See How ‘Ramayana’ Cast Looks Like Now After 30 Years !!

See How ‘Ramayana’ Cast Looks Like Now After 30 Years !!

The best epic show ever to be aired on Television was Ramayana which was started by Ramanand Sagar in the year 1986. It was one kind of a show as people had actually started to worship the real characters as Gods. But since time has passed by and it has been 30 years now, let us take a quick look of how these characters look and have they aged gracefully or not. Let us relive the Ramayana days with a sneak peek into their lives that they lead.

RAM aka Arun Govil

The main lead of the show was Arun Govil who played the character of Ram. People were just crazy about him and actually started to worship him as the real RAM. Look at how he looks after 30 years from then.

Let us now look at the next character in line who was a big hit then and was much loved and appreciated for her work.

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SITA aka Deepika Chikhalia

Goddess Sita was known to be really pretty and Ramanand Sagar did complete justice to the character by casting Deepika Chikhalia as SITA in his epic drama. She was so popular then that people actually used to touch her feet as a respect for SITA and thought of her to be the Goddess herself. This is the kind of character she had played at that time. Look at how she looks now.

The next character is also an important one from the series of Ramayana. Let us take a look at the character and resemblance today.

LAXMAN aka Sunil Lehri

Laxman was the obedient brother of Lord Ram and always used to be around them to protect his brother. Look at how he looks today in the year 2016.

The next turn is of Laxman’s wife in the series of Ramayana. She had a very promising role and did complete justice to it.

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Urmila aka Anjali Vyas

This character had a lot of potential to be shown on screen which was completely justified by Anjali. Just look at how vibrant she look till date.

The most important character of Ramayana is next on the list. So sit tight and start guessing who it is going to be.

Hanuman aka Dara Singh

Dara Singh was a well known personality and is no more among us but was a complete treat to the eyes when he played the role of Hanuman in the series of Ramayana. Let us look at some of the last pictures of him to compare from his character.

There were many characters in Ramayana which changed the entire ball game. These characters needed to be powerful to play the negative role they wanted to showcase to the viewers. One such role was played by this great actress.

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Manthra aka Lalita Pawar

The character of Manthra was the reason why Lord Ram and Goddess Sita were struggling for their life in the jungle. Lalita is known for her acting and she played the character of Manthra so well that people actually started to hate her for being so cruel and evil which was not the case in real life but the power she gave from her acting was the main component.

The most interesting and dangerous characters that were in the series should not be forgotten else the list will be incomplete. Let us look at who was of utmost importance in the series.

Ravan aka Arvind Trivedi

Ravan was one of the most powerful characters in the series without which Ramayana would have not been complete. Look at how Arvind looks now after 30 years of fame.

I hope you must have enjoyed reliving the moments of your yester years with the Ramayana series and the favourite characters you liked at that time.

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