20 Actual Bhojpuri Movie Titles That Are Genius Works Of Literature

20 Actual Bhojpuri Movie Titles That Are Genius Works Of Literature


We all love to watch movies. But when the title of the movie itself is very funny, the movie becomes a hit before its release. When it comes to funny titles, Bhojpuri movies come to our mind. The titles thought are really genius works of literature. Today, let’s put our heart out of laughter by naming some of these movie titles.

Mehraru Chahiye Milky White:

Mehraru-chahiThis means that I want a husband whose complexion is milky white. Check the expressions that these actors make, you will simply laugh out load only by seeing the poster.

Wife is mightier than the husband. Keep rolling on the floor with laughter when you check out the next shot.

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Miya Anari Ba Biwi Khilari Ba:

Miya-anariThis means that husband is an asshole whereas wife is a strong player. The revitalising wife isn’t ashamed of cheating on her husband, she becomes from villager shy girl to city modern girl.

You can always look sexy and demanding after drinking a cold drink. You want to know how? Check the next click out and throw tantrums of laughter.

Pepsi Peeke Lagelu Sexy:

pepsi-peekeThis means that the lady is looking sexy after drinking pepsi. If this is the case, then just imagine her eating chips. Weird imaginations are cropping up, right? Same with me.

Romance is essential part of life. But when a kiss becomes a vitamin tablet, you just cannot help yourself laughing. Click next for another hilarious laugh.

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Tauhar Chumma Bitamin Aah:

tauhar-chummaThis means that your kiss is vitamin Aah. There won’t be any deficiency of vitamin in your life if you get a kiss daily from your lady love. You become a winner with the perfect health.

It’s really tough to believe that such a title can also exist. Instead of going on a honeymoon to some romantic place, go to a shack instead. Click next to have a hearty laugh.

Saiiyan ke Saath Mardaiyya mein:

saiyaan-ke-saathThis means that you are going to a shock with your husband. After facing all the challenges of life, you finally succeed to win your love and taking him to a shack for a lifetime romance.

The three magical words ‘I Love You’ can ever sound funny, it is even hard to imagine. Click next and check out.

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Rickshawala I Love You:

riskshawalaThis means that the girl falls in love with a rickshawala and is loudly saying I love you. The actor here is eloping with a bride, and the bride is full of love for him.

Love triangle is always seen in movies and in real life as well. Click next but control your laughter.