7 Times Worst Tattoos Were Transformed Into The Best Tattoo Designs

7 Times Worst Tattoos Were Transformed Into The Best Tattoo Designs

MAinTattoos are the most amazing thing to have on your body. It makes you look cool in public and they feel you are in sync with the world. However every tattoo that is created will do wonders is not a necessity. There are some failures as well that need to be adjusted later on to get the best out of it. This needs a lot of brain storming and work around to make a disaster into a master piece. Let us look at some of the examples with images.

Creativity at its best

CreativityThis image will tell you how bizarre the previous tattoo was on the man’s arms and the next transformation was a master piece in itself. In fact the old tattoo is no where t be seen in the entire art work.

This was just a picture that was converted to make it look more appealing. But what if you have a portrait in your mind and need it to be tattooed.

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Portrait on your arms

PortraitYou love someone so deeply that you will do anything for her. Getting a tattoo is a nice way to express your love but getting a portrait tattooed is one step ahead. Here is an image of a tattoo that was created out of a picture and it ruined the tattoo at first but what was done later to fix it was the best version of the tattoo.

Getting a picture to be fine tuned is one way to look at things. But have you ever thought of completely transforming a tattoo into another art work?

Mermaid to Dinosaur in easy ways

MermaidYou must have ever thought that a mermaid can be converted into a monster or something like a dinosaur. But this is true as you must have goofed up the mermaid and carrying a filed art work would not be the right thing to do. So then the artist converted the mermaid into a dinosaur that is wild enough and completely opposite of what the previous one was.

We all cover up on our mistakes and make it look like there was no error at all. This next image is a great example of such a mistake.

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Bad to best

BadYou can change a drawing made on a piece of paper. But how will you do it if the drawing is a tattoo on your body? It must be a nightmare of a failed tattoo and getting it converted into a master piece is a big task. Below image is a great example of how a failed tattoo has been made into a million bucks tattoo.

You must have been deeply in love and got your lover’s name engraves on your body as a tattoo to impress them and show how much you love them. Below is the example for such great love.

Love of my life turned into a nightmare

LoveThe love of your life was all that you ever cared about and did almost everything for them. But Then came a steep turn in your life where you had to leave all things behind but the only thing clinging onto your body was the tattoo that you made when you had loved them. Well now is the time to get it out of your life as well. This image will show ho the name got completely removed nd changed into a great diamond.

Reality is the best way to showcase you. But how will you do it with the help of a tattoo? This image will tell you all that you need to know.

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Spider turned real

SpiderYou tried to make people scared of the spider you have on your arms but it seems the spider turned into a complete disaster. So you decided to give it another shot and make it into a real one this time. Voila!!!!! Here is the image of this spider who turned into a real one just by inking it.

A rose is something very sweet and can be attractive to many. But what if you are now bored of it and would like to get t completely transformed.

Rose made into Darth Vader

RoseYou have been fond of roses and spent most of your time with it on your body as a tattoo. But now that your infatuation with it is over you want a much wild image in your life and here comes the Darth Vader over a rose.

All such tattoos are a perfect example of making a failed artwork into a desirable one without much do. You need to make sure that this time you choose the best one for your body to get as much appreciation that was missed the last time.

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