wear in hand woven materials of the sub-continent. The brand is now a huge name in the Indian Textile and the Fashion industry because of the hard work of more than 450 craftspeople from the sub-continent. Their skills and the designs that are part of the tradition to which they belong to, are making waves in the clothing product line. The brand is predominantly focused on handloom saris, stoles, scarfs, blouse fabrics, dupattas and suits.

Raw Mango’s USP:

3The unique selling point of this brand, Raw Mango, is the fact that they chose sophisticated materials, mostly hand woven and are designed using age old ways or traditional methods adopted in the society. The illustrious way of dressing that was originally present in the Indian society among various classes of people are re-evolving with this brand. Adopting the ever green themes and infusing the designs of yester years, this brand, Raw Mango is celebrating the diversity in the way of clothing and dressing up.

Do not get carried away by the fact that they are traditional and hence they are NOT modern. It would be a blatant lie to accept it that way. Raw Mango’s Indo Western wear quenches the longing of a woman to wear an ethnic adornment and yet be comfortable as they would be in a simple blouse or a palazzo. So the women who move around sporting the Raw Mango clothing are not just classy but are modern and chic too!

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The brand’s mantra:

5As the brand name speaks of, the clothing of Raw Mango are done with utmost minimalism in terms of even choosing the fabrics or designs. There is a little imperfection or rawness in each piece from their product line that you would want to admire, appreciate and wear. The colours are very raw and Indian. Their product line includes sarees, stoles, dupattas and wraps. They also have fabrics that display and promote the Indian diversified nature (fabrics chosen from various parts of the subcontinent), that you will be proud of and when worn, is certainly breathtaking.

The brand has been off-late experimenting with Chanderi materials and has been quite successful around that. The brand exploits the weaving skills of the areas from which the fabrics for their product line are chosen. This is to bring the uniqueness of the weaving skills and also put into the fabrics, the traditional designs that are part of the location. The colours are very earthy and speak of the region; the designs prominent and contemporary. It is not a wonder or a miracle to see that the product line of Raw Mango is ever expanding with newer designs each day.

As their brand boldly speaks, ‘We do not believe our designs need to be kitschy to be Indian’, their product line reflects what they firmly believe in. Their collections are so subtle, yet ethereal. There is certainly no flashy business there even though they use silks and rich cottons. Gaudiness is not on their dictionary and their collections are not completely sequined or embellished. Earthy touch to both the fabric and the design in terms of the colours that they have chosen are sure to make their apparels, the most sought after among the traditional women of today.

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The celebrity touch – the Bollywood display:

6The product line displaying the sarees, stoles and dupattas for your suits or lehengas are a head turner in the occasions that you wear them to. The celebrities of Bollywood, various socialites have sported the brand on various occasions and have promoted them. Dia Mirza, Kareena Kapoor, Tabu, Tamannah and Tisca Chopra are some of the celebrities who have proudly worn Raw Mango designs to gatherings and have carried them along very well. The colours worn by them spit of absolute Desi nature and what you would call to be downright Indian. Besides Chanderi silks or cottons as the base fabric, Raw Mango brand also promotes their designs on Banarasi or Varanasi Silks. A recent member to the Raw Mango promotional gang has been Geetika Gupta who has worn a well-designed Raziya Silk Varanasi saree! The plethora of brand ambassadors keeps growing with each day.

Raw Mango’s Product Line:

4Besides the products that were mentioned as part of their product line, Raw Mango also promotes beautifully designed and contrasting blouse fabrics for you. Scarfs that are made from pure silks are also done by Raw Mango.Another creation that is recently added to their product line would be the Salwar Palazzos and they sure are to make you look beautiful and comfortable too. The mantra of Raw Mango brand has been to uplift the Indian Textile traditions that have long before been forgotten and has remained quite dormant.

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Why the Hautest Ethnic Fashion Label:

2For the business women of this fast world where the need to look traditional, ethical and a reflection of the values that they possess, Sanjay Garg’s Raw Mango, has the perfect collection.

For the mothers and the home makers, to be a representative of the family, a model of sentiments and rawness, a visual treat for the small souls of the family who would want to proudly hold their hands and introduce them at their school gatherings, Raw Mango has the earthy and soulful creations.

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For the college goers, who look for quirky and modern designs, but still want to display their Indian nature that is part of their upbringing, Raw Mango’s rainbow collections that are vibrant with colours suit the young women’s eagerness.

These are enough reasons to claim that Raw Mango, which is also nominally priced for its unique designs, are gaining momentum and is indeed the Hautest Ethnic Fashion Label of the Indian Fashion Industry. Support the brand and improve the livelihood of the numerous craftspeople across our own country!

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