9 Ways To Make Your Eyeliner Stay Longer

9 Ways To Make Your Eyeliner Stay Longer


Make up is an art, which not many people can do perfectly. It needs lot of patience and practice to get it perfect. The main feature about make up is eye make up. If you get it right, then it gives you a good look. Even if other things are not done and only eye make up is done rightly, then it gives an awesome effect on you. It looks as though you have finished the make up. But if you don’t get the eye make up right, then whatever make up you put otherwise will not look good.
An eye make up consists of three main things- An eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. When you apply all these only your eye makeup will be complete. But if you are in a hurry you could apply only the eyeliner, which in itself will give a finished look to your make up. Eye make up could not be done in a hurry as it will only ruin the make up.

There are three types of eyeliners. They are gel eyeliners, pencil or kohl eyeliners and liquid eyeliners. You can choose which eyeliner will suit you. The important aspect of eye make up is wearing the eyeliner in the right manner.When you apply eyeliner, make sure you dont use pressure on the eyelids. As your eyes are sensitive, using too much pressure will harm the eyes.Be gentle while applying the eyeliner. There are many eyeliners- colors, company, etc. that are available in the market that you can choose from.

There are also various colours available in the eyeliners. These colours give a vibrant touch to your make up, enhancing your eyes. Even if your face make up is not perfect, if the eye make up is perfect, then the imperfection in the face make up will not be noticed. If the eyelineris not worn perfectly, then even if your other face make up is good, it would look only shabby. Sometimes when you put your eyeliner it will look good, but will wear out in sometime itself.

There are some tips and tricks that you can follow to make your eyeliner stay longer. I shall share some of them with you.

Wash Your face with a gentle face wash

Wash your face with a gentle face wash before putting your eyeliner. This removes the oil from the skin, especially eyelids preventing the eyeliner from smudging. The oiliness will be more on eyelids which will not help in applying the eyeliner. You can also use an oil free make up remover, to remove excess oil from the eyelids. Oily eyelids will smudge the eyeliner.

Apply The Eye Primer after using the face Wash

applying-base-foundation-primer-to-eyes-2Apply eye primer after washing your face as it helps in keeping your eyeliner stay longer. Eye primer should be applied on the eyelids and around the eyes. It is a cream which helps your eyeliner or eye make up to stay longer. Don’t use too much of primer. To apply primer, take one drop on your finger and pat it into the eyelid. Primer will be available in make up stores as well as some drug stores might also have it. But be sure to get a good brand as it is to be used in your eyes.

Also if you have sensitive eyes, do not use primer on the waterline. Waterline is the line of eyelid between the eyes and the eyelashes. Wait till the primer dries, to apply the eyeliner. If you apply eyeliner while it is still wet, then it would smudge due to the fact of being applied on a slippery surface. You can apply a thin layer of powder on the primer, to help it to get set. Too much powder will make the eyeliner to crease. So remove excess powder with a tissue before applying the eyeliner.

Alternatively use Moisturizer if primer is not available

aid3220828-728px-apply-bb-cream-step-21If eye primer is not available, you can apply a light moisturiser. Moisturizer makes your skin soft thereby helping the eyeliner to stay on for longer times. Be careful not to use a heavy moisturiser. As heavy moisturiser on eyelids will smudge the eyeliner, it is not advisable to use one.

Even when you apply light moisturiser, apply it very lightly over the eyes. Dab off any excess using a tissue paper before putting on your eyeliner. You can also apply little bit of eye shadow on the eyeliner. The color of eye shadow should match the eyeliner. This will also help the eyeliner to stay on longer.

Application of translucent powder

Apply little translucent powder on the eyelids right after applying your eyeliner and eye-shadow. This helps to  remove excess oil and moisture from eyelids thus preventing the eyeliner from smudging. Also the eye make up will stay the same for longer time. You can also apply another coat of eyeliner on the powder, to make it look thicker and also it will last longer.

You can also go for layer technique where a layer of powder is followed by a layer of eyeliner. This can be done multiple times. This is usually done in professional modelling make ups where you need to have fresh make up for longer periods.

Do Not Apply multiple layers for a thick look

eyeliner-tips-for-wearing-white-eyelinerIf you want your eyeliner to look thicker, don’t apply multiple layers of eyeliner. This will make your eyes look messy. Instead, apply a dark coat of eye shadow over the eyeliner. This will make it look thicker and also will stay for longer time. When you can’t find the eyeliner you can also use eye shadow with brushes like an eyeliner. You can also apply thin lines of eyeliner to make a thick line rather than applying two or more lines of thick layers of eyeliner.

Use matte foundation for best results

gallery-1435176932-mcx-foundation-3When you apply foundation to your face, use a matte foundation. You should use matte foundation or concealer at least for the area around your eyes. Lightly dust the foundation on and aroundthe eyes. This will be like a base for your eyeliner to cling on to. This way the eyeliner will stay for longer time.

Application of Makeup Sealer (optional)

There are some make up sealers available in the market. Get one from a good brand. When all your make up is over, you can spray this on your closed eyes and also all over the face, this will eventually seal the make up and prevent it from becoming shabby for longer time.

Use waterproof Eyeliner

Especially for oily skin, the oiliness on the eyelids is more. With that the eyeliner will not stay for longer time. For those people, it is better to use a water proof eyeliner which will stay on longer without any smudge due to it’s strong formula. A water proof eyeliner is less likely to smudge.

Refrigerate your eye liner before use

42f017664cc2a1bce8748b8492a3b10aYou can first draw your eyeliner using a water proof eye pencil, then you can apply a water proof liquid, pen or gel liner over that. This will ensure that the eyeliner stays on for longer period. While using a pencil eyeliner, you can put it in fridge for sometime before applying. This will cool it and prevent from smudging. When you leave it out, the wax in the pencil eyeliner, melts and can smudge while applying.

Hope following these methods you will be able to make your eyeliners stay longer that you normally used to. Point 9 is my favourite personally as it is very effective and durable. So happy styling..!!