Salman Khan Is Now Launching This TV Actress And You Will Burst...

Salman Khan Is Now Launching This TV Actress And You Will Burst In Tears!!


Salman Khan needs no introduction and is amongst the top grossing Bollywood stars today! He has launched many actresses in Bollywood and here is another Bengali actress who will make a Bollywood debut alongside Salman!

Mouni Roy

image-1Mouni Roy is the popular lady in Indian television, as she plays the role of a Nagin in a popular daily soap. Her acting credentials no doubt are quite impressive, which has made her bag this awesome gold like opportunity to debut alongside Salman!

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In the world of rumours, it is really difficult to confirm true news. This particular pic will confirm Mouni’s association with Salman! Find out how-

Happiness expressed by Mouni

image-2Mouni confirmed this news by posting a picture of hers and Salman. She also expressed that she was very happy to have got the opportunity to work alongside Salman Khan. Check this cute image of hers and Salman, shared on Instagram!

The next picture is a selfie clicked with a lot of people. It has Salman and Mouni in it too! Has the shooting begin for the film?

Selfie Le-Le

image-3This was another selfie shared by Mouni on her Instagram page. She is seen giving a crazy selfie look while Salman has the soberest smile in the pic. There is only one thing to say for this- Selfie Le-Le!

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The next image will give you a glimpse of the chemistry that will be shared between Mouni and Salman Khan-

Chemistry study

image-4The Nagin of the daily soaps looks certainly pretty and so is our entertaining ‘Dabangg’ Salman Khan. This picture which is actually a still from a dance performance by Salman and Mouni at a reality show is just a glimpse of that. Enjoy!