10 Simple Eyeliner Hacks to Get Beautiful Result on Your Eye.

10 Simple Eyeliner Hacks to Get Beautiful Result on Your Eye.


Spending your 2 minutes of time in front of a mirror will actually make your eyes more noticeable. Typically, all age groups of women wear eyeliners. But it’s recommended to use, a pencil eyeliner for age group below 15. There are plenty of eyeliners available in the market in the form of eyeliner pencil, liquid or gel liner, waterproof eyeliner etc. Eyeliners actually makes your eyes light, bold, sexy etc. Waterproof eyeliners stay for long time. So if you’re looking at longevity, try to use a waterproof eyeliner.There are plenty of eyeliner hacks, choosing the best which suits your eye is again up to you.
Here are some of the genius eyeliner hacks every woman should learn and wear:

Hacks to instantly look awake:

hacks-1Use a white liner to instantly look awake. You can find its use in 3 ways. You can define a brow by gliding a line under brow exactly in the same shape as brow. This will help in adding extra effectiveness to your eye area. Alternatively, you can glide over the upper lash line with a liner. This will make your eyes look larger. The 3rd use can be by gliding over the lower lashes. This in turn will help you in gaining a fresh look. Always start with a thin line and make it thick according to your requirement. Never rush for a thick liner first.

Note: First time users should always keep a makeup remover beside them as there is more chance of making double mistakes.

Hacks to get thicker eyelashes:

image-2Tight Lining is an art of wearing the eyeliner but it seems like there’s no eye liner at all. Take a brush dipped in liquid eyeliner and apply between your lashes to gain a bright look. Make sure you’re wearing eyeliner for lashes above the waterline first and then the lower one. It will help you gain an instant bright look. A flattened tip pencil can give a messy look. Always try to use a sharp edged one to do tight lining.

Note: Uneven eyeliner can ruin your good look. You must be careful while using liquid eyeliner as it requires a stable and steady hand.

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Tips to make amazing Curve simply:

image-3You can make your own gel liner by heating the tip of your pencil for a few seconds. You can test it on your backside of hand before lining. Place flat end of small spoon at natural line of the lower lashes and connect them upwards. Draw a line using pencil till the end of spoon. Now, keep the spoon at the end of line to the 2/3rd of eyelid area. Now draw another line till the end of spoon again. You can see a triangle now. Fill that part with a liquid eyeliner. Slowly extend the liner to remaining 1/3rd of eyelid area and you’re done. You can wear this eyeliner at casual moments. It looks good on the brighter faces especially.

Note: Be careful while using spoon. Don’t use spoons with sharp edges, They may disturb your eye area as your eyes are most sensitive.

Hacks for a perfect curvy and bright eyes using scotch tape:

image-4Take an inch long scotch tape and cut it off. Place that tape on your back side of hand and press it tight and remove for 2 to 3 times to lower it’s power. This process will help you to lower the risk of effecting your sensitive eye area. Place the tape below your lower lashes at the outer corner of your eye and angle it upwards. Start applying a liquid eyeliner at the middle of upper lashes and slowly move it towards the outer corner of eye. Use tape as a ruler and go for a thin line. Don’t get panic if liner goes onto tape, that will be removed any way. Now remove the tape slowly, You can see the curve at the outer corner of your eye. Now finish the remaining line at the middle of upper lashes. This technique is very simple and you can find women wearing this in their most important occasions.

Note: Never rush when you reach the outer corner of your eye. Tugging can actually cause you wrinkles.

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Trick for a smoky eye:

image-5Take liquid eyeliner and apply a layer above the upper lashes till the outer area of the eye. At the end, make sure that it forms like a slight curve. Now take a brown pencil and mark at the end of the curve and draw till the start point of eye in a curve form. Now fill the area of lid with brown pencil.

You can use this kind of hack for functions or events. A liquid eyeliner is somewhat better than a pencil as it can quickly move through the lashes and form a layer. The only thing you require is a steady hand. The hand should not be moved unnecessarily while applying liner as it leads to uneven layer. Whereas pencils cannot quickly move through the lashes and requires added attention that it should not damage lashes.

Tips for a flattering look using multiple colours:

image-6Never get stuck with a single coloured eyeliner. If you’re doing so, you’re actually missing wonders your eye can make, because, every eyeliner has its own significance. For example, brown shade creates a softer effect whereas white eyeliner makes your eye bright. Whenever you’re using different colours, pick 3 colours from same gradient colour family. Apply them on the upper part of your lashes to have a cool look. Start with the light eyeliner and start at the tip of your eye by filling 1/3rd portion.

Now take the second light one and start filling the other 1/3rd portion. Finally, take the brighter one and complete the remaining area with it by making a curve at the outer area of the eye. You can use this hack for a date with your boyfriend and it suits the best for any face type.

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Hack for a casual look:

image-7Dropped eyeliner trick is something you actually apply liner to just half of your eyelid. Just take a  liquid eyeliner and start at the outer part of eye area. It seems like you’ve applied liner throughout the lid. But you actually apply at the half part of your eyelid. This eyeliner hack suits in casual times where you go for shopping, a movie etc.

Note: Always make a habit of applying a primer prior to your eyeliner. It will help you to make in a smoother way.

Hack for an electrifying look – Egyptian Hack:

image-8This eyeliner doesn’t suit for routine things. Egyptian eyeliner has its own significance, you can see women wearing this eyeliner in pubs, rock bands etc. Just take a bright colour eyeliner and start at the tip of eye till the outer part of eye. Make sure that the line gets thick when it is reaching the outer part. And then make a curve at the outer part. At the end of curve, point the same liner and make a curve till it reaches 2/3rd of the eye lid. Then wear a line underneath the below lashes. You can spray some eye shadow powder at the eyelid area to increase it’s glow.

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Now comes the reverse of Cat Eye – Down Cat eye hack:

image-9As you know cat eye is a famous eye hack used by many women. Here comes the innovation, new down cat eye. In this art, you simply reverse the process you do in cat eye i.e., wear eyeliner underneath the below lashes but not above. Make sure you make a curve at the end of outer part of the eye. This is different from other techniques and is suitable to any occasion.

Tips to open up your eyes instantly:

image-10Open Eyeliner is a new technique where you can find two open wings. Take a liquid eyeliner and make sure that it starts as a thin line at the tip of upper lashes and gradually increases as a thick line when it reaches the outer area of eye. Then make a curve upwards. Now move towards the lower lashes and repeat the process. But this time, when it reaches the outer area of eye, take a curve downwards.

Now you can see two wings opening through your eye lashes. Now you can add some light colour to your lid area to increase its effectiveness. Add some eye shadow powder below the brow to increase glow.

Note: Never apply a thick coat of layer on the lower lid. It makes the lower lid heavy and can actually create under eye smudges.

So just follow the above hacks and make your eyes look more attractive. Keep in mind that nothing comes in the first attempt. Just keep trying and you will get a perfect look in some attempt. Make sure that you keep a remover beside you. Stay Beautiful!! Stay Sexy!!