Sanjay Dutt’s Daughter Trishala Dutt Looks Breathtaking In Her Latest Pictures

Sanjay Dutt’s Daughter Trishala Dutt Looks Breathtaking In Her Latest Pictures

featureSanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala has become so beautiful that you have to hold your breath when you are seeing her sizzle in the images below! She is active on social media networks. We begin with a picture shared by her on the social media, where she looks so sensual and confident simultaneously!!

Sensual and confident

sensual-n-confidentThis sensual pic of Trishala will surely leave you wanting to see more and more of her.

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Selfie with the mirror is a new fashion trend which has virtually replaced selfies to a great extent! Check outstylish image of Trishala in this new fashion trend!!

Mirror selfie

mirror-selfieMirror selfie is the new trend, and look how Trishala is testing out her iPhone camera for this new trend. She is looking really gorgeous in the blue outfit!

Trishala too has a lot of friends and in the next pic she decides to go sober!

Sober Trishala

soberThis picture of Trishala is very sober and she is seen dressed in the most ordinary way. It’s a picture by her friends on demand!! She looks so very pretty even in sober outfits, doesn’t she?

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There are different ways of celebrating holidays. Trishala has the most unique way to do it!

Horse ride in water

horse-rideWell, the blue outfit and a stunning blue background shows Trishala is a star kid. She is horse riding in water, and goodness she is looking so very adorable!

The next pic is another one from a vacation in between the blue waves of water. But, this one is too hot to handle so be careful!


motor-boatMotor-boating in the blue ocean is a distant dream of mine. Look how Trishala is enjoying motor-boating in a hot black outfit. Goggles and smile in the bright sun steal the show in the entire photograph!

If you were to see Trishala in a school girl outfit what would you do? She already looks so young such outfits would give a killer appearance!

School girl outfit

school-girlIn the themed blue and green outfit, a stylish handbag, a green cap and a pet, she just looks something beyond which the dictionary of words can explain. Just relish this image!!

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We do click a lot of pictures at scenic locations. So does Trishala. See this wonderful pic of hers to know more-

Western outfit and scenic location

western-outfitTrishala is looking so gorgeous in this western outfit. I just missed the scenic background and amidst her smile and adorable look! Did you miss it too?

Trishala is very active in social media and she has shared this stunning pics of hers at a beach! You just cannot make the selection on what to see the background or her. Find out more with the pic-

At the beach

at-the-beachThis pic so gorgeous, that I was confused for minutes to focus attention. Gorgeous Trishala and scenic beach, both are at par with each other. Tough choices!!

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The next outfit is perfect for winter season. She has something with her that is so very adorable too. Find out more in the next pic-

Winter outfit with a puppy

puppyApart from being beautiful, adorable and gorgeous, Trishala is also a pet lover. This black outfit, goggles, handbag and a cute puppy help make this pic epic!