See How Fruity From Our Favourite Show ‘Sonpari’ Looks Like Now!!

See How Fruity From Our Favourite Show ‘Sonpari’ Looks Like Now!!


Remembering our childhood’s favourite TV shows brings on a wave of nostalgia one such show that Indian children will remember is ‘Sonpari’. This 4 year long fun fantasy show tell us a story about a girl ‘Fruity’ who gets a gem that when rubbed beckons a Pari or fairy Sonpari and her friend attu that help Fruity with all her problems. The role of Fruity was played the child actress Tanvi Hegde and here we will see how she is doing in recent times-

Tanvi Hegde career beginning

image-1Tanvi was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She started her career with Sonpari at the ripe age of nine and also played her character Fruity from Sonpari in other shows like Shaka Laka Boom Boom.

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Tanvi Hegde’s career after Sonpari

image-2After acting in Sonpari for 4 years, Tanvi went on to act in movies like ‘Gaja Gamini’, ‘Viruddh… Family Comes First’ that starred Amitabh Bachchan, ‘Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!’ that starred Shahid Kapoor and she also featured in more than 150 ads for big brand products like Pepsodent, Colgate etc. She took a bit of a hiatus to focus on her studies, thereby rejected many other opportunities to act.

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Tanvi Hegde now

image-3Now at the age of 24, Tanvi has transformed from an innocent girl of Sonpari into a hot babe, who has left us awestruck. As you can see in the pic that she looks a bit like her younger self but she has become more sensual looking than innocent.

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Tanvi’s career now

image-4Being born and brought up in Maharashtra made Tanvi fluent in Marathi, which she used for acting in a number of Marathi movies like ‘Dhurandhar Bhatawdekar’ and most recently ‘Athang’. The picture you can see is from the movie ‘Athang’. She has done a beautiful work in all these movies; you can see the versatile acting she has done.

So, here you got a glimpse of her life but alas no information about her private life is available. Anyhow we hope that she makes a comeback with her amazing acting skills in Hindi TV shows and movies.